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Recovering Charles by Jason F. Wright
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May 04, 2010

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Recommended to Apzmarshl by: Karen Snook

Wright is the author of 'Christmas Jars' and 'Wednesday Letters'. In 'Recovering Charles' Wright's main character, Luke Millward is a lost soul. He is a successful photographer that has little personal connection to anyone except his friend Jordan. Jordan and Luke met in college and have remained close, though Luke cannot bring himself to make Jordan his wife.
Hurricane Katrina hits the lower South. Luke discovers that his estranged, alcoholic father was lost in the fray. Luke has never come to terms with his father's desperate dive into alcholism. As a teen, Luke's mother died of a drug overdose. His father has never been able to reconcile himself and turned quickly to the soft sholder of alcohol. Charles (Charlie, Luke's father.) stopped contacting Luke at his request. He became a nomad, traveling for cards, liquor and his deep love of music. Charlie found his life again, in New Orleans playing jazz and getting clean.
Luke takes his time making the trek from New York to the hard hit South. He finds way more than he thought he would. Initially he agrees to go as a photographer. Through the eye of his lense he sees a nation ravaged by nature but saved by the amazing heart of humanity.
The story as a whole was meaty enough to enjoy. I was crushed by the aftermath of Katrina. The characters were very loveable.......except for Luke. I could never understand exactly when his heart turned from disgust with his father to love and regret. Luke was a mystery and not very well written as a main character. The end was rushed and left me to wonder what happened:(

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