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Firelight by Sophie Jordan
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May 04, 2010

really liked it
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Why is there not a definitive release date for the second one?? What the hell? What. The. Hell. I waited and waited and waited for this book to be released and to finally read it, and I'm severely disappointed that I have to wait and wait and wait for the next installment. Ugh, I'm thoroughly depressed now.

Despite my depression, though, I gobbled this novel like it was Halloween candy I had to eat so I could focus on the upcoming Christmas candy (or you know, just like it was chocolate in general...). I've done as little as I could for the past two and a half days so that I could focus on reading this, trying to satisfy my craving for this book. I wasn't disappointed (well, except for my issue about the too-far-away-date for the next one). However, there were a few things I took issue with:

1. The sentence structure annoyed me a bit sometimes. Broken sentences. Half sentences. Incoherent thoughts. Do 16 year old drakis really talk and think this way? (Tee hee)
2. What can't you just talk it out in books? She's pissed at her mom (with good reason) and you can't just talk it out? You have to keep it in and smolder and when you finally do tell her what you're feeling you just kind of blow up for a few sentences, she tells you you can't go out on your date (thereby prompting you to sneak out), and that's it? And what about your sister? What, you can't hold a semi-honest conversation with her, even though she's being a mite selfish? But then, I guess so are you so it's evened out.
3. Too bad it's a YA novel - there was some major potential of having sexy times throughout. Although, if you liked this book check out Shana Abe's The Smoke Thief series. They're adult draki books.

That's all the bad I've got. The good, though, is really good:
1. As mentioned in #3 above, there was no sexy time but some pretty hot makeout scenes. I'll accept.
2. Will. Be still my heart, was there some Will. Soaking wet with a clingy t-shirt in the first part, yes please. And then, just cuz, he took his shirt off the first time they were alone. Dude, it was just a cut on her hand - why the sudden nakedness? This in turn got Jacinda all hot and bothered (literally) and I found myself thinking, "It's cool girl, I like half-naked pretty boys too." Shit, if it was me, I might have started spewing steam right then and there and blown my whole damn cover. You handled it well, Jacinda.
3. Xander played the right amount of creepy douche for the storyline (Anyone else think of Buffy when seeing his name on the page?? Oh, just me. Cool).
4. The storyline in general I thought was a good one. No, it didn't remind me of werewolves (what a bogus comparison) and I'm really looking forward to what Jacinda goes through next. Let's hope she sticks it to her pride and tells them to Suck It!

I also feel compelled to tell you a part of a conversation I had with a co-worker when I had the book out. After asking me what I was reading and giving a brief and simple synopsis, he proceeds to tell me that dragons are too big for a human to transform into and that he would rather be a werewolf (it would be easier to transform and they're immortal).
"Dragons are pretty long-lived though. Plus they can fly," I said
"Yeah, but not as immortal as a werewolf," said he.
"Well, we'll see how immortal you are when you're all chewed up and inside my dragon belly." There was no rebuttal.
So think about THAT when you try to trash talk dragons.

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