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The Testament by John Grisham
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May 03, 2010

liked it

Brief summary: One of the richest men in the world writes his idiot descendents out of his will and leaves everything to Rachel, an illegitimate daughter no one knew about, a missionary somewhere in South America. Mainly, the book is about the emotional journey of Nate the Lawyer, fresh from rehab, who has to search for Rachel in the jungle. While Nate rides a slow boat through a swamp, the idiot descendents and their lawyers run about in a frenzy to contest the will.
Why I liked this book:
1. It was free. My considerate husband found it near the garbage bins.
2. I am a fan of the literary genre "watching people blow lots of money." This genre makes me feel better about splurging on a bottle of Arizona Iced Tea.
3. At the risk of writing a spoiler, there may have been at least some likable characters of whom at least some may have been alive and happy at the end of the book. (I am paranoid about spoilers.)
4. The book didn't end with someone flying off into the witness protection program. This was an exciting surprise, since the other Grisham books I can remember reading did.
5. One of the magazine-review-blurbs in the book said it delivers the most powerful message of any Grisham book. I therefore read the book looking for enlightenment. I don't think I really got much from the book itself, but the search caused me to think a little so I may have become wiser anyway.
6. While interesting, the book was put-downable, which is a good thing, since I still had a lot of Passover cleaning to do at the time we found it next to the garbage bins.
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message 7: by K (new)

K That was a fun review to read! Thanks for brightening my otherwise crabby morning!

message 6: by Jacquelyn (last edited Nov 30, 2010 02:28PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jacquelyn Sill I like your review. I think I'm feeling ambivalent about reading it, and hearing you say you liked it, but it was put downable was something I could identify with.

message 5: by Shacoria (new)

Shacoria Thanks for spoiling the book. Now I know exactly who the mysterious rachel really is.

message 4: by K (new)

K Reading reviews before you finish a book is always a risk. I only do it when I know it won't bother me to learn more than I want to know about the book.

message 3: by Shacoria (last edited Aug 04, 2012 01:06PM) (new)

Shacoria Khaya wrote: "Reading reviews before you finish a book is always a risk. I only do it when I know it won't bother me to learn more than I want to know about the book."

yeah, but on goodreads there is a button you're supposed to push while you're writing your review that says "hide entire review because of spoilers" if your review contains spoilers so that when someone goes to look at the reviews on that book's page the reviews that contain spoilers will be hidden :)

message 2: by K (new)

K I know. People don't always realize what information in their review might spoil the book for someone else. I was once accused of having spoilers in my review even though I thought I had been pretty careful not to reveal any big secrets (and even after rereading the review, I still couldn't figure out exactly what the spoilers were). Although I can understand feeling disappointed if a book has been spoiled, I also think people have different views of what information constitutes a spoiler and what doesn't. Because of that, I only read reviews before finishing books if I'm not enjoying the book that much to begin with and/or if I feel that finding out more information won't really change my reading experience.

Rachayl For some reason I am only seeing this now. Anyway, as I recall- I don't have the book anymore- Rachel's connection is revealed very early in the story, so I didn't consider it a spoiler to reveal it.

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