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Bite Me by Parker Blue
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May 01, 2010

really liked it

This is one of those kick-ass vampire slaying heroine books, and I honestly wasn't expecting to like it much. Most books in this genre have protagonists that don't make sense to me, and I always end up not really liking the heroine much because the motivations seem forced and her personality unrealistic; she tends to be super attractive to everyone around her, even though she gives everyone such a bad attitude. I never get that.

But I ended up really liking the heroine in this novel. The circumstances that lead to her fighting vampires make the most sense that I've ever seen in the genre. She's part demon and so has to feed its cravings—if not sexually, then physically by doing some vampire slaying. She's not out to wreak revenge or carry out some vendetta; she's just letting off some steam so she doesn't end up sucking the life out of some poor innocent.

And she has a family—so unlike other heroines in the genre; she's not a total loner. Her being part demon isolates her somewhat because it can be hard for her to relate to others, but she has people who care about her and about whom she cares.

Granted, they end up causing her to move out because she has a younger half-sister determined to get herself into trouble trying to be like Val (the heroine), but it provides a good back story, a good reason for her to be alone. So already, as she moves into the stereotype of a vampire slayer—loner, kick ass, etc.—her reasons make so much more sense and are just better than in other books.

Anyway, she somehow finds her way to becoming part of a special police force that fights vampires, and she ends up living with her police partner's sister. There's a big conflict to do with a nest of bad vampires that they need to identify, find, and deal with, but throughout it all I just really got to like the characters. I even like Val's hellhound Fang.

And while I got the impression that this is only the very start of a series, with there being great potential in the tension between her and her partner and further troubles with the vampire community, I didn't feel like I was left hanging at the end of the book. It was a pretty good arc with a nice resolution to a conflict—just with plenty of small open-ended things to entice you to read the next books.

I did end up wanting to read more about the characters and seeing where they'd end up, so I probably will.

Downloaded April 14, 2010. Finished reading April 18, 2010.
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