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Lady Macbeth's Daughter by Lisa M. Klein
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My first Klein book was Two Girls of Gettysburg. The end was breathtaking. Lady MacBeth's Daughter? An absolute masterpiece. I think Shakespeare would be happy to know that Macbeth is being enjoyed by teens once again. Filled with emotion and a exciting dramatic climax, Klein has done it again with this historical and mythical tale of Scotland's murderous king. Aliba, our heroine, is faced with a series of difficult choices; with every decision, the plot takes a another nail-biting turn. I love historical fiction because you always get a little something out of it, if not a lot. You get to wander through a past time period and enjoy an adventure. I usually like historical fiction--even if it is a bit slow at times--but that's just me. For those who like to be kept on the edge of your seat, well good news! Albia doesn't wait for adventure to happen, she finds it! Even hesitant readers might want to take a look at this book!

Overall I think Lady Macbeth's Daughter is a thrilling novel dripping with romance and adventure and a surprising twist. I have not yet read Shakespeare's Macbeth, but this book is sure to help me through it or better yet, help bring it to life.

|Age Group: YA, ages 14+|
|Content: Sensuality; not recommend for anyone under 13 (PG-13)|

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