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The Grey King by Susan Cooper
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Apr 30, 2010

really liked it

While I don't know that these are best read end to end like this, at least it keeps me from forgetting subtle details of the story. Not that these are particularly subtle, I guess - I don't intend that as a slight to the writing or storytelling, just that maybe it's hard to add a lot of subtlety to adolescent fiction about the epic battle between good and evil.

In any event, good stuff here. And lots of Welsh, which seems like a language it would be near-impossible for me to speak. This book seems to up the emotional pitch a bit, and show a little more involvement from some of the supporting cast, which is generally missing in the earlier books. It also shows (maybe a bit heavy-handedly, since a character actually states it in dialog) that the Light isn't necessarily and nicer or better than the Dark, even though their goals may ultimately be better for the world. Interesting stuff for young minds? (Though I don't know how much of it made it into my mind when I was young.)

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