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Sleeping with the Fishes by MaryJanice Davidson
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Apr 27, 2010

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Frederika Bimm (Fred to her friends and family) has a secret that helps her in her job at the New England Aquarium - she's a mermaid. For obvious reasons, Fred keeps her secret closely guarded and outside of her family, only her best friend Jonas knows the truth about her. But Fred's secret is unraveling - marine biologist Thomas Pearson sees her swimming as a mermaid and Artur, High Prince of the Black Sea, has come looking for her because someone is polluting the water in Boston Harbor and the pollution is harming the merpeople. While Fred, Thomas and Artur work together to find out who is causing the pollution, Thomas and Artur begin vying for Fred's affection. While Fred is trying to decide which guy she likes more, her friend Joshua is attracted to Fred's boss, Dr. Barb, but he faces two obstacles: she's much older than he is and she thinks he's gay.

"Sleeping with the Fishes" is an amusing fantasy romance. I loved the idea of a mermaid as a heroine and Fred is indeed a unique heroine. She's beautiful, smart, and more than a little impatient. She has a lot of funny quirks for a mermaid: she can't swim with her legs, only her tail which is a problem since her job involves her being in the water; she's allergic to seafood; and she gets seasick while on a boat. There are other great characters in the book; I especially liked Joshua, who may be the gayest straight character in fiction (he's very very secure in his sexuality). Joshua, in fact, has some of the funniest and sexiest scenes in the book. There's a lot of humor in the book - Fred's mother's name is Moon Bimm and Fred has a few funny conversations with fish that are on a hunger strike because she won't play any music by the Pet Shop Boys. However, I did have a few problems with the book. I found the repeated use of a certain four letter word beginning with the letter "F" to be off-putting. And the book is too open-ended, it's clear there's going to be at least one sequel, but I have to wonder how long the Fred-Thomas-Artur triangle will hold reader's interest.

"Sleeping with the Fishes" was a fun but incomplete read.

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