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Along Came a Spider by James Patterson
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Apr 27, 2010

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** spoiler alert ** Well after hearing about James Patterson for a while and constantly seeing his books in the Best Sellers shelves, I finally gave in and decided to give him a try.

Along Came a Spider is the first book based on Alex Cross who is both a psychologist and a detective. This book mainly revolves around one kidnapping case that he is working on which spans the course of two years. As far as a mystery type book, Patterson didn't really give you any hints as to the real kidnappers until about the same time that Alex realizes. I really hate that as it feels like an easy plot device to throw you off as soon as they catch a bad guy to have another even badder guy waiting in the wing.

There are a lot of racial overtones in this book. While I can't say first hand as to how accurate they are, the way that it is presented in the book makes it feel really fake.

Alex Cross is an obsessive detective stereotype. As if we haven't seen that before of guys who are pulled off a case and continue to work it themselves for months at a time. Alex just isn't that endearing of a character. His kids however were too overly cute. No kids are that polite while his Grand-ma is apparently the saint of telling things the way it is. Even when she is telling him that White people are the devil.

I think the most interesting character in the book is Gary Soneji. I really wish the multiple personality disorder had been written better. In the book Alex kept having a hard time deciding if Gary was just insane or acting. I wish Patterson could of conveyed that same uncertainty to me.

All in all, this book is a little bit above average. I'd recommend if you are a fan of thrillers but otherwise I would just avoid. It's not one of those books that would appeal well to readers of other genres.

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