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Get Off the Unicorn by Anne McCaffrey
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Apr 25, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: favorites, fantasy, science-fiction, juv-ya, short-stories, animal-companions, psionics, own-it

A marvelous selection of short stories that introduce you to some of the other works of Anne McCaffrey.

Lady in the Tower - 4 stars, I just love a good parapsychic romance. The story was later expanded into The Rowan
A Meeting of Minds - 3 stars, another parapsychic romance. Later incorporated into the book Damia.
Daughter - 3 stars, future society & education.
Dull Drums - 3 stars, same character and topics as Daughter.
Changeling - 1 star, alternate family of the future, just weird.
Weather on Welladay - 1 star, mystery, who's stealing the precious whale extract?
The Thorns of Barevi - 4 star, smart independent female saves strong masculine alien, and is rewarded with forced, mind blowing sex. Ok, the rape as romance was creepy, but it was originally written for Playboy readers to fantasize about. The story was later changed and expanded into the Catteni series.
Horse From a Different Sea - 1 star, an alien prostitute is depositing eggs in customers.
Great Canine Chorus - 4 stars, a policeman tries to help a psychically gifted youngster who has been raised in abject poverty and ignorance.
Finder's Keeper - 4 stars, a boy with the psychic gift of finding things is enslaved by an insurance recovery agent.
A Proper Santa Claus - 5 stars, My favorite story in the book; how easy to crush innovation and creativity in the tender minds of the young.
The Smallest Dragonboy - 4 stars, a wonderful, short, Pernese dragonrider, impression story.
Apple - 4 stars, a story from the beginning years of the parapsychic institute from Pegasus/The Tower & Hive series.
Honeymoon - 3 stars, a short story about Helva that picks up right after the events in The Ship Who Sang.

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