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Come to Me Recklessly by A.L. Jackson
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really liked it

4 stars!

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AL Jackson does second chance romances frequently, and she does them so well. All of her books stress me out, they make me feel, they make me infuriated at times, but she also has this way of making me fall in love with the characters. To sympathize with what they’re going through even when they aren’t acting right. I love a romance that’s real, that’s not always easy. Samantha and Christopher’s story was just that. Real. And not easy.

Samantha met the love of her life in high school. She knew Christopher was it for her. But things happened, and now it’s years later and she’s with someone else. It doesn’t feel the same. No one has ever made her feel like Christopher.

Christopher lost the one love of his life the same time his entire world went crazy. He has a lot of regrets. And his life has been a wild tailspin of girl after girl ever since. He knows he won’t find another Samantha.

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I’d been the fool who’d let that kind of crazy love go. Didn’t matter that I’d been just a stupid punk kid, barely sixteen, or that the girl and I were nothing alike and the entire world was against us. None of it mattered. Not at fucking all. The only thing that mattered was that it’d been real.

Samantha has never forgotten her first love, but she has moved on. One day while shopping she runs into Aly Moore. Little sister to Christopher. And all those memories come rolling back. Aly and Samantha always got along, so they reconnect. And that brings all sorts of feelings back. And as it’s bound to happen, she runs into Christopher.

There is so much of this book that Christopher is such a JERK. He just… ugh! Then Samantha. She stressed me out too. They both had their moments I just wanted to knock some sense in them. But they had so many more moments that I just completely adored them both. Seeing Samantha with her brother melted my heart. And when Christopher started coming around, he was so dang sweet.

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This couple is damaged. Not just one of them, but both of them. They have a lot to work through. I loved getting the flashbacks of them when they were younger. Getting to see all the events that led up to the big thing… that one thing that changed everything between them. Even though in the present they both try to push each other away at times, they just can’t. They are completely and utterly drawn to each other. Made for each other. They both know it, but Samantha has to decide if Christopher is a risk she’s willing to take…
Would I risk it all on a boy who was the ultimate risk?

AL Jackson can write steamy. Christopher and Samantha has a crazy intense connection. Their sexual tension was off the charts hot. I loved watching it build between them.

Nothing was better in this book then seeing all the changes Christopher made. To go from this completely jerky manwhore to the sweetest man ever was nice to see.

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“You’re my world, Samantha. Everything I do, from now until the end of time, I’m going to be doing it for you.”

Come to Me Recklessly is the third book in Jackson’s Closer to You series. So it would be wise to read book one and two before this. You get Aly and Jared’s epic love story and get introduced to Christopher. I’ve enjoyed this series a lot. I was happy to see so much Aly and Jared in this book.

If you’re looking for a heart breaking, emotional, angsty, and beautiful second chance romance- this would be the book for you. There were a few scenes that had me in tears, but overall the ending left me happy and satisfied.
Never stop believing in magic.

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Jacqueline's Reads Love this one like crazy!

Christy Jacqueline's Reads wrote: "Love this one like crazy!"

I'm half way now! It's getting really good x

message 4: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Kyle :D Fab review, Christy :D

Christy Jennifer wrote: ":D Fab review, Christy :D"

Thanks, babes <3 <3 <3

Kristin (KC) - Traveling Sister haha! I've read one of her books and I remember it being pretty stressful, as well >.< Well said!

Christy Kristin (KC) wrote: "haha! I've read one of her books and I remember it being pretty stressful, as well >.< Well said!"

LOL I've read 4 or 5 and every single one ;) STRESSED! But they're very good x

Lady Gabriella of Awesomeness (On Hiatus) lol that stressed a.k.a exhausting feeling ? I totally get that Christy ! Glad it was a four star read lve xo

~ Stéphanie ~ Tied up in Romance ~ I'm nervous about this book but at some point I know I will read it ^^
Can't wait to see your thought :)

Tanya (Girl Plus Books) This series has been on my radar for quite a while and I'm excited to start it!

✦❋Arianna✦❋ Fabulous review, hun!xx

message 12: by Patrycja (new) - added it

Patrycja Great review, doll.

Christy Gabriella ♥ Liam Callahan's girl ♥ wrote: "lol that stressed a.k.a exhausting feeling ? I totally get that Christy ! Glad it was a four star read lve xo"

Yes! Me too x

Christy ~ Stéphanie ~ Belgian Naughty Reader ~ wrote: "I'm nervous about this book but at some point I know I will read it ^^
Can't wait to see your thought :)"


Christy Tanya wrote: "This series has been on my radar for quite a while and I'm excited to start it!"

I hope you enjoy it xo

Christy Arianna wrote: "Fabulous review, hun!xx"

Thanks, babe! xo

Christy Patrycja wrote: "Great review, doll."

Thanks, sweetie! <3

message 18: by Diana (new)

Diana Olalaa amazing review :)!

Christy Diana wrote: "Olalaa amazing review :)!"

Thanks, sweets! xoxo

ღFloღ the coffee addict Beautiful review, sweetie!! <33

Christy ღFloღ the coffee addict wrote: "Beautiful review, sweetie!! <33"

Thanks, babe! <3

Melissa No cliffhanger?

Christy Nope- it's a standalone :)

Christy Nope- it's a standalone :)

Melissa Thank you, Christy! I'm starting it right now.

Christie«SHBBblogger» Gorgeous review, Christy! <3

Christy Melissa wrote: "Thank you, Christy! I'm starting it right now."

Enjoy! x

Christy Christie«SHBBblogger» wrote: "Gorgeous review, Christy! <3"

Thanks, honey! <3

message 29: by Mysza (new)

Mysza Fab review Christy!

message 30: by * Meli Mel * (new)

* Meli Mel * Awesome review, babe!! xx

Christy Mysza wrote: "Fab review Christy!"

Thanks, Mysza! <3

Christy Meli Mel *Ty and Zane's Creeper* wrote: "Awesome review, babe!! xx"

Thanks, lovely! xoxo

message 33: by Jen (new) - added it

Jen Beautiful review babe! xx

Lady Gabriella of Awesomeness (On Hiatus) ugh ! Christy ! U keep increasing my TBR by one book,EVERYTIME I read your review :P haha !

Lovely review my darling xo

Indiebookjunkie Great review now to begin reading :)

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