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The Silver Kiss by Annette Curtis Klause
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Apr 25, 2010

really liked it
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Not as powerful or as good as Blood and Chocolate, but still well worth reading. Reminds me a lot of the 1980/1990s books about teens dealing with family members' dying of some whatever ailment, but this one has vampires and ancient oaths of vengeance to bump it up.

Solid example of an author's first-time work; rough and slightly unfocused, with a promising heart. Klause writes teen alienation extremely well, and also tends to show pronounced sympathy with the monsters while keeping keenly conscious of the awareness that they are monsters; The Silver Kiss is no different here. And in comparison to the bloated, angsty teen vampire books by authors like Stephenie Meyer and L.J. Smith, this book is pure gold.

ETA: Apparently some editions of this book include two short stories tangentially related to the main characters. :( I'm gonna have to track them down now.

ETA-II: The short stories began appearing in the 2010 issues of this book (the ones that have the excellent cover art of the nearly barren branch on black background) and, look, while my initial read of the original novel didn't entirely wow me, both short stories had me sobbing. Mostly because of the cat. I'm a sucker for cats. (This reason also adds an element of understanding to why I was so thoroughly disappointed by The Adventure of the Princess and Mr. Wiffle.)

The stories bookend the novel, falling in chronological order, but I found them more powerful by reading the novel first, then Simon's The Summer of Love and then Zoe's The Christmas Cat.

Also included with the short stories was a generous introduction by the author, where she goes into a great amount of detail about what the novel means to her and how she first put it to paper and ushered it through publication process. It's an excellent introduction, and I would consider it not only a must read for anyone who loved the novel but also a great "How I wrote my first book" essay to any aspiring author. (Although I would have set it to follow after the novel, as it blatantly gives away the ending. If you're a new reader to this book, try the novel first, go back to the introduction, and then read the stories.)

The introduction and short stories added so much more of the story to me that I'm revising my rating up a star. Very well done, Klause.

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Tess Let me know if you find the short stories. I LOVED the Silver Kiss.

M— I just got my hands of a library copy of the 2010 reissue (the one with the black cover); it has the short stories and you really really need to track it down. I originally read the 1992 issue (with the green cover), and while I didn't love the novel as much as you did, I can tell you that you really really need to read the stories.

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