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The Boy and the Peddler of Death by Dylan Saccoccio
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did not like it

This was unnecessarily wordy and pretentious. I just did not enjoy it at all. Which makes me sad because the summary says it's for fans of Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and World of Warcraft. Aka three of my favorite things. So how did I loathe this so entirely from page one? I don't know.
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Cait S You certainly shouldn't apologize. The book has a number of good reviews so far so obviously plenty of people enjoy it, I just wasn't one of them. I found it on a Listopia list of books released in April, to answer your initial question.

I hardly think one review by a single person who is in no way affiliated with any company or big name blogs is going to ruin you financially or otherwise. Congratulations on being an author in order to fulfill a dream of yours, that's great. However I think we both know being an author is going to come with positive and negative attention. This is Goodreads. The purpose of using it is to share what you liked and what you didn't like. I personally did not like the story, it wasn't for me. I've read books my friends have one star rated. Friends have read books that I have one star rated. My one review is not going to sink your life's work. If you are only here to police your book, only allowing good things to be said about it, I think that says more about you than the reviewer.

I'm not going to remove my review because that would be a lie. I read it, I did not enjoy it, I'm within my rights to say so. However I did write it in a rush to move on to other things and if you'd like, I will go back and reword and expand to say more than I simply didn't like it so that others may see it and think those things might not bother them.

message 2: by Wigs (new)

Wigs Dude. Only 7% of your reviews are one star. If you're going to exist as an author you need to realize there are going to be people that dislike your work. Don't embarrass yourself by acting like this. And don't interact so much with people who didn't enjoy it, it makes people uncomfortable and you look like a tool.

message 3: by Valerie (new)

Valerie I think maybe this guy shouldn't be an author if he can't handle negative ratings or reviews. All he's doing is humiliating himself and making people (like me) want to avoid his work in the future.

message 4: by Valerie (new)

Valerie Dylan wrote: "I'm not here to "police" Goodreads

Okay but that's exactly what you're doing by telling this person to take their review down because you simply don't like it.

message 5: by Wigs (new)

Wigs If you see on another review he said they didn't deserve to read his book.

Cait S You do realize that every author in the entire world has had their work negatively reviewed, right? Like literally all of them. The best writers in the entire world have had their books torn apart on a much more public platform than Goodreads.

Why do you think you are above that? Why is your work above criticism when others aren't?

To be honest, I would have happily reworded this review for you and put my opinion a little more gently. However now that you've basically threatened and harassed me for no reason, I will be sure to post this everywhere I can to everyone I can to ensure that people know to avoid you and your work.

Congratulations on having the exact opposite effect your monologue was meant to have. You cannot intimidate me in the slightest. But if I have half the power you seem to think I do, I damn sure plan on using it now.

message 7: by Hannah Scoyni (new)

Hannah Scoyni Dylan wrote: "I'm not here to "police" Goodreads.

Leaving a 1 star review on a book says much more about what kind of person does such a thing, and then attacks it for being "pretentious," which is an erroneous..."

Wow I can see what the reviewer meant by unnecessarily wordy and pretentious!

Morgan Defamation is untrue statements, and from your comments here, they ring really true. Just your comments are "wordy and pretentious".

She didn't attack you or your book, she simply didn't like it. She didn't rant about it or rip it into teeny pieces and stomp them under her shoe into the mud. She was polite and offered to expand on her reasoning for why, you could have done the gracious thing and accepted it instead of hounding her about where she found out about it or why she doesn't just take down her review or get her money back.

Your comments to a reviewer...ANY the above have said...have shown me (and basically the internet) all I need to know about you and your book.

It has over a 4 star rating. Breathe. Not everyone likes every thing.

message 9: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Schechter Dylan wrote: "I'm not here to "police" Goodreads.

Leaving a 1 star review on a book says much more about what kind of person does such a thing, and then attacks it for being "pretentious," which is an erroneous..."

Okay. I don't have a horse in this race. I am another author, though, and I've seen this particular scenario before.

Dylan. Please. STOP. All you're going to do here is make yourself look bad and alienate your future readers. You can see it happening even now.

The one thing that is the hardest for any author to learn and to live by is a simple, three word mantra: DO NOT ENGAGE. No matter how much you want to, don't reply to the reviews. Just don't. Bad reviews happen. They happen to all of us (my work has been called torture porn -- and then won a major award. Go figure!)

You cannot please everyone, no matter how hard you try. It's hard. I KNOW. But it happens.

Cait S There aren't any sides, Dylan. I'm not trying to fight with you or defame your work. I just simply, on my own, did not enjoy the book. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood for it. Maybe, like you said, I'm not at a high enough level of...intellect or consciousness or whatever else to understand it the way you meant it to be read. I certainly don't claim to be a genius. I'm just a reader.

That still doesn't change the fact that you don't need to come on here and threaten me over it. It's just a handful of sentences! No one would have even noticed this review if it hadn't been turned into this giant argument over nothing.

message 11: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Schechter Dylan wrote: "Elizabeth wrote: "Dylan wrote: "I'm not here to "police" Goodreads.

Leaving a 1 star review on a book says much more about what kind of person does such a thing, and then attacks it for being "pre..."

I'm not approving. I'm not disapproving. I'm just offering the views of a writer who's been doing this a lot longer than you. You can take it or leave it. I offer my advice to the universe at large, and in the hopes that it might do someone some good.

message 12: by Bail (new)

Bail I normally give book a be if it of the doubt but because of the comment train here, I won't. I like to believe authors are good people...

message 13: by SotheTom (new)

SotheTom I think I know what Dylan plays in World of Warcraft.

It be a troll mon.

message 14: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Schechter Dylan wrote: "Elizabeth wrote: "Dylan wrote: "Elizabeth wrote: "Dylan wrote: "I'm not here to "police" Goodreads.

Leaving a 1 star review on a book says much more about what kind of person does such a thing, an..."

Dylan, if your reaction to a bad review is to compare it to being physically abused, you're in the wrong field.

message 15: by SotheTom (new)

SotheTom Dylan wrote: "Elizabeth wrote: "Dylan wrote: "Elizabeth wrote: "Dylan wrote: "I'm not here to "police" Goodreads.

Leaving a 1 star review on a book says much more about what kind of person does such a thing, an..."

You do not have to like that she gave you 1 Star. However she has her reasoning. Shockingly, not everyone will like the same thing. (For example you did not like her 1 Star, I loved her 1 Star) And that is what you need to accept.

Cait S I did read the sample for free first. However, the first 10% of a book is never a really good indication of what the whole thing is like, in my opinion. A lot of the time things get better or there are new developments that change certain parts I may not have liked at first, etc. Considering the summary sounded so good, I wanted to give it a try and read the whole thing before I made up my mind.

I'm truly sorry you feel bullied, considering my review had nothing to do with you personally. I have one star rated a book by my FAVORITE author, one who I would probably break down sobbing if I met in person. It is nothing about YOU, it is simply an opinion of a written work. But speaking of being bullied... It's quite similar to how I feel right now actually. Apparently we share a boat. I'm sorry you don't have better company in it.

Now. Would you like me to delete this review and re-word it in a different way? I can explain the parts I did not like and why. I can also point out some things others might find positive. As I noted previously, I certainly did not mean for this to turn into a fight with sides.

message 17: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Schechter Dylan, the only thing I have left to say is good luck to you. And good night.

message 18: by Kelly (new)

Kelly Proudfoot I'd like to weigh in on this commentary - as I feel both Dylan's pain AND Cait's self-righteousness. There is no need for a verbal war - as much as an author would want to wage it. I agree with Elizabeth - you can't please everyone, and I remember the saying "one man's trash is another man's treasure" (although I'm definitely not saying that Dylan's book is trash OR treasure - as I haven't read it.

But I will now!

I have been horrified by truly bad books before - and was so offended by the lack of skill etc - that I really wanted to leave a scathing review. In those rare cases, I either didn't leave a review or took a deep breath and gathered my thoughts - so I could leave a thoughtful review that used constructive criticism. (Most of the time!)

I don't think it's a good idea for Cait to go and spread it everywhere - that's just mean and reactionary. I also don't think that Dylan should respond to negative reviews or go on a tirade. It's always a good idea to be gracious - even in the face of a negative review.

I had an awful review once - of some erotica I wrote on an obsolete writing site. I was incensed that it was from a man and that he trashed everything I wrote by using childish and aggressive insults, intending to intimidate me. I so wanted to rip him a new one - if you know what I mean!

I started writing a long tirade - thinking to myself that I would "show him" and "put him in his place". It felt good to vent, but once it was done, I re-read it and felt just as silly as he had been. I decided to delete it - other than a short note to tell him off for being so nasty about it, even though I appreciated the fact that at least he took the time to read it.

I did take away a valuable lesson though. The essence of what he was saying rang true - I was far too heavy-handed in my stories and quite cliched. He could have been constructive - but he chose to be a dick. Oh well - it was a lesson learned and I realized that you have to have a thick skin to be an author.

Yes - it's hard work, and yes - it's easy to feel that people who leave these kinds of reviews don't take that into consideration. Do as the Buddhists say - let it pass like a bug flying by. It's only one bug - and even if you get a few more bad reviews - I'm sure you will get many more positive ones.

Good luck Dylan - and Cait - forget about it. Let the dust settle and everyone will continue on as before.

message 19: by SotheTom (new)

SotheTom Kelly wrote: "Good luck Dylan - and Cait - forget about it. Let the dust settle and everyone will continue on as before."

I feel you got the names backwards on your ending advice.

message 20: by Books On Replay (new)

Books On Replay Do you expect all of the reviews to be 5 stars? What would be the point of goodreads? I don't choose to read a book based solely on reviews. Sometimes they help, but rarely do I choose not to read a book based on the negative reviews. Negative reviews don't deter every reader. I've read books and hated them when my friends all rated them 5 stars, and loved books that had a lot of low ratings. And I hope you realize that the maturity level you are showing here is deterring more people than one negative review would. So great job! You turned one bad review into multiple people not reading your books :)

message 21: by Kelly (new)

Kelly Proudfoot SotheTom wrote: "Kelly wrote: "Good luck Dylan - and Cait - forget about it. Let the dust settle and everyone will continue on as before."

I feel you got the names backwards on your ending advice."

I didn't - ha ha! I'd like to wish Dylan good luck and I think Cait should let it go (Dylan too) - but thanks for your concern.

message 22: by Kelly (new)

Kelly Proudfoot Okay - I'm out!

Cait S I appreciate your input, Kelly. Like I said I wasn't trying to trash anybody/anything, it was just my opinion. I've offered multiple times to rewrite (as I just did this one in a hurry before I left for something) and make it a well thought out review, including positives and negatives. Dylan has made it clear he doesn't want that. It was a simple review, all books have one star reviews. It happens.

Me being "mean and reactionary" was actually more of a warning to other people. That if they read this, they should either love it or say nothing, as saying anything else would get them threatened and harassed. Being treated like this is terrifying. I think that is a fair warning if the author wants to treat readers that way. I wish I had known.

message 24: by Valerie (new)

Valerie This is actually hilarious.

Good luck with your career, Dylan. You're going to need it.

message 25: by SotheTom (new)

SotheTom Kelly wrote: "SotheTom wrote: "Kelly wrote: "Good luck Dylan - and Cait - forget about it. Let the dust settle and everyone will continue on as before."

I feel you got the names backwards on your ending advice...."

Odd, because Cait did not instigate anything so...She wouldn't be the one to let it go

message 26: by Books On Replay (new)

Books On Replay True ^^ LOL

Cait S Okay, Dylan, I will leave everything here exactly as is.

Best of luck with your work in the future.

message 28: by Valerie (new)

Valerie Cait, you've handled this all really well and in a mature manner. Kudos to you.

Morgan He's the one being a bully, so...I don't think you should change a thing.

1 star "did not like it". It. The book. If you want everyone to love something you write you should only show it to your mother. My mom still puts articles I write up on the fridge or pictures of my brother with authors he's planned events for. Of course, I also appreciate the times when she's been honest with me.

I wouldn't edit at all unless it was to add the transcript of all the abuse he's hurled at you and others. Even Elizabeth who was trying to be helpful to him as a fellow author. (Kudos to Elizabeth, btw, clearly you're a nice person. I'm sorry he did not recognize good advice when he read it.) Or perhaps a more in depth review with specificity towards the things that you did not like in particular.

Or I could get my editor pen out and probably go to town on it if his comments are any indication of his writing.

Cait S Dylan wrote: And as for my luck, I obviously don't have any, which is why you stumbled upon my work in the first place. That's self-evident. "

Hey, look at that. We can agree on something :) In that case, I hope your luck IMPROVES and you find readers who share your view and understand your ideals.

message 31: by SotheTom (new)

SotheTom I really hope to be inspiration for his next book.

Seriously, Dylan at this point is a frothing at the mouth psycho.

I cannot tell if this whole thing has been troll bait or not, but you did yourself no favors tonight. I am glad to be waging war on the consciousness of humanity if you are its representative.

message 32: by Books On Replay (new)

Books On Replay The whole thing is pretty funny. He thought this 1 star review would deter so many people from reading this book, but when people see how he reacted, he's going to lose so many potential readers. Should have left it alone :)

message 33: by Morgan (last edited Jun 05, 2015 07:50PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Morgan SotheTom wrote: "Kelly wrote: "SotheTom wrote: "Kelly wrote: "Good luck Dylan - and Cait - forget about it. Let the dust settle and everyone will continue on as before."

I feel you got the names backwards on your ..."

Yeah... Pretty sure she left a review, let it go and went on about her business. Until she was asked to delete and then harassed.

[ həˈrasm(ə)nt, ˈharəsm(ə)nt ]
aggressive pressure or intimidation:
synonyms: persecution · intimidation · pressure · force · coercion · hassle

Which is exactly what the author is doing here. Intimidating, harassing, pressuring, hassling, etc, to get her to delete her review.

We, the worst of humanity, have defended someone being harassed. Shame on us.

message 34: by SotheTom (last edited Jun 05, 2015 07:51PM) (new)

SotheTom Dylan wrote: "SotheTom wrote: "I think I know what Dylan plays in World of Warcraft.

It be a troll mon."

Thanks for joining in on the assault of me, Tom, and leaving my books (that you've never read) 1 star re..."

You are very welcome. Honestly, this has made an otherwise dull day a bit more lively. If your books are 1/2 as good as your attitude and arrogance they are still not worth 1 star If you had not instigated all of this my reviews would never have been left. You got everything that is coming to you, I felt it only right to warn others about the worst the writing community has to offer.

I bid you good day "Author"

message 35: by Valerie (new)

Valerie You're the one who is doing the ''assaulting'' though.

Wait, maybe I should start TYPING random WORDS in all CAPS and maybe that'll help you understand CAIT DID NOTHING WRONG.

message 36: by SotheTom (new)

SotheTom "Dylan Saccoccio
Actually, Tom, you are the psychopath (by definition), as I want to be left alone, and you won't leave me alone. You are the one that does not understand the principle of non-aggression, and have assaulted my work based on a conversation that did not include you."

Wants to be left alone and yet you keep responding leaving yourself so open.

"What I stand for, what The Tale of Onora stands for, and what the people that read it on every continent represent is SELF-EVIDENT and needs NO defense."

Needs no defense and yet a 1 Star rating will utterly destroy it and you need to.....Defend it?

message 37: by Sheila (last edited Jun 05, 2015 08:15PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Sheila Worst. Book. Ever.

Author is delusional and clearly needs more practice. Buy a comic instead, you'll get a more cerebral experience.

message 38: by Books On Replay (new)

Books On Replay I loathe the first page now too. Thanks for sharing :)

message 39: by SotheTom (new)

SotheTom I love seeing across the board that you harass others into either leaving a good review, or not reviewing at all. (Checking Amazon now, not kind responses to the lower reviews there either)

No amount of self proclamation or heart string tug attempts will mask that you are the attacker here....just the only one who cannot see it. You like to hid behind big fancy words but in the end I think you are just a scare insecure author who thinks his work is not as good as he puts out there so you need to attack people into siding with you.

message 40: by SotheTom (last edited Jun 05, 2015 08:32PM) (new)

SotheTom Dylan wrote:

MY EXACT WORDS: "This review is not good for my business, so unless your desire is to ruin my dreams, it would mean a great deal if you could remove this review from my work and forget about it.""

Sadly, you do not get to decide what people think of your work. Everything you are doing here is not good for your business and yet you charge on. Maybe people choose businesses based on personal preference or a sense of connection with the business. (For example, I worked at Best Buy 5 years ago, and only shop there for electronics)

Based on how you present yourself as a person, I have already made my judgement on your book and even if I did read it at this point it would still garnish 1 Star because of how you have tarnished yourself here.

Basically....My objective is to ruin your business. <3

message 41: by SotheTom (new)

SotheTom (Apparently the <3 did not make it obvious enough that I was being sarcastic on the last part. Oops)

There is nothing immoral about forming an opinion based on your work because of how you present yourself. People do it every day and rightfully so. How you present is a representation of your work, I do not like how the work is represented so I do not like the work.

Like I said, I would have been willing to give your book a chance, I have played World of Warcraft for over 10 years now so that part of the description was appealing. At this time, I no longer need to read it to give my judgement if someone like you is the author behind it.

message 42: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer I review every book I read regardless of positive or negative. I will be skipping this book so I can avoid being harassed by the author if I don't enjoy it.

Morgan Dylan wrote: "Morgan wrote: "SotheTom wrote: "Kelly wrote: "SotheTom wrote: "Kelly wrote: "Good luck Dylan - and Cait - forget about it. Let the dust settle and everyone will continue on as before."

I feel you ..."

Coercing people into doing what you want instead of what they want is also harassment. But what I consider truly heinous is how you have changed your tack from thinly veiled attempt at nicety, to outright hostility towards Cait when her reply to you offered to expand on why and what she disliked. You even devolve into name-calling and then become increasingly combative.

This is not how one handles a business they would like to see thrive. This is how you self-sabotage your own dreams. I wish you luck in coming to realize where you have erred, and how to present yourself and your work in a better light, more professional manner than you have here in any of your comments tonight.

message 44: by Valerie (new)

Valerie You're so delusional, I feel pity for you.

message 45: by Valerie (new)

Valerie Dylan wrote: "No one is harassed into leaving good reviews. If you leave a bad review on my work, especially if I gave it to you for free, you're gonna get a response.

I'm not hiding. Hence the reason I'm conf..."

Because you're not right here. You have a weird God complex or something going on, it is actually alarming.

message 46: by SotheTom (new)

SotheTom Apparently me telling you flat out I was being sarcastic about ruining your business was not enough either.

I enjoy how you look down on those who work at places such as Best Buy. For someone who thinks he adds so much worth to the world, it seems you can only obtain this worth by attempting to take it from others.

If this truly is your business then you need to embrace the bad review. The bad review is what will make you better....If you listen to it and not pretend it did not happen. Constantly being showered with praise will not benefit you in the end....Especially when a small review like this has left you so profoundly affected. You like to pretend you are the only one who knows right from wrong, anyone who does not agree with you is some immoral monster that you need to save. Hate to break it to you but we are not drowning and there is no one here to save. I know it is right to defend the person who spoke her mind and kindly attempted to let you know she would expound on her review for the benefit of your other potential readers....But for some reason that was not good enough. 5 Stars or nothing for the great Dylan. And yet you cannot see the wrong in that.

In the end it is I that feel sorry for you. The pedestal you have put yourself on is shaky at best.

message 47: by SotheTom (new)

SotheTom Dylan wrote: "SotheTom wrote: "(Apparently the <3 did not make it obvious enough that I was being sarcastic on the last part. Oops)

There is nothing immoral about forming an opinion based on your work because o..."

i actually tried to read the start. Could not get past the was....Far to over the top.

message 48: by Valerie (new)

Valerie Okay. :)

Cait S Nowhere in my review did I tell people not to read it. Nowhere did I say to avoid it, that it wasn't worth the money, or that they should not even give it a try. I simply said I personally did not enjoy it. I don't understand why you are putting so much weight on that. Until this exchange, NO ONE would have cared that I didn't like your book. You may have been upset that someone didn't, but anyone coming to read it would have said "Oh look that random person didn't like it. Oh well, summary sounds good, I'll try it anyway."

Now what they see is a man who is cruel and hostile. Someone who claims to believe in "non-aggression" but does nothing but attack people and call them names. You are bringing this on yourself. Just stop. Let it go.

I offered to take the review down. You refused my offer and told me to leave it up. So at this point, I don't entirely know what you want.

message 50: by SotheTom (new)


Attempting to deny anything negative is an attempt to only see the praise portion of life.

Leaving a 1 star review is part of the process. ITS A REVIEW! You need to understand this. Reviews are not all sunshine and daisies. You cannot cherry pick what reviews to show that is not how business work. If that is how you want yours to work it is deceptive and that is one of the worst business practices and will lead to your failure. Sadly, you cannot keep all bad reviews quiet. As you can see from your attempts here it can make it worse.

The 1 Star was NOT a personal attack to you. It was not about you wronging them. Cait does not think you threw her father into a pack of stampeding wildebeests leaving her stranded to be raised by a warthog and mere cat. She just DID. NOT. LIKE. YOUR. WORK. Simple. Accept the 1 Star, its not going away because (And this is important) Not everyone will like your work. You are not God's gift to the written word as you so clearly seem to think you are.

Now me? Well some of mine have been personal. Thats what happens when you attack innocent people, someone will fight back.

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