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Whateverland: Learning to Live Here
liked it
Alexis Stewart, daughter of Martha, and Jennifer Koppelman Hutt used to do this funny show, "Whatever Martha," where they watched clips from old Marth ...more
Nov 2011
Oct 17, 2011
Alice: Alice Roosevelt Longworth, from White House Princess to Washington Power Broker
liked it
Teddy Roosevelt's daughter Alice was a character. Rebellious in spirit, outspoken, and a strong woman in a world filled with strong men.

Stacy Cordery
May 2011
Apr 03, 2011
Life Itself
liked it
3 1/2 stars
From just about any other person (especially, say, from his fellow Chicago newspaperman Bob Greene), I'd reject this wildly sentimental, Ba
Mar 21, 2017
Jan 21, 2017
The Girl in the Leaves
it was ok
This is another time when I wish goodreads let us use half stars; this is not a three star book, but two feels too small.

Outside of my Manson family o
Mar 10, 2013
Feb 27, 2013
Taming the Beast: Charles Manson's Life Behind Bars
it was ok
Can a book be important to a genre and still be a so-so book?

This is the tenth book I've read about Charles Manson and the family; I have two more in
Mar 19, 2012
Jan 23, 2012
A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, #1)
really liked it
It is impossible for me to judge this book without seeing it through the prism of the HBO series; I hadn't read any of the books before I became a fan ...more
Jul 12, 2012
Jun 01, 2012
My Life at Grey Gardens: 13 Months and Beyond
liked it
If you are a Grey Gardens fan (and if you aren't, why?), you know Lois as the strange little woman who attends the birthday party. It turns out that L ...more
Jul 16, 2012
Jun 01, 2012
Twilight Sleep
really liked it
One of my favorite authors, one of my favorite styles of fiction: pretty people with pretty problems. And in this case, a satire of pretty people with ...more
Sep 2011
Jul 31, 2011
Lovely Me: The Life of Jacqueline Susann
really liked it
This biography of the Valley of the Dolls author is way better than you'd think, and just as gossipy and page-turning as one of Susann's books.

I won'
May 31, 2016
Apr 02, 2016
A Paper Life
really liked it
Anyone who knows me well knows my love of Tatum O'Neal. Her role in the "The Bad News Bears" was everything I wanted to be, but wasn't, as a child--to ...more
Apr 2011
Jan 19, 2011
Two on a Tower
really liked it
" was quite possible that she would meet him with that cold repressive tone and manner which experienced women know so well how to put on when th ...more
Feb 17, 2015
Jul 27, 2014
So Big
it was amazing
This is the second Edna Ferber book I've read, and I can't wait to read many more. Ferber can craft a phrase so perfect, so original, that I will lite ...more
Jan 03, 2012
Nov 16, 2011
did not like it
I tried, I really did. I was so looking forward to this book, about a failing family Florida alligator farm, but after 100-plus pages of pretentiously ...more
Feb 2011
Feb 08, 2011
Tom Jones
it was ok
Finally! I didn't think I'd ever finish! Since the novel is divided into "books" and each book is divided into chapters, I first set an overly ambitio ...more
May 18, 2008
Mar 17, 2008
it was amazing
Even better than I hoped it would be, very conversational, and gossipy. When I got to chapter 10, and realized it the story had progressed only as far ...more
not set
Oct 08, 2010
The Ghost Stories of Edith Wharton
liked it
The first few stories in this collection had me nervous--not because they were scary, but because they were not. There was a faint taste of bad Poe (T ...more
Oct 31, 2009
Oct 12, 2009
Child of Satan, Child of God
it was amazing
This was a great addition to my Manson book collection (creepy, I know, but the story never bores me). I only wish she'd written a sequel, as I'd like ...more
Feb 2008
Mar 06, 2008
Fierce Conversations
it was ok
A so-so business/personal relationship book that encourages you to be completely honest and ask probing questions to get to the real issue in your con ...more
Aug 2011
Sep 02, 2011
American Wife
really liked it
I really liked this book. It's written in the first person, and I can't remember the last book I read that was, and that helped forge an intimacy with ...more
Sep 11, 2008
Aug 29, 2008
The Troll Garden
really liked it
This is Willa Cather's first book, a collection of short stories, all loosely tied to people who love the arts. A wealthy woman who runs a salon/artis ...more
Mar 11, 2009
Feb 13, 2009
Can I Go Now?: The Life of Sue Mengers, Hollywood's First Superagent
really liked it
Pretty much the reason half the movies of the 70s were what they were can be attributed to this woman. Agent at one time or another to Ali McGraw, Sid ...more
Mar 20, 2016
Mar 12, 2016
Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls
really liked it
It's actually comforting to have old favorite David Sedaris' voice in my head. As always, his comedy is so black that it even puts off his regular rea ...more
Aug 13, 2017
Jul 02, 2017
Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret
it was amazing
My April pick for this:

Initially, I thought I should have picked Blume's Starring Sally J. Freedman as Hersel
Apr 16, 2014
Apr 14, 2014
The Complete Peanuts, Vol. 19: 1987-1988
really liked it
Monday, February 29th, 1988: that was the day the daily strips went from 4 panels to three, and occasionally two. Discombobulating at first.

It also c
Mar 19, 2016
Jan 13, 2016
Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She's "Learned"
really liked it
Although on the surface, the twenty-years-younger NYC native Dunham and I wouldn't seem to have a lot in common, and I know she's a polarizing figure, ...more
Dec 25, 2014
Dec 15, 2014
Career of Evil (Cormoran Strike, #3)
really liked it
Another fun entry in the Cormoran Strike series. This one is pretty grisly, and I am really enjoying the developing relationship between Cormoran and ...more
May 21, 2016
Apr 02, 2016
Before I Go to Sleep
liked it
**spoiler alert** Christine has suffered a traumatic brain injury, and the for the past 20-plus years, has woken up each morning with no memory of the ...more
Oct 29, 2015
Oct 17, 2015
Hyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things That Happened
it was amazing
I loved, loved, loved this book. I was already familiar with Hyperbole and a Half, and for years I've been making people read "Depression," which come ...more
Dec 28, 2013
Dec 13, 2013
The Cuckoo's Calling (Cormoran Strike, #1)
really liked it
I don't read mysteries very often, but I do watch the occasional tv one ("The Killing;" "Broadchurch"), and I like it when I can't figure it out. I co ...more
Sep 14, 2013
Aug 20, 2013
A Mother's Reckoning: Living in the Aftermath of Tragedy
really liked it
If you've ever wondered about the parents of the Columbine shooters, this book provides a powerful look into the aftermath of that horrible day. Maybe ...more
Sep 25, 2016
Sep 24, 2016
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