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Paris in Love
really liked it
I loved this! Not because I adore Paris (I do), but because it made me feel happy when reading it. I think it could have been a memoir about the autho ...more
Sep 06, 2012
Aug 29, 2012
The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Down (The Yada Yada Prayer Group #2)
liked it
I feel like the first person narrative REALLY hurts this book. I want to know what the other women are thinking and feeling. I want to follow their li ...more
Oct 03, 2009
Aug 27, 2009
The Eternal Sea (Everlasting, #2)
liked it
I really enjoyed the first in this series, Everlasting, but just about gave up on this one. What is the deal in YA books where the guy treats the girl ...more
Aug 11, 2011
Mar 25, 2011
Unearthly (Unearthly, #1)
really liked it
Why I read it: netgalley review copy
The Plot: This is a really refreshing change from other YA paranormals I've read. There's still a girl who finds o
Dec 15, 2010
Dec 14, 2010
Fablehaven (Fablehaven, #1)
really liked it
When my sister-in-law suggested this book, saying she loved it, I was a little hesitant to read it. I thought we really didn't have the same book tast ...more
Oct 31, 2009
Nov 21, 2008
Walking The Tree
really liked it
When I first started reading this, I got pretty excited. The writing was spectacular, and I couldn't wait for Lillah to start exploring the other comm ...more
Jul 15, 2010
Jul 14, 2010
Red Sister (Book of the Ancestor, #1)
really liked it
I really liked this. The story kept my interest the whole way through, even though it took me longer than usual to finish. I was actually a little sad ...more
Dec 05, 2017
Nov 01, 2017
Miss Invisible
liked it
I've noticed a trend. It's all over the place. Overweight people (especially women) want to be accepted and not discriminated against. So, instead of ...more
May 22, 2012
Sep 06, 2008
Seeds of Rebellion (Beyonders, #2)
really liked it
One thing I really like about Brandon Mull is that his writing is so inventive and it feels different. He's got a crazy good imagination, and it shine ...more
Mar 12, 2012
Mar 06, 2012
What Alice Forgot
it was amazing
Reread for a book club. I still loved it and flew through it, but I do think it's best the first time through. This time I thought more about what 26 ...more
Apr 23, 2016
not set
Jun 03, 2011
A Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, #5)
really liked it
I'll start off by saying that I adore Martin's writing and this series in particular. Because of this, I think any book in the Song of Ice and Fire se ...more
Aug 03, 2011
Nov 21, 2008
did not like it
I didn't like this one at all. I am not a fan of the books where you have to wait until the very end to get any answers, and then even then you don't ...more
Jun 12, 2015
Jun 10, 2015
Piece de Resistance (French Twist, #3)
really liked it
Oh, how I LOVED this book! I got it in the mail yesterday, and decided to finish the other book I was reading first, since I had less than 100 pages t ...more
Dec 09, 2016
not set
Jun 02, 2009
To Die For: A Novel of Anne Boleyn (Ladies in Waiting, #1)
really liked it
To Die For is the first book in the new Ladies in Waiting series by Sandra Byrd. I don't usually read a lot of historical fiction. I generally like to ...more
Jul 21, 2011
Mar 25, 2011
it was ok
Huh. I don't even know what to say about this book. It felt like the author was trying too hard to be funny and clever, and it just didn't work for me ...more
Dec 22, 2009
Nov 16, 2009
Let Them Eat Cake (French Twist #1)
it was amazing
2nd time through: I was having a bit of a reading slump, so I decided to pick up one of my favorites. For me this book is like eating comfort food. I ...more
Apr 27, 2013
Sep 2009
Nov 21, 2008
Words of Radiance (The Stormlight Archive, #2)
it was amazing
This was absolutely fantastic! Words of Radiance is definitely a long book, but I enjoyed every second of reading it, and did not want to finish.

Apr 17, 2014
Jan 21, 2013
The Woman Who Rides Like a Man (Song of the Lioness, #3)
really liked it
This one started off a little slow, and I was afraid that the series was going to start going downhill or something. I think it's just that I really l ...more
Apr 08, 2010
Mar 24, 2010
Storm Siren (Storm Siren, #1)
it was ok
I don't think this story was necessarily bad, but something about it just didn't click for me. I the the plot idea was fine. The characters all seemed ...more
Oct 27, 2014
Sep 27, 2014
The Legend of Vysallimore
really liked it
This book is a little different than most of the books I review. I don't usually do children's books, especially picture books. I sat down with my boy ...more
Jan 15, 2011
Jan 15, 2011
Karma Girl (Bigtime, #1)
did not like it
I'm not going to be able to finish this one. I can tell it's supposed to be funny, but I haven't even cracked a smile. Carmen's "inner voice" is a cha ...more
Nov 23, 2014
Nov 22, 2014
The Fires of Heaven (Wheel of Time, #5)
really liked it
These books take me so long to read! I don't know what it is about them, but I'm just not as inclined to sit down and read for hours like with some ot ...more
Mar 06, 2012
Feb 21, 2012
The Jesus I Never Knew
really liked it
I really enjoy Philip Yancey's writing. There was nothing here that was particularly revealing or new information about Jesus, but the author seems to ...more
Dec 08, 2011
Sep 14, 2011
Dungeons & Dragons, Volume 1: Shadowplague
liked it
I never played Dungeons and Dragons, so to me this was just a fun fantasy graphic novel. I liked the story a lot, and there was some good humor mixed ...more
May 29, 2012
May 30, 2012
The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom
liked it
There was a lot of good in this, but it also felt like there was a whole lot of repetition. Like he would say the same thing 10 different ways.
Aug 09, 2014
Aug 09, 2014
The House of the Four Winds (One Dozen Daughters, #1)
I thought this one sounded like a fun read, but it just didn't do it for me at all. There is no way I was going to finish this before dying of boredom ...more
Jul 14, 2014
Jul 09, 2014
A Modern Way to Eat: Over 200 Satisfying, Everyday Vegetarian Recipes (That Will Make You Feel Amazing)
it was amazing
I have recently acquired the new hobby of collecting and reading cookbooks, mainly because I love to cook. I love reading the little extra information ...more
Jul 23, 2015
Jul 23, 2015
The Host (The Host, #1)
it was ok
WARNING: Rant ahead. I really disliked this story, but I understand that there are plenty of Stephenie Meyer fans, and I won't hold that against you i ...more
Jun 07, 2010
Mar 10, 2010
The Martian
it was ok
So, I went out to my mailbox, which is white. The atmosphere was oxygen, which allowed me to breathe, science science, boring science. I grabbed this ...more
Jun 11, 2014
Jun 09, 2014
The Dragon Keeper (Rain Wild Chronicles, #1)
it was amazing
This is the Robin Hobb I know and love. Recently I tried reading Shaman's Crossing, and couldn't get into it at all. It was odd for me to not love a R ...more
Dec 13, 2013
Feb 01, 2010
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