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Dark Passage (Chosen Book 1)
liked it
Recommended by Isabelle.
Author: M. L. Woolley is very nice. Must read these books soon!

Okay, I have been sitting on what to say in this review all
Apr 28, 2012
Apr 14, 2012
Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal
it was amazing
This book started out so funny that I couldn't read it as my quiet-down-to-sleep-book. But that didn't last long. I can't remember why I felt bored bu ...more
Jan 27, 2014
Jul 02, 2009
Dreams of Gods & Monsters (Daughter of Smoke & Bone, #3)
it was amazing
You know that teary-eyed feeling you get near the end of a book/series where you start reading slower to stretch out reading the last words? Yeah, tha ...more
Jul 20, 2015
Jul 15, 2015
The Ascended (The Saving Angels, #3)
it was amazing
Tiffany King did it again! Ascended is an exciting story. I loved the characters and watching their growth through great adversity. Admittedly, there ...more
Dec 28, 2011
Dec 15, 2011
Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days, #1)
it was amazing
Let me catch my breath! Wow! Worst book ever if you have a need to sleep sometime! But you can't put it down. You really care about the main character ...more
Feb 25, 2012
Feb 06, 2012
End of Days (Penryn & the End of Days, #3)
liked it
I'm jealous of folks who get to read this series one book after another. It has been so long since I read books one and two that I had sort of forgott ...more
May 26, 2017
May 05, 2017
Beta (War of the Alphas, #2)
it was amazing
Disclosure: I was given this 4 in 1 book of this series free for review. What I have to add to what is written below is that reading it this way I can ...more
Apr 24, 2015
Apr 24, 2015
Days of Blood & Starlight (Daughter of Smoke & Bone, #2)
it was amazing
Normally, when I get a book that has no text-to-speech and isn't lendable I give it fewer stars in the rating. But since I love this series so much th ...more
Jul 19, 2015
Feb 16, 2014
Cast in Angelfire (Mage Craft, #1)
really liked it
I was given this book by the author for an honest review.

I always love it when I can go into the worlds Ms. Reine has built. And I feel exhilarated wh
Mar 13, 2016
Mar 11, 2016
The Angel & the Brown-eyed Boy
it was amazing
This was an excellent read. I felt like I was watching a movie, drawn in completely. The world and characters were so real I could smell it.

This book
May 23, 2012
May 21, 2012
Heavenly (Heavenly, #1)
really liked it
The characters were well developed. I didn't expect to actually have tears in my eyes at several spots in the book. The spiritual issues were handled ...more
Apr 05, 2012
Apr 01, 2012
Jaguar Moon (Jaguar Sun #2)
really liked it
This second book was so much better than the first book. It has more action and viewpoints to see from. I know a lot of people that don't like differi ...more
Feb 18, 2014
Feb 07, 2014
Paradise Damned (Descent, #7)
it was amazing
Wow, I can't believe that I am finished with another of Ms. Sara Reine's series. This, book 7 was the finale of the Descent series. It was gripping!

Mar 20, 2014
Mar 10, 2014
Oaths of Blood (Ascension, #2)
it was amazing
Disclaimer: I was given this ebook by the author for an honest review.

Sara has done it again! Another book I couldn't put down. BUT really, Sara, did
Mar 22, 2014
Mar 10, 2014
Defying Fate (Descent, #6)
really liked it
**spoiler alert** Taking a break from Elise in this book. Climb into James Faulkner's mind and life. I liked meeting his son and previous girlfriend a ...more
Mar 19, 2014
Mar 10, 2014
Lacrimosa (Requiem, #1)
really liked it
This is such a quick paced and exciting book that I had to declare, early into reading it, that it couldn’t be my night-time book. The subject matter ...more
Apr 22, 2012
Apr 07, 2012
Crossroads (Crossroads Saga, #1)
liked it
I am on vacation and not near my computer so I'm having to write this on my tablet using speech to text feature. This is new to me so please be patien ...more
Jun 07, 2015
May 21, 2015
Forgotten Souls (The Saving Angels, #2)
liked it
I came into this book confused. I knew that sometime ago I had read the prequel. But which story was it? I went to Amazon to look it up and read revie ...more
Dec 24, 2011
Dec 15, 2011
Angelfire (Angelfire, #1)
really liked it
Whew! Glad I am finished reading this. I couldn't read it as a bedtime book as I am sure I would have horrid, angsty dreams. But I read the last part ...more
Feb 18, 2012
Jan 24, 2012
Crystal Tomb (Starfire Angels: Dark Angel Chronicles, #3)
it was amazing
Wow! Melanie Nilles has done it again! And there was a slight cliff-hanger to let you know there may be more in store for the characters. This book ke ...more
Jan 20, 2012
Jan 19, 2012
Caged in Bone (Ascension, #4)
it was amazing
Whew! Another 3:30 morning for sleep. Today I slept until nearly 3:00 in the afternoon. Caged in Bone was so stimulating that I just couldn't go to sl ...more
Mar 25, 2014
Feb 24, 2014
Broken Wings (Dark Angel Chronicles, #2)
it was amazing
Incredible! A sequel that is even more exciting than the first book! Since I finished the book long before bedtime I needed to read more by Melanie Ni ...more
Jan 19, 2012
Jan 13, 2012
Torn by Fury (Ascension #6)
really liked it
Before I get into the actual review, I must thank S.M. Reine for allowing me to read/review her book for free.

As usual, Ms. Reine's book grabbed me in
Jun 30, 2014
May 19, 2014
Of Wings and Wolves (Seasons of the Moon: Cain Chronicles, #6)
it was amazing
I hope there is more to this series as I love the relationship between Summer and the Angel Nash. Summer's twin, Abram, doesn't feature in this story ...more
Jan 15, 2014
Oct 12, 2013
Daughter of Smoke & Bone (Daughter of Smoke & Bone, #1)
it was amazing
Re-reading so I can remember the story and read the rest of the series. Done.

This reading was to make sure I knew where the story was going before I s
Jul 18, 2015
Feb 02, 2014
Sins of Eden (Ascension #7)
it was amazing
Whew! Okay. Trying not to let spoilers slip. But Whew! If I could only tell you!!!!

I am finally catching up with S.M. Reine's writing. This was Sara's
Dec 07, 2014
Aug 23, 2014
Ruled by Steel (Ascension #3)
it was amazing
Disclaimer: I was given this ebook by the author for an honest review.

Let me take a side step from the review to talk about Moon Reader Pro. Most book
Mar 23, 2014
Oct 21, 2013
Hotter Than Helltown (Preternatural Affairs, #3)
really liked it
Disclosure: I was given this ARC edition, by the author, for an honest review.

For something as gruesome and dark as the name implies, Hotter Than Hell
Sep 28, 2014
Jul 07, 2014
World After (Penryn & the End of Days, #2)
it was amazing
This was another book to keep me up until 3 in the morning. This series is so exciting! It involves so much action that from the beginning, in book on ...more
Mar 15, 2014
Mar 16, 2012
The Descent Series: Vol.1 (Descent, #1-3)
it was amazing
Sometimes when you read something that doesn't work, you have to put it aside and come back with fresh eyes. That is what I had to do with this series ...more
Feb 24, 2014
May 23, 2013
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