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My Gita
really liked it
Another marvellous offering from Pattanaik. The author has done great service to the society by presenting complex epics and the personalities therein ...more
Jan 07, 2016
Jan 04, 2016
Mein Kampf
really liked it
An amazing book. You may hate Hitler, as I do. You may condemn his philosophy, his rhetoric and his actions. However, what a "treatise" he has written ...more
Aug 18, 2013
Aug 10, 2013
Rearming Hinduism: Nature, Hinduphobia, and the Return of Indian Intelligence
really liked it
The first half of the book is just brilliant as the author counters the criticism in "several 'magisterial' books on Hinduism". He takes on Wendy Doni ...more
Dec 15, 2015
Dec 15, 2015
The Accidental Prime Minister (The Making and Unmaking of Manmohan Singh)
liked it
After reading the book one could easily come to the conclusion that the difference between UPA1 and UPA2 was the media advisor. Dr Singh (Manmohan Sin ...more
Apr 24, 2014
Apr 23, 2014
An Uncertain Glory: India and Its Contradictions
really liked it
Brilliant, as expected. The diagnosis is brilliant despite visible fault-lines in analyses. The faults occur on account of inherent bias that Dreze ca ...more
Aug 10, 2013
Aug 02, 2013
An Era of Darkness: The British Empire in India
liked it
The speech delivered at Oxford that led to writing of this book was a brilliant one but the book itself fades in comparison. However, it is still wort ...more
Jan 22, 2017
Jan 12, 2017
Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind
it was amazing
"History cannot be explained deterministically and it cannot be predicted because it is chaotic". Accordingly, the author refrains from making any pre ...more
Nov 14, 2016
Nov 09, 2016
Bureaucrazy Gets Crazier- IAS Unmasked
really liked it
Many IAS officers could get away with non-performance because they had command over the English language. M K Kaw mentions this in one of the narrativ ...more
Mar 10, 2014
Mar 04, 2014
The Idea of India
really liked it
The book doesn't directly answer the critical question: What is the idea of India? However, it lays bare certain dimensions of the idea that enables t ...more
Oct 03, 2012
Oct 02, 2012
Governmint in India - An Inside View
liked it
Quite depressing and a trifle disappointing too. Specially coming from someone who has been the Chief Secretary of the most populous state, Secretary ...more
Mar 14, 2017
Mar 14, 2017
Not Just an Accountant: The Diary of the Nation's Conscience Keeper
really liked it
"I do no respond to every dog that barks" was a statement made by late Rajiv Gandhi in a reply to sundry questions. Vinod Rai quotes him to follow "th ...more
Sep 26, 2014
Sep 24, 2014
Being the Other: The Muslim in India
it was amazing
"Mistakes were made- Partition was one of them". This has been and still is a moot point but the author firmly believes that partition was indeed a mi ...more
Feb 28, 2017
Feb 23, 2017
Third class in Indian railways
really liked it
How relevant are these writings of Mahatma even today. The cramped and unclean existence in a third class apartment is true of the railways even today ...more
Oct 15, 2015
Oct 14, 2015
Accidental India: A History of The Nation's Passage Through Crisis and Change
really liked it
A fascinating narration of watershed events in the Politco-Economic History since independence. The author sincerely believes that all major decisions ...more
Feb 12, 2017
Feb 03, 2017
Questioning Islam: Tough Questions & Honest Answers About the Muslim Religion
really liked it
An amazingly well researched book on Islam. Despite not claiming to be judgemental in the initial part of the book, the author, however, concludes tha ...more
Mar 10, 2016
Mar 08, 2016
NDTV Frauds
liked it
The author attempts to provide a vivid example of "supari journalism" (a phrase coined by the author himself) in India. The allegations are extremely ...more
Apr 20, 2017
Apr 19, 2017
The Pursuit of Happyness
it was amazing
An inspiring autobiography of a common man with usual frailties but unusual ambition. However, this is one of the rare incidents when the movie scores ...more
Mar 25, 2014
Mar 18, 2014
Hello, Bastar - The Untold Story of India's Maoist Movement
liked it
A thought provoking first hand narration of "happenings" in the "failed" regions of the country. The author has taken pains to traverse the region per ...more
Apr 06, 2016
Apr 04, 2016
The Secret Diary of Kasturba
it was amazing
There are some outstanding books written on the "Mahatma". However, this one is perhaps the best of the best. "Mahatma versus Gandhi" brought out the ...more
Feb 21, 2017
Feb 19, 2017
Breakout Nations: In Pursuit of the Next Economic Miracles
really liked it
It is a reality check on the euphoria that surrounds the emerging economies. Extremely well articulated and written in simple language even to make se ...more
Jun 22, 2012
Jun 19, 2012
The Peshwa: The Lion and the Stallion
liked it
This book ends where "Mastani" began. Hence, this one is about the heroics of Peshwa and how he managed to deal with the internal as well as the exter ...more
Feb 12, 2016
Feb 10, 2016
The Sceptical Patriot: Exploring the Truths Behind the Zero and Other Indian Glories
really liked it
The articulation is unconventional and so is the approach to revisiting some historical events. The author has the courage to term the legal system in ...more
Jan 05, 2017
Jan 05, 2017
The Story of My Experiments With Truth
it was amazing
Should have read this book long ago...............having read so much about the Mahatama. Absolutely remarkable and inspiring. Experiments with truth, ...more
Sep 22, 2012
Sep 02, 2012
Mother Teresa
it was amazing
Very rarely do you come across personalities who dedicated their lives for selfless service on the scale as Mother Teresa. What the book does so beaut ...more
Apr 13, 2014
Apr 11, 2014
The Autobiography of an Unknown Indian
liked it
This voluminous presentation by Nirad Babu is much more than his autobiography. The book leaves the reader in no doubt about the levels of erudition t ...more
May 05, 2014
Apr 07, 2014
Crusader or Conspirator? Coalgate and Other Truths
it was amazing
I was a fan of Mr Parakh even before I had read this book for the sheer courage he had displayed against an agency that is running riot on the back of ...more
Apr 18, 2014
Apr 17, 2014
really liked it
It is a fascinating "doubles" match. This book is a "down the line" return to the one served by Amartya Sen and John Dreze. The winner is yet to emerg ...more
Sep 05, 2013
Sep 03, 2013
I Am Malala: The Story of the Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban
it was amazing
Extra-ordinary tale of an ordinary person. "I am Malala" is a riveting story of a simple fun loving girl with an indomitable spirit. She quarrels with ...more
Mar 09, 2014
Mar 10, 2014
In an Antique Land: History in the Guise of a Traveler's Tale
liked it
No where near the best from Amitav, yet eminently readable because the immaculate research and the prose so typical of him. He is one of the few who c ...more
Jan 22, 2014
Jan 20, 2014
This Unquiet Land: Stories from India’s Fault Lines
really liked it
Straight from the heart of the author. The passion, the aggression and unabashed articulation of thoughts are hallmarks of this book. These facets of ...more
Oct 09, 2016
Oct 08, 2016
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