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Duncton Wood (Duncton Chronicles, #1)
it was amazing
This is a very short review because I should be working, but I need to return a few books to the library today....

If I owned this book I wouldn't give
May 13, 2010
Apr 25, 2010
Hunting and Gathering
it was amazing
It's just possible that I couldn't put this book down because I'm into avoidance tactics at the moment (avoiding the study I need to do for my 4 exams ...more
Jun 11, 2008
Jun 09, 2008
Bullet Catcher
really liked it
A number of books came into the bookshop as reading copies for the staff, and both the owner and I thought that one of the other staff, a 20-something ...more
Mar 05, 2016
Mar 02, 2016
How to Grow an Addict
really liked it
It takes a great deal of determination to overcome the sort of upbringing Randall Grange had, and we are left at the end of the book hoping desperatel ...more
Feb 02, 2016
Jan 28, 2016
A Vintage Affair
really liked it
I'm really not in the least bit interested in fashion. Once I accidentally bought a second-hand quirky skirt by a well-known Kiwi designer, and the wo ...more
Jun 27, 2015
May 31, 2015
Fortune's Rocks
really liked it
**spoiler alert** This is the second novel I’ve read by Anita Shreve, but right now I can’t remember what the first one I read was about. It was Stran ...more
Jul 2008
Jul 13, 2008
Fifteen Postcards
really liked it
This is a slightly breathless journey through time and place as Sarah, who has taken over her parents' Old Curiosity Shop after their strange (and sep ...more
Aug 26, 2015
Aug 28, 2015
Mistakes Were Made (Timmy Failure, #1)
really liked it
I read this book some time this year and have recommended it to many buyers at the bookshop I work in. Timmy Failure is one of those hopelessly ignora ...more
Jan 2016
Mar 23, 2014
The Extinction Club: A Tale of Deer, Lost Books, and a Rather Fine Canary Yellow Sweater
liked it
This book must have different subtitles in its British and US editions, but it's clearly the same book.
I rather enjoyed it - it's quite unusual, but e
Dec 2007
Apr 03, 2008
People of the Book
it was amazing
It never ceases to amaze me how some people can assess a book as extraordinarily well-writtten and others can express their opinion of it as garbage! ...more
Mar 27, 2009
Dec 28, 2008
Malkin Moonlight
really liked it
I'm sitting here thinking about other animal stories I've read and enjoyed, and was wondering what to compare this book to. The ones that come to mind ...more
Nov 19, 2016
Oct 07, 2016
I Am Rebecca (I Am Not Esther, #2)
it was amazing
It's a year and a half since I read I Am Not Esther but it was still very current in my memory when I came to read this next book in the series. Fleur ...more
Dec 27, 2015
Sep 24, 2014
The Elusive Language of Ducks
it was amazing
Grief can make a person feel as if he or she is going mad. This book is about the year of madness that happens to Hannah when her mother dies. It's al ...more
Jul 19, 2013
Jul 04, 2013
liked it
I've just read through a number of other reviews on this book, and as one finds with almost every book ever read, the opinions are polarised.

There wer
Apr 17, 2009
Apr 08, 2009
Hester and Harriet
really liked it
Hester and Harriet are two retired and widowed sisters and, apart from suffering some terribly boring relatives, are content with their lives. But the ...more
Nov 15, 2015
Oct 02, 2015
Man's Search for Meaning
really liked it
I've read both fiction and non-fiction about the Holocaust and I wouldn't like to say any book stands out more than any other for me. However, Frankl' ...more
Oct 14, 2016
May 05, 2009
As the Earth Turns Silver
it was amazing
It's hard not to feel ashamed of one's ancestors when our racist past is laid bare. My mother's paternal family were Wellington residents a century ag ...more
Feb 25, 2012
Feb 19, 2012
The Queen and the Nobody Boy (A Tale of Fontania #2)
liked it
This book is a lovely old-fashioned children's adventure story, with lots of twists and turns, very clear goodies and baddies with just a couple of ar ...more
Apr 29, 2013
Apr 04, 2013
Miss Garnet's Angel
really liked it
A friend recommended Salley Vickers to me, and most especially this book. It’s often said that history repeats itself, and I have enjoyed a number of ...more
Feb 02, 2007
Jan 23, 2012
The Luminaries
really liked it
Once again there is a range of reviews from 5-stars down to 1, and by readers who are also writers (and teachers of writing) and readers who sound qui ...more
Dec 07, 2013
Aug 04, 2013
it was amazing
My original plan was to give this 4 stars - I was thinking to myself (now that's a strange phrase, isn't it? After all, who else would I be thinking t ...more
Feb 05, 2014
Dec 13, 2013
it was amazing
Below is a review I wrote 3 years ago when I read this to James. Now I've just completed reading it to James and Zenobia and Ivy.

(2012) I'll never tir
Feb 18, 2016
Jan 10, 2008
The Buried Giant
really liked it
This is the first novel I have read by Ishiguro and it was an excellent introduction for me to him. I love the Arthurian stories and the historical an ...more
Feb 12, 2016
Jan 27, 2015
The Best Nest
really liked it
I've just had a hilarious time reading other Goodreads reviews on this book - a couple were sad because "there's not much love" in this book, another ...more
Mar 08, 2014
Mar 03, 2014
Abandoned (Smoky Barrett #4)
really liked it
I worry about myself a little bit, enjoying a book this much when it has such evil in it - but I think I've worried similarly here on Goodreads in the ...more
Jan 22, 2010
Jan 20, 2010
Shooting Stars
it was amazing
Brian Falkner is yet another New Zealand novelist that I hadn't read before. We have a number of his books on our shelves in the bookshop (Assault and ...more
Nov 11, 2016
Oct 13, 2016
The Waitress
really liked it
This isn't a book but a short story published in The New Yorker. A Goodreads friend read and reviewed it and provided the link, so I'll do the same.

Nov 19, 2016
Nov 18, 2016
The Book That Made Me
really liked it
Oh dear - now I'm going to have to make myself another lengthy challenge, which is to read books by all the authors in this book, and the books that w ...more
Nov 13, 2016
Sep 15, 2016
Blue Shoes and Happiness (No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, #7)
really liked it
It's nice to get back to this series - the characters continue to delight.

Here are a couple of passages that I want to remember:

This new-found fluency
Jan 2010
Jan 01, 2010
The Thirteenth Tale
it was amazing
This has been on my to-read list for nearly ten years. I don't remember how I heard of it - I recorded nothing about my reason for listing it. Clearly ...more
Jul 09, 2016
Mar 29, 2009
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