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The Core (The Demon Cycle, #5)
it was ok
A decent ending to the series, though not particularly satisfying if you were looking for a good explanation or answers to some of the mysteries invol ...more
Oct 02, 2017
Sep 26, 2015
Quantum (Captain Chase, #1)
did not like it
The story, while 'OK', is unfortunately marred by one of the most insufferable characters I've encountered in a book. The protagonist is the very epit ...more
Sep 03, 2019
Sep 03, 2019
不安の種 1 (Fuan no Tane, #1)
did not like it
It's a creepy manga that's done well enough to give you the creeps. It is, however, extremely formulaic.

Person is doing something.
Person notices som
not set
Apr 24, 2013
Rhythm of War (The Stormlight Archive, #4)
Through my secret network of spies, I have found out what the title of this book will be, as well as the year it's going to be released in.

Hindsight i
not set
Apr 19, 2015
The Wise Man's Fear (The Kingkiller Chronicle, #2)
did not like it
This series was doing so well. The first book has our protagonist struggling through life, always just managing to get by whatever circumstances have ...more
Oct 17, 2012
Oct 09, 2012
The Names of the Dead
it was ok
An 'OK' book in every aspect; the characters are OK, the plot devices are OK, the story is OK, but I wouldn't call it good. There are just far too man ...more
Feb 02, 2020
Jan 30, 2020
The Killing Moon (Dreamblood, #1)
did not like it
This is one of those times when XKCD is relevant.


I felt this book had a great concept, but it's ruined by the details and execution of plot. An
Jan 02, 2013
Nov 27, 2012
A Shadow in Summer (Long Price Quartet, #1)
did not like it
This is a book about posing with bits of a story of some sort mixed in.

Each character spends a lot of time communicating by posing. Unfortunately whil
Apr 21, 2016
Apr 24, 2012
Sabriel (Abhorsen,  #1)
did not like it
Generic fantasy plot. So generic, I found myself staring at the kindle progress bar on every other page turn. It tries to pack many popular fantasy pl ...more
Apr 04, 2013
Apr 24, 2012
The Republic of Thieves (Gentleman Bastard, #3)
it was ok
Previous books have always been about the big game, details of its implementations and all the subterfuge, twists and turns; combined with the dry wit ...more
Oct 25, 2013
May 04, 2013
A Memory of Light (The Wheel of Time, #14)
it was ok
It's a shame that the hype around the end of this series is detracting from objective reviews. In fact, there were dozens of reviews months before the ...more
Jan 17, 2013
Jan 13, 2013
The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet (Wayfarers, #1)
did not like it
**spoiler alert** A crew of diverse happy happy species wander the galaxy in their happy happy ship, taking comfort in their diversity and quirkiness ...more
Aug 07, 2016
Jul 27, 2016
The Exiled Fleet (The Divide, #2)
liked it
The author does a good job of building an interesting universe, but the story is brought down by a set of characters who can only interact with each o ...more
Oct 10, 2021
Oct 04, 2021
it was amazing
One of the best manga I've ever read, by the same author of Liar Game, another favorite.

The manga's first 80-ish chapters aren't translated. I'd recom
Apr 08, 2013
Apr 04, 2013
Harry Potter: Ministry of Magic Glass Votive Candle (Harry Potter Candle)
it was ok
I found this book difficult to hold, regardless of sitting position. I prefer the format of traditional paper books or digital books, rather than this ...more
Dec 12, 2020
not set
Dec 13, 2020
And the Mountains Echoed
liked it
This story revolves around the lives of several people connected to another by virtue of having come into contact at different points in their lives. ...more
May 24, 2013
May 09, 2013
Rhythm of War (The Stormlight Archive, #4)
it was ok
This book felt very different from the first three in the series, and what surprised me the most was that I didn't enjoy it. I've never not enjoyed St ...more
Feb 28, 2021
Nov 03, 2020
The Heroes (First Law World, #5)
did not like it
Did you know that this book takes place in the world of Logen Ninefingers? In case you didn't, it is pounded into your head about 53 times just in cas ...more
Mar 21, 2013
Apr 24, 2012
Red Sister (Book of the Ancestor, #1)
did not like it
Cookie cutter characters in a generic young-adult fantasy setting. Forced rivalries between walking clichés and way, way too much exposition. I really ...more
Sep 19, 2017
Sep 17, 2017
ノーゲーム・ノーライフ 8 ゲーマーたちは布石を継いでいくそうです
it was ok
After reading the confusing mess that was volume 7, I thought things may clarify themselves in volume 8. Although it's a little less confusing, it's s ...more
Apr 16, 2019
Dec 26, 2018
ベルセルク 1 (Berserk, #1)
it was amazing
Best artwork in any manga that I've ever read. Great storyline and very strong characters. I would fully recommend this unless you are averse to gore, ...more
Dec 2012
Nov 22, 2012
System Collapse (The Murderbot Diaries, #7)
Exclusive leaked summary! In the next instalment of this series, it emerges that the protagonist has the ability to wrap himself around Dr. Mensah's f ...more
not set
Dec 17, 2021
really liked it
Warning: may cause onions to spontaneously chop themselves in your vicinity.

Also for some reason, I kept imagining the piano music as Gymnopodie, as
Jun 2012
May 31, 2012
At First Light (Dr. Evan Wilding #1)
it was ok
Imagine just for a moment, you're investigating a serial killer.

The serial killer has been leaving clues and messages in a form deeply intertwined wi
Nov 14, 2021
Nov 12, 2021
Neuromancer (Sprawl, #1)
it was ok
After reading the book, I decided to look at the reviews. I have learned the following:

1. A lot of people had to read it several times to "get" it. If
Feb 27, 2012
Feb 15, 2012
The Pillars of the Earth (Kingsbridge, #1)
liked it
This story revolves around a set of characters in the Kingsbridge/Shiring area and their stories with and against each other. The concept and historic ...more
Mar 16, 2013
Mar 09, 2013
Starsight (Skyward, #2)
did not like it
I struggled immensely with this second in the Skyward series.

There is a sudden 'scene' shift and Spensa is now in an alien world surrounded by a dive
Mar 13, 2020
Feb 27, 2020
Beren and Lúthien
liked it
It's more of a collection of snippets and passages around the story of Beren/Luthien than it being one continuous story. The author goes on to show ho ...more
Jun 03, 2017
Jun 01, 2017
The Shadow of What Was Lost (The Licanius Trilogy, #1)
it was ok

I struggled with the story here - a set of actually very interesting and likable characters in a somewhat disjointed and mysterious storyline. The mys
Apr 27, 2016
Apr 12, 2016
Song of the Forever Rains (Mousai, #1)
it was ok
The book starts out well. There's somewhat interesting world building. There's a decent protagonist, with an interesting family, especially the sister ...more
Jul 06, 2021
Jul 04, 2021
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