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What Goes Up
I really enjoyed Katie Kennedy's first book and I loved this one as well.
At first, What Goes Up felt like a crazy, intergalactic Charlie and the Choc
Jul 16, 2017
Jul 16, 2017
Genuine Fraud
I've always been a fan of E. Lockhart - The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks is one of my favorite YA books ever. I love her minimalist wr ...more
Sep 04, 2017
Jun 02, 2017
You Know Me Well
Aw, I really loved this!

You Know Me Well is a treat to read -- a story about both friendship and unrequited love. While another Levithan collaboration
Jun 03, 2016
Oct 10, 2015
Ignite Me (Shatter Me #3)

Depending on your team, you're either going to love this book to death or hate it with a fiery passion. I was the weirdo who hadn't really
Feb 04, 2014
Nov 26, 2013
Charlie, Presumed Dead
Sooo.. I finished this. It wasn't really for me, but if you were a big fan of Dangerous Girls you might want to try it. It has the same sort of "unlik ...more
Jun 05, 2015
Jun 03, 2015
Every Breath (Every, #1)
Just when I think the world probably doesn't need another Sherlock-inspired story ... I find a book as awesome as this one. Yes, the Sherlock elements ...more
Mar 24, 2015
Mar 13, 2015
P.S. I Like You
I have a few reservations about this one (I really really hope Kasie West writes more paranormal or some new stuff with more of an edge). But the endi ...more
Jul 2016
Nov 22, 2015
Hadn't read this before.

Apr 09, 2017
Apr 09, 2017
The Rose Society (The Young Elites, #2)
Trying to decide if I want to try this. Yes? No??

Side note: I have to agree with those who say that this cover is very unfortunate. It reminds me of w
not set
Mar 17, 2015
When Reason Breaks
Important topic and I've always been a big fan of Emily Dickinson!

The story follows two different girls with a multitude of issues and relationships a
Mar 29, 2015
Mar 29, 2015
The Girl on the Train
A really solid psychological thriller. I can see the comparisons to Gone Girl -- missing woman, flawed characters -- but I felt GG took more of a stra ...more
Feb 15, 2015
Feb 14, 2015
Alex, Approximately
really liked it
Liked it a lot, though not quite as much as ASoaH. Loved the relationship between Bailey and Porter and the California beach town setting and characte ...more
Apr 2017
Apr 01, 2017
Two Kinds of Truth (Harry Bosch, #20; Harry Bosch Universe, #29)
I've been reading Michael Connelly since the very beginning. Harry Bosch books are like pizza - never bad, but some are truly fantastic, while others ...more
Nov 02, 2017
Nov 06, 2017
Paper Towns
Re-read after I saw the movie, to compare what was different.

I have to say, I really liked the movie a lot and I think the changes made were great. Fo
Jul 27, 2015
Jul 27, 2015
The Infinite Moment of Us
The Infinite Moment of Us is about a summer romance between two recent high school graduates, Charlie and Wren.

This sounded like the kind of character
Jul 18, 2013
Jun 01, 2013
The Secret History of Us
I've read most if not all of Jessi Kirby's books and was excited to read this one .... until I started it and found out what it was about. In the past ...more
Jul 22, 2017
Jul 22, 2017
Anne & Henry
This had some elements I really liked - I liked how Anne Boleyn's character was translated into an eyebrow-raising, motorcycle riding teenage rebel, a ...more
Aug 07, 2015
Aug 07, 2015
Last Seen Leaving
LOVED this YA mystery. It's a mystery, a coming of age story, a story of love and friendship.

Flynn is truly perplexed when the police show up at his h
Sep 28, 2016
May 12, 2016
The Row
Before I stared reading YA, I read a lot of thrillers, mysteries and true crime. While The Row sounded right up my alley, I ended up having mixed fee ...more
Oct 10, 2016
May 12, 2016
The Last Place on Earth
This book was a strange amalgam of subgenres. I don't want to list them all as some are spoilers, but I went in expecting a quirky contemporary, then ...more
Mar 18, 2016
Mar 23, 2016
Everybody Rise
Ha -- finally a pitch that gets it right. To me this did read like Bonfire of the Vanities meets Prep, with a strong dash of Edith Wharton.

I can see f
Jul 19, 2015
Jul 18, 2015
Suffer Love
Yes, this book had its cheesy aspects. And its completely implausible aspects. But I still found Suffer Love to be a gripping and moving read. As a ru ...more
Apr 23, 2016
Jan 09, 2016
When I Am Through with You
I've read all but one of Stephanie Kuehn's books. She's an amazing writer who excels at writing characters who are troubled, off-balance, sometimes ev ...more
Jul 19, 2017
Jul 19, 2017
Be True to Me
Be True to Me is a story of rivalry, jealousy and betrayal. I also thought it was a really beautiful piece of writing.

The story takes place in the 19
Jun 11, 2017
Jun 11, 2017
The Epic Crush of Genie Lo
I think my favorite thing about The Epic Crush of Genie Lo is how funny it was. Genie's a smart and snarky high school sophomore who is just trying to ...more
Aug 05, 2017
Jun 02, 2017
Time travel books are usually not my favorite, but I really enjoyed Wolf by Wolf so decided to try this.

There's a prologue that gives some crucial bac
Sep 17, 2017
Jun 02, 2017
Every Word (Every, #2)
Wow -- loved this. During the first half of the book I was pretty worried that this felt like the standard YA middle book in which the love interest p ...more
Sep 02, 2015
May 28, 2015
The Trespasser (Dublin Murder Squad #6)
I'd stalled on this amazing series after not liking book #5, but glad I got back into these because I really enjoyed this!
Jan 04, 2017
Jan 05, 2017
Weird Girl and What's His Name
really liked it
This book was fantastic -- my favorite of her books so far. This is a wonderful story about friendship and finding yourself and ... the X-Files (which ...more
Oct 05, 2015
Jul 07, 2015
The Leaving
Hmmmm. Not sure about this one. Three POVs and regular prose is interspersed with free verse and letters that make designs and that is a little much f ...more
not set
Jun 07, 2016
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