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Big Nate on a Roll (Big Nate Novels, #3)
really liked it
Book 3 of 5 ( i think) was the best. It was hilarious and a pleasure to read. So basically you have this bog named Nate. "He is a big deal in his scou ...more
Dec 19, 2011
Dec 20, 2011
Twilight: The Graphic Novel, Vol. 1 (Twilight: The Graphic Novel, #1)
really liked it
This book was amazing and was a pleasure to read. Basically it's what happened in the Twilight saga book but in the form of graphic.

A girl named Isa
Nov 05, 2011
Nov 07, 2011
New Moon (Twilight, #2)
it was ok
Well as you may know i'm a fan of the twilight saga! And i really thought i would read new moon again because that last time i read it, I hated it. So ...more
Mar 19, 2012
Mar 17, 2012
Twilight: The Graphic Novel, Vol. 2  (Twilight: The Graphic Novel, #2)
it was amazing
In this book Bella finds out that Edward is a Vampire! Not just that but , there are other bad vampires tracking around to drink bella's blood
Feb 20, 2012
Feb 15, 2012
The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)
really liked it
So basically, in this book there are 12 districts. And in each district there are 2 representatives who come and fight with the other districts until ...more
Apr 20, 2012
Apr 10, 2012
Forever Princess (The Princess Diaries, #10)
really liked it
* This is for middle review*
So every girl wants to be a royal princess right? Well Mia is one. She is the princess of Genovia. Things are going great
Jan 10, 2012
Jan 08, 2012
The Temptation
really liked it
So basically what happens throughout this book is that Shane meets a boy who is not from this world!Shane was driving long New mexico going to her vio ...more
Mar 04, 2012
Feb 29, 2012
A Child's Garden
really liked it
If you were to find symbolism in this book, this would be a perfect one. There are so many great symbols that are so powerful and meaningful. I believ ...more
Oct 16, 2011
Oct 20, 2011