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All Who Go Do Not Return: A Memoir
really liked it
The author of this book would probably be flattered to know that he shook my faith in G-d a little bit and because of that, I consider his book somewh ...more
Jul 10, 2015
Feb 26, 2015
The House of Twenty Thousand Books
it was amazing
Of all the books I’ve read this year, this one really hit me where I live. So here comes a longish, personal review, a little like the one I wrote for ...more
Sep 15, 2016
Jul 04, 2016
The Way I See It: A Look Back at My Life on Little House
it was ok
After reading the memoirs of “Little House on the Prairie” actresses Melissa Gilbert and Alison Arngrim, both of which depict co-star Melissa Sue Ande ...more
Dec 29, 2012
Dec 27, 2012
Between the World and Me
it was amazing
With racial tensions tearing our country apart, and my own interest in being part of the peace effort in my own town, it was inevitable that I’d read ...more
Dec 09, 2015
Nov 13, 2015
Outwitting History: The Amazing Adventures of a Man Who Rescued a Million Yiddish Books
really liked it
In the final chapter of this book, Aaron Lansky tells a story about his grandmother, though I’ve heard variations of it about many Jews of that genera ...more
Oct 27, 2015
Oct 17, 2013
A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership
really liked it
My public library made this book available before the pub date and press tour, so I was able to get halfway through it without anyone else’s opinion c ...more
Apr 18, 2018
Mar 27, 2018
What Happened
it was amazing
Remember the chapter called "The Other Minister" that introduced Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince? Cornelius Fudge, former Minister of Magic con ...more
Jan 06, 2018
Sep 12, 2017
Little Soldiers: An American Boy, a Chinese School, and the Global Race to Achieve
it was amazing
Comparisons between this book and Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother are inevitable, so here goes. Both books are written by American-born women whose ...more
Mar 10, 2018
Feb 26, 2018
Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In
it was amazing
Bernie supporters are bound to love this book, so I’ll address this review mainly to my conservative friends, though I hope my liberal friends will be ...more
Apr 08, 2017
Mar 29, 2017
Confessions of a Prairie Bitch: How I Survived Nellie Oleson and Learned to Love Being Hated
really liked it
Just learning that this book existed from a GR friend's review last year was enough to set me off on a full-speed-ahead Little House binge, as evidenc ...more
Dec 27, 2012
Dec 26, 2012
Gang Leader for a Day: A Rogue Sociologist Takes to the Streets
it was amazing
If you’ve read Freakonomics, then you’ve already been introduced to this amazing story. As a grad student in sociology, Sudhir Venkatesh naively walke ...more
Jan 24, 2015
Jul 19, 2011
Turbulent Souls: A Catholic Son's Return To His Jewish Family
it was amazing
I’ve become a big Freakonomics fan in recent weeks. Not only have I read both books, I’ve watched the DVD, and listened to every podcast on Freakonomi ...more
Jun 13, 2011
Jun 10, 2011
Twenty Years at Hull House (Illustrated)
really liked it
I first learned of Jane Addams and Hull House when I read the biography of Frances Perkins (FDR’s Labor Secretary and the first woman to serve on the ...more
Apr 25, 2017
May 04, 2015
Still Me
it was amazing
Before his accident, I never gave Christopher Reeve much thought. He’s one of the handsomest men I’ve ever seen, and I enjoyed "Superman I" and "Somew ...more
May 2007
Mar 30, 2008
A Monk Swimming
really liked it
Poor Malachy McCourt. When his book came out, the critics said, “He’s not Frank.” Goodreads reviewers echoed the same sentiment. But I don’t think the ...more
Jan 24, 2017
Jan 17, 2017
Because We Are Bad: OCD and a Girl Lost in Thought
really liked it
Someone in my life has OCD, so you will be seeing more of these OCD memoirs in my feed. As a memoir, this was a good one; the author brings the reader ...more
May 2018
Apr 19, 2018
Just Like Someone Without Mental Illness Only More So
really liked it
In the 1960’s, Mark Vonnegut, son of iconic author Kurt Vonnegut Jr., went to British Columbia to start a commune. He dropped a lot of acid, went craz ...more
Jul 13, 2015
Jun 21, 2011
Cut Me Loose: Sin and Salvation After My Ultra-Orthodox Girlhood
really liked it
This is a brave, soul-baring, and often shocking memoir by a young woman who left the Orthodox Jewish path of her upbringing, but I’m sorry to say, th ...more
Oct 07, 2016
Oct 06, 2016
A Nun on the Bus: How All of Us Can Create Hope, Change, and Community
liked it
I became interested in Catholic social activist Dorothy Day because of David BrooksThe Road to Character, so when one of my Goodreads friends told m ...more
May 29, 2015
May 13, 2015
Kiss Me Like a Stranger: My Search for Love and Art
liked it
After Gene Wilder’s death last week, I binged on interviews he did at various stages of his career. The most poignant was in 2013 at the 92nd Street Y ...more
Sep 03, 2016
Aug 30, 2016
Coming of Age in Mississippi: The Classic Autobiography of a Young Black Girl in the Rural South
it was amazing
My interest in the civil rights movement was piqued recently from Remembering America, the memoir of JFK’s and LBJ’s speechwriter. Since that book gav ...more
Feb 26, 2014
Jan 29, 2014
Inventing Joy: Dare to Build a Brave  Creative Life
it was amazing
I've given this 5 stars not because it's great literature, but because it's exactly what it was intended to be: an inspiring self-help book. Joy is su ...more
Apr 26, 2018
Apr 11, 2018
Running the Books: The Adventures of an Accidental Prison Librarian
it was amazing
Friends and readers of my book reviews all know my main interests in life apart from my family: Judaism and books. I don’t know if it comes across as ...more
Aug 03, 2011
Jun 21, 2011
I Am Malala: The Story of the Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban
it was amazing
Malala, the girl who was shot by the Taliban for speaking up for girls’ education, is a five-star person, so even though her memoir didn’t always hold ...more
Aug 02, 2014
Oct 09, 2013
Eat, Pray, Love
really liked it
Three different friends, including one who has no connection to the other two, used the same word to describe this book: whiny. That definitely colore ...more
Mar 06, 2013
Aug 27, 2012
The Last Lecture
really liked it
Although the circumstances that gave rise to this book are sad, the book itself is quite upbeat. Author Randy Pausch's friends described him as “fun” ...more
Jan 15, 2016
Jul 27, 2008
Romantic Violence: Memoirs of an American Skinhead
really liked it
After Charlottesville, this ex-neo-Nazi was making the rounds on the talk shows, promoting the support group he created to deprogram neo-Nazis. His mi ...more
Sep 30, 2017
Aug 21, 2017
From Union Square to Rome
really liked it
I became interested in Dorothy Day last year after reading about her life in David Brooks’s The Road to Character. She is the founder of the Catholic ...more
Feb 03, 2016
Jan 13, 2016
My Sister the Jew
liked it
Like most of these frum memoirs, there are lessons to be learned here, and you definitely come away with respect for the writer, but it also makes the ...more
Dec 19, 2009
Dec 07, 2009
H is for Hawk
liked it
It's easy to see why this book was so critically acclaimed. The writing is poetic, and the author comes up with some deep insights as she contemplates ...more
Mar 23, 2018
Dec 04, 2015
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