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Destroyer Angel (Anna Pigeon, #18)
it was ok
Ranger Anna Piegon is on vacation with a female friend and her stepdaughter. While Anna seeks some solitude one day, her companions are kidnapped by f ...more
Apr 10, 2014
Apr 03, 2014
Liberty's Last Stand (Jake Grafton #11; Tommy Carmellini #7)
it was amazing
As a political thriller, Liberty's Last Stand touches on all the hot button political issues of 2008-2016 and the various fears of Americans. Presiden ...more
Mar 24, 2016
Mar 23, 2016
The Bonus Army: An American Epic
really liked it
Following World War I, many veterans returned to the United States to find that their jobs were gone and that others were finically well off while the ...more
Oct 30, 2013
Oct 26, 2013
Purple Cane Road (Dave Robicheaux, #11)
liked it
A young woman who murdered her sexual abuser is sitting on Louisiana's death row. Dave Robicheaux tries to help her cause and at the same time track d ...more
Apr 21, 2017
Apr 11, 2017
Inside Force Recon: Recon Marines in Vietnam
really liked it
An offspring of the US Marine Corps Raiders of World War II, Force Recon is an intelligence gathering arm of the United States Marine Corps. The autho ...more
Jan 23, 2018
Jan 17, 2018
Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?
it was amazing
America is losing its status as a superpower. National debt as a percent of gross domestic product is increasing, the federal payroll is growing large ...more
Jan 13, 2012
Jan 12, 2012
The Coldest War: A Memoir of Korea
really liked it
James Brady gives an excellent view of what life was like for a Marine infantry officer during the Korean War. No punches were pulled, even when he de ...more
Feb 22, 2016
Feb 20, 2016
The Secret Corps (The Secret Corps #1)
really liked it
Telep captures the special somethings that make men and women join the United States Marine Corps. His novel Secret Corps captures the Marine Corps id ...more
Jun 13, 2015
Jun 10, 2015
The Perfect Horse: the Daring U.S. Mission to Rescue the Priceless Stallions Kidnapped by the Nazis
really liked it
Following World War I, the Spanish Riding School of Vienna was rebuilding its herd of Lipizzaners and its traditions. In Poland the government was reb ...more
Aug 09, 2017
Aug 07, 2017
Return of the Thin Man
liked it
Contains two novellas, After the Thin Man and Another Thin Man in which Nick Charles and his wife Nora solve crimes. These novellas were written for t ...more
not set
Jul 14, 2016
Into the Guns (America Rising, #1)
really liked it
Lieutenant Robin Macintyre was in charge of a recon platoon in the Pacific Northwest when a swarm of large meteors strike the earth. Washington, D.C., ...more
Oct 05, 2016
Oct 04, 2016
Murder as a Fine Art (Thomas De Quincey, #1)
liked it
In Victorian England someone is committing horrible mass murders patterned after similar crimes 43 years earlier. Inspector Ryan, Constable Beecker, a ...more
Jan 27, 2017
Jan 03, 2017
Praying for Slack: A Marine Corps Tank Commander in Viet Nam
really liked it
The undeclared war in Vietnam was different for everyone who served there. It depended on your branch of service, when and where you were stationed, a ...more
Nov 09, 2014
Oct 03, 2014
Without Mercy (Body Farm, #10)
liked it
In the tenth novel of the Body Farm Series, a sadistic killer who Dr. Bill Brockton helped put away twenty-four years earlier has escaped prison and i ...more
Nov 23, 2016
Nov 19, 2016
Hell in the Pacific: A Marine Rifleman's Journey From Guadalcanal to Peleliu
really liked it
This is an excellent account of a Marine rifleman's account of the campaigns on Guadalcanal though Peleliu during World War II. It is told in an easy ...more
Jul 09, 2015
Jul 06, 2015
The Policewoman
liked it
Inspector Sarah Dharmawan of an Indonesian special unit is seconded to Intrepol in the United Kingdom to aid in operations against a drug syndicate ma ...more
Feb 04, 2017
Feb 04, 2017
The Midnight Line (Jack Reacher, #22)
really liked it
While taking a stretch break during a bus ride, Reacher notices a woman's West Point ring in a pawn shop window. Buying the ring he sets out to find t ...more
Nov 18, 2017
Nov 17, 2017
The Blood of an Englishman (Agatha Raisin, #25)
liked it
Someone is murdering amateurs taking part in amateur productions. Agatha Raisin is in the audience when the first death takes pace and finds the secon ...more
Sep 08, 2017
Sep 08, 2017
Operation Break Iron (Fellstone Tales, #1)
really liked it
A group of young teens fom various races have been sent to a labor camp because a family member has been accused of being a member of the resistance m ...more
Jul 14, 2014
Jul 02, 2014
Outfoxed (Andy Carpenter, #14)
really liked it
When Andy Carpenter's client escapes from prison using a dog in a prison training program, he is soon accused of murder. Andy runs prepares to defend ...more
Sep 13, 2017
Sep 11, 2017
Marbled, Swirled, and Layered: 150 Recipes and Variations for Artful Bars, Cookies, Pies, Cakes, and More
really liked it
This is an excellent collection of easy-to-read, detailed recipes for baked goods including cookies, cakes, pies, and muffins. There are some color ph ...more
Jan 25, 2017
Jan 25, 2017
George W. Hamilton, USMC: America's Greatest World War I Hero
it was amazing
This is the biography of Marine Corps officer George W. Hamilton who served during World War I. It was an easy read about a company level officer unli ...more
Apr 21, 2012
Apr 20, 2012
Last Days of the Condor
liked it
The former spy code named Condor is living is living in a witness protection program following his release from a mental institution. Following a rout ...more
Sep 10, 2016
May 02, 2016
The Long Walk: The True Story of a Trek to Freedom
liked it
After Germany and Russia partitioned Poland just before World War II made them enemies, the Russians arrested Polish cavalry officer Slavomir Rawicz a ...more
Sep 24, 2013
not set
Jul 13, 2013
Blacklash: How Obama and the Left Are Driving Americans to the Government Plantation
liked it
A female black conservative discusses how black liberals such as President Obama, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton have grown rich by their efforts to c ...more
Jan 07, 2016
Nov 18, 2015
Irregular Army: How the War on Terror Brought Neo-Nazis, Gang Members and Criminals into the US Military
liked it
The author discusses efforts and motives of down-sizing the US military and privatizing many of its functions to include the use of mercenaries. Also ...more
Feb 26, 2017
not set
Jan 14, 2017
The Ambler Warning
really liked it
Ambler has a unique talent that has aided him to be an effective CIA assassin. He can read people. After the government locks him away in away in a ps ...more
Jul 22, 2017
Jul 17, 2017
The Missing Chums (Hardy Boys, #4)
liked it
The Hardy boys attempt to find two missing friends who disappeared while driving down the coast. A great adventure tale from the mid-twentith century ...more
not set
Aug 05, 2013
Texas Rising: The Epic True Story of the Lone Star Republic and the Rise of the Texas Rangers, 1836-1846
liked it
This is a history of Texas that covers colonization, revolution and independence, and statehood up to the Mexican-American War. The formation and role ...more
Sep 07, 2016
May 29, 2015
Reynard the Fox
liked it
This collection of stories evaluates the struggle between good and evil, right and wrong with hypocritical dark humor. Similar to Briar Rabbit and Ase ...more
not set
Jan 27, 2016
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