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it was amazing
NO SPOLIERS!! I liked it - a really good story. The island was a real treat - the "bad guys" were really, really bad...which was good...just when you ...more
Mar 10, 2012
Aug 19, 2011
Thunderball (James Bond, #9)
it was amazing
As a true fan of all things Bond, I've seen the movie Thunderball exactly 63 times. As for reading Bond novels, Thunderball was only my 2nd - I read C ...more
Mar 22, 2014
Dec 29, 2013
Year Zero
it was amazing
NO SPOILERS!! Another winner from Jeff Long. Having read The Descent and Deeper, I was very much looking forward to this book…and I was not disappoint ...more
Jun 09, 2013
Feb 15, 2013
First Landing
really liked it
NO SPOILERS!! This was a good, old fashioned, straight forward adventure story. The writing was excellent and it consistently put you in the action. T ...more
Nov 09, 2014
Sep 02, 2012
really liked it
A fun read by Mr. Moore. I liked the main character very much and the other characters were well developed and believable. The main "villain"…or "vill ...more
Oct 16, 2011
Sep 02, 2011
it was amazing
NO SPOILERS!! I'd previously read two books by James Rollins - Ice Hunt and Deep Fathom - both of which I liked very much. I read Subterranean in 4 da ...more
Sep 19, 2012
Aug 01, 2011
The Bridge Over the River Kwai
it was amazing
I picked this up at our local Library sale in Jan. '14 on a whim thinking a classic novel/story now and then couldn't hurt. I was not disappointed by ...more
Mar 23, 2014
Jan 19, 2014
it was amazing
A real departure from what I usually read. I was very surprised by how much I liked the story, the setting, the characters and the pace. Mr. Mankell's ...more
Jun 08, 2014
Mar 08, 2014
Snowball Earth: The Story of the Great Global Catastrophe That Spawned Life as We Know It
really liked it
I really enjoyed this book. Boy...are the geologists, biologists, scientists and others who do the reseach on this event dedicated...they are all in o ...more
Jan 19, 2013
Jun 30, 2011
Ender's Game (Ender's Saga, #1)
really liked it
NO SPOILERS!! I wanted to read this book in advance of the movie of the same title coming out on Nov. 1st. This was a good book - the premise is hyper ...more
Oct 13, 2013
Oct 07, 2013
Monster Planet (Monster Island, #3)
really liked it
NO SPOILERS!! Please know that this is my personal opinion and that I'm not speaking for all of readers. OK - I read Monster Island (5 stars)...I read ...more
May 12, 2013
Apr 29, 2013
Naked Brain
really liked it
NO SPOILERS!! I received a free, signed copy of this book from the author, Michael Allen Hunt, as part of a giveaway on Goodreads. It started out very ...more
Aug 07, 2012
Jul 15, 2012
Four-Wheeler's Bible: 2nd Edition
really liked it
Everything I needed to know about off-roading - mechanics, geometry, weight distribution, repair, tires, approach, ascent, descent - a great reference ...more
Jul 24, 2010
Jul 10, 2011
The Snow Child
it was amazing
NO SPOILERS…I really liked it. The main characters - the couple and the girl - were really, really well written. The girl was extremely fascinating an ...more
Feb 20, 2012
Feb 12, 2012
On Bullshit
it was amazing
An interesting treatise on the literal and thoughtful distinctions between the truth, lies and the predominant middle ground that's occupied by bullsh ...more
Feb 16, 2013
Feb 05, 2013
The Ledge: An Adventure Story of Friendship and Survival on Mount Rainier
it was amazing
This was an excellent book right from page 1. Mr. Davidson and Mr. Vaughan did an excellent job of laying out everything in a way that put you in thes ...more
Feb 19, 2013
Jul 12, 2011
How to Sharpen Pencils
really liked it
My wife and daughter got this for me as a gift as I have a profound interest in all things pencil. At first, I thought the book might be humorous but ...more
Oct 27, 2014
Aug 30, 2014
The Dog Stars
it was amazing
This is the best book I've read all year…no joke. The story is a familiar one but the writing style that Mr. Heller uses is very captivating and somet ...more
May 25, 2014
Jul 16, 2012
it was amazing
NO SPOILERS!! This is my 7th James Rollins novel and I was not disappointed. Another winner from Mr. Rollins - a fun, exciting, don't-put-it-down thri ...more
Oct 04, 2014
Aug 01, 2011
The Future of Ice: A Journey Into Cold
liked it
NO SPOILERS!! The author takes on some of her travels around the world in some beautifully cold places - the Arctic, Wyoming, S. America, etc. During ...more
Jul 29, 2012
Apr 07, 2012
The No Asshole Rule: Building a Civilized Workplace and Surviving One That Isn't
it was amazing
A very nice treatise on how to ID, work with, avoid, rebuff and all-in-all deal with a'holes in the workplace. Some of the lessons are definitely appl ...more
Dec 21, 2013
Sep 24, 2013
Lost on Everest: The Search for Mallory & Irvine
really liked it
I really liked this book because as an amateur observer of mountaineering, I've always known about the story of Mallory and Irvine but never knew the ...more
Jan 05, 2013
Mar 18, 2011
The Island of Lost Maps: A True Story of Cartographic Crime
it was amazing
This was a really, really, really good book. I liked the fact that it retold the story of a 1990's era rare/vintage/antique map thief with historical ...more
Dec 2013
Mar 17, 2013
Monster Island (Monster Island, #1)
it was amazing
Wow…what a great story with very, very good writing - I read this book in 3 days. This was a really intelligent, thoughtful take on the Zombie Apocaly ...more
Apr 29, 2013
Mar 18, 2011
The Dude and the Zen Master
really liked it
This was a great book and a real departure from what I usually read. The entire book is a conversation between Jeff Bridges and a close friend of his ...more
May 22, 2014
May 12, 2014
The Lonely Skier
really liked it
It was a solid 3.5 stars in my opinion so I rounded up to 4 stars. The writing style and the story itself are reflective of a British author and post- ...more
Oct 08, 2013
Jul 11, 2013
The Descent
it was amazing
NO SPOILERS!! One word...sprawling. This book took you, literally, all over the world. I really liked the "Incident At _________" parts of the story - ...more
Feb 12, 2012
Aug 31, 2011
Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed
really liked it
Overall, an excellent book - if there was a 4.5 star rating, I'd have given it. Mr. Diamond goes in to meticulous explanation behind the collapses of ...more
Aug 04, 2014
Sep 01, 2012
A Voyage For Madmen
it was amazing
I really liked this book. I was basically familiar with the story because I had seen the movie/documentary DEEP WATER that covered the same story. Mr. ...more
Mar 11, 2013
Sep 01, 2012
Meg: Hell's Aquarium
really liked it
NO SPOILERS!! This was a fun continuation of the Meg series and the terrible struggles that the Taylor family has with it's "pet" - Angel. Now Angel h ...more
Mar 15, 2014
Oct 25, 2011
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