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Girl Sex 101
really liked it
Wide ranging, comprehensive basics. Loved the illustrations and the colour scheme. Also enjoyed the stories and the many perspectives, both from the 1 ...more
Mar 26, 2015
Mar 25, 2015
Grand Guignol Orchestra, Vol. 1
really liked it
We start off with a quick part of Coppelia, the part when everyone becomes dolls. However this spans only two pages and really only sets the scene. Th ...more
Jun 02, 2011
Mar 23, 2011
This Is Where It Ends
it was amazing
This is the story of a school shooting, told as it happens from the perspectives of the shooter's sister Autumn, Autumn's girlfriend Sylv, Sylv's brot ...more
Sep 05, 2015
Sep 04, 2015
Le bleu est une couleur chaude
Clementine, age fifteen, sees a blue-haired girl in the street one day. Further meetings with this girl, Emma, leads to attraction, eventually love.
Jan 14, 2017
Jan 05, 2017
Hold Me Closer: The Tiny Cooper Story (Will Grayson, Will Grayson, #2)
liked it
Funny, happy, kept in line with what we learn of the show from WGWG. Some of the songs I had trouble hearing (in my head, I tried fitting the lyrics t ...more
May 12, 2015
May 10, 2015
This Is Not a Love Story
really liked it
Review: Kitty and Theo have recently moved to Amsterdam. Kitty's mother's boyfriend's son is Ethan. The three of them must deal with falling in love, ...more
May 12, 2016
May 11, 2016
Only Ever Yours
really liked it
3.5 stars. I love how Louise has taken many aspects of modern sexism and taken it up to eleven, and created AN ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING WORLD. However, I ...more
Mar 29, 2015
Mar 29, 2015
Alice in the Country of Hearts, Vol. 05 (Alice in the Country of Hearts, #5)
really liked it
Review: A ball is going to be held in the Country of Hearts, and Alice does not want to go at all. especially once she knows that Blood Dupre, mafia ...more
Apr 21, 2011
Apr 21, 2011
Summertime of the Dead
it was ok
Review: After being blackmailed by the Yazuka, Miko and Hiroshi kill themsleves. Yukio, their best freidn, is determened to avenge them. As a result, ...more
Mar 11, 2013
Mar 09, 2013
Lord of the Flies
did not like it
Terrible, slow and confusing.

: A plane crashes in the middle of a desert island, leaving a group of schoolboys as the survivors. They soon realise wha
Jul 25, 2011
Apr 10, 2011
really liked it
Review: In a world where people have fled to the sky to escape the werewolves down below, Elijah Kelly is a teenager working on a thunder train when a ...more
Apr 06, 2013
Oct 16, 2012
Small Change for Stuart
really liked it
Review: Stuart Horten is a young boy who finds something unexpected out about his family. Great uncle Tony was an inventor. Whose workshop is packed w ...more
Apr 14, 2012
Apr 06, 2012
Fearsome Dreamer (Fearsome Dreamer, #1)
really liked it
Review: Rue is an apprentice to a Hedgewitch in technophobic Angle Tar , which stands alone against World, the merge of other nations that is reliant ...more
Sep 19, 2013
May 21, 2013
Super Zombie Juice Mega Bomb
liked it
.Review: Nate and Misty find themselves in a bit of a bad situation. With bad meaning there are zombies out roaming the streets and our two heroes had ...more
Nov 26, 2011
Sep 07, 2011
The Discovery (Pyxis, #1)
it was amazing
some time ago, there was a thing on K.C.Neal’s website saying book bloggers could reserve an e-ARC. I read the vague summary, and requested one not k ...more
Dec 02, 2011
Sep 04, 2011
The Hit
really liked it
Review: There’s a new drug going round. Death. Giving you a week to live, and an eternity to not. Adam’s life is going very badly when he is given the ...more
Mar 25, 2013
Dec 27, 2012
Tess of the D'Urbervilles
really liked it
Nothing seemed to happen in chapter 1. Ok, a major thing happens; it’s what sets off the whole chain of events, but still. It just seemed like a plain ...more
Mar 21, 2011
Mar 21, 2011
Dance of the Red Death (Masque of the Red Death, #2)
liked it

Review: We pick up where we left Masque of the Red Death, so Araby has a dead brother, a dying best friend, and two boys that she loves who have also
Jun 23, 2013
Jul 16, 2012
Death and Mr. Right
liked it

Review: Death is the agent of nightmares. Well, was. He's just been fired and exiled to life among humans because he lost some paperwork and now wants
Sep 15, 2013
Sep 15, 2013
The Complete Persepolis
it was amazing
Review: Marjane Satrapi grew up in Terahn, Iran, during the Islamic Revolution. Later, she is sent to Austria, on her own, for her own safety, and the ...more
Jan 04, 2014
Dec 02, 2013
Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 1 (Fullmetal Alchemist, #1)
liked it
We first see a a boy, kneeling and calling for someone in what looks like a scientific experiment goes wrong. Yes that is his leg that is missing. We ...more
Apr 27, 2011
Apr 10, 2011
Anya's Ghost
really liked it
eview: After a really normal school day, Anya's heading home. But, due to being lost in her own world, she falls into a well. And makes a friend. You ...more
Jan 08, 2012
Apr 13, 2011
Henry Franks
really liked it
Review: Henry Franks is a strange boy. He’s lost most of his memory, dreams of a girl calling him daddy, cannot feel physical pain, and has rings of s ...more
Aug 22, 2012
Jul 27, 2012
The Fury (The Fury, #1)
really liked it
Review: I enjoyed the first book in the Furnace series and for some reason never carried on. I thought it would be interesting to see what else Alexan ...more
Mar 10, 2012
Feb 12, 2012
it was amazing
Review: We start off meeting Julie, a teenage witch, and her friend Marcus as they investigate a house that’s been messed around with by a poltergeist ...more
Jul 25, 2012
Apr 30, 2012
Divergent (Divergent, #1)
it was amazing
In Beatrice's society, people live in one of five factions; Candor valuing honesty, Amity for kindness, Erudite for intelligence, Abnegation for selfl ...more
Jun 22, 2011
Apr 11, 2011
Paul à Québec
really liked it
Sad, but beautifully written. Telling the story of Paul's family as they deal with his father in law's cancer diagnosis.
May 2017
May 01, 2017
Level 2 (The Memory Chronicles, #1)
Review: Felica Ward died and did not go to heaven. Instead, she is in a blindingly white afterlife known as Level 2. There, she replays memories over ...more
not set
May 28, 2014
A Dark Inheritance (Unicorne Files #1)
liked it
Review: Michael’s going to school via a non-normal route when he senses the thoughts of a suicidal dog, and somehow manages to stop her going over a c ...more
Aug 28, 2014
Aug 28, 2014
We Were Liars
it was ok
Cady is one of the Liars, the younger end of a family that meets every summer to spend the holiday at the summer home. At some point, she loses her me ...more
Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014
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