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Open City
it was amazing
A book about a guy who walks around New York City. A lot. It’s not the type of plot summary that would usually convince me to pick up a book (or, in t ...more
Oct 16, 2011
Oct 14, 2011
it was amazing
On the back cover, Jerusalem is described as taking place “one morning late in May, between three and six a.m.” but in reality it sweeps in and out of ...more
Mar 10, 2012
Mar 08, 2012
The Time and the Place: And Other Stories
really liked it
I've read (and loved) Mahfouz's Cairo Trilogy, and was happy to find this collection of his short stories in a used book store. While the Cairo Trilog ...more
Apr 09, 2011
Apr 08, 2011
The Chukchi Bible
it was amazing
Fantastic. The author was born in a fishing village on the farthest coast of Siberia, and the book is a history of his people. Part One contains their ...more
Oct 02, 2011
Sep 25, 2011
Green Metropolis: What the City Can Teach the Country About True Sustainability
really liked it
I really enjoyed this book - it's an intriguing line of reasoning that old-style mixed-used cities with dense populations are actually inherently easi ...more
Jan 15, 2012
Jan 14, 2012
really liked it
Overall I really enjoyed this book, although I do have a few bones to pick. I read it over the course of a single day, so it was pretty intense. It's ...more
Aug 2011
Aug 02, 2011
I Do Not Come to You by Chance
really liked it
I wasn't sure if I was enjoying the story at first, but eventually I was drawn in. Framed by a preface and epilogue from the mother's point of view, t ...more
Oct 07, 2011
Oct 07, 2011
Century of Locusts
it was amazing
I first met Malika Mokeddem through her 2005 (published in English in 2009) memoir My Men, a book that had languished on my “to read” list for many ye ...more
Apr 28, 2012
Apr 27, 2012
The Queue
really liked it
This was a fun book, and a quick read. The entire novel takes place in a queue in Soviet Russia - what people are waiting to buy is never quite reveal ...more
Oct 30, 2011
Oct 30, 2011
The Lake
it was amazing
“Most people are constantly perpetrating little acts of violence on others, even when they don’t mean to. You almost never do that, Chihiro.”

What a be
Nov 04, 2011
Nov 04, 2011
An Elegy for Easterly: Stories
it was amazing
This is a beautiful collection of beautiful stories by a beautiful writer . . . okay, I need to find a new adjective.

Petina Gappah is an author who I
Oct 22, 2011
Oct 12, 2011
The Funeral Party
it was amazing
Another winner by Ulitskaya. She tells the story of the final days of Alik, a red-haired Russian artist living in New York who is dying of paralysis f ...more
Nov 08, 2011
Nov 07, 2011
The Moviegoer
really liked it
Well, I finally read it. I've had a close emotional attachment to The Message in the Bottle,a collection of Percy's essays, since high school (especia ...more
Oct 2011
Sep 28, 2011
Faithful Ruslan
it was amazing
Someone told me this was the saddest book ever, and that's pretty close to true. It's also an excellent story, though, about a guard dog with no more ...more
Oct 09, 2011
Oct 08, 2011
American Gods (American Gods, #1)
it was amazing
I tried starting this once, a few years ago, and it didn't click. Tried again last week and OMIGOSH I'm glad I did.
May 21, 2017
Aug 12, 2011
Aug 09, 2011
The Rules of Work: The Unspoken Truth about Getting Ahead in Business
liked it
The Rules! The Rules! Be a Rules Player! Be cool!

Okay. Mr. Templar is a bit over the top with all his Rules talk, like it's some sort of secret club f
Apr 15, 2011
Apr 09, 2011
The Sleepwalker
really liked it
Wow, this was a pretty crazy book! I . . . think I liked it? Oh, those Greeks.

Composed of short chapters, little glimpses into the lives of the ragta
Jul 16, 2011
Jul 15, 2011
The Eternal Prison (Avery Cates, #3)
really liked it
I love Jeff Somers. I loved the first two books more, but I still loved this one. There was one point in this book where I squawked aloud, turned to m ...more
Nov 13, 2013
Nov 15, 2013
Merchants of Culture: The Publishing Business in the Twenty-First Century
it was amazing
Fantastic! An excellent overview of the trade publishing industry in the US and UK. Very thorough, and full of interviews (many anonymous) with people ...more
Jan 05, 2012
Dec 22, 2011
A Visit from the Goon Squad
really liked it
Not Proust, no matter what people say, but an accessible and enjoyable Pulitzer-prize winning novel. Egan jumps around in time (and space) but the cha ...more
May 15, 2011
May 13, 2011
The Duel
really liked it
I can't believe this is the only book by Conrad that I've read, other than Heart of Darkness, which I think I've read about ten times. Good story, and ...more
Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011
Personal Finance For Dummies
really liked it
Okay, honestly I only read the first 2/3 of it, but that much was really good and incredibly useful. I'll eventually want to read the last 1/3 of it b ...more
Mar 02, 2011
Feb 19, 2011
The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)
really liked it
The author did a good job dealing with some pretty serious ideas in this book. It also had its share of slightly cheesy moments and cliches (plus the ...more
Apr 18, 2011
Apr 17, 2011
Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk
it was amazing
I really enjoyed this book, and actually read it all in one (rather extended) evening -- fitting, maybe, because most of the story takes place during ...more
Jun 13, 2012
Jun 12, 2012
The Sea, the Sea
really liked it
I'm glad I finally got around to reading something by Iris Murdoch. And I'm glad there was a sea monster involved; without it, the book might have bee ...more
Feb 22, 2011
Feb 14, 2011
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle
it was amazing
A great story that kept my attention all the way through - it's a long book but didn't really feel like it. I really liked the characters Murakami cre ...more
Apr 07, 2011
Mar 27, 2011
Liu Xiaobo's Empty Chair: Chronicling the Reform Movement Beijing Fears Most; Includes the full text of Charter 08 and other primary documents
it was amazing
Excellent summary (with some original documents, including full text of Charter 08) of the time from the public release of Charter 08, a call for refo ...more
Oct 13, 2011
Oct 13, 2011
Norwegian Wood
it was amazing
The most realistic -- well, the least fantastic/magical -- book I've read by Murakami. I really enjoyed it! It felt light, as I read it, despite deali ...more
Dec 10, 2013
Dec 11, 2013
The Art of the Commonplace: The Agrarian Essays
really liked it
This is a great introduction to the work of Wendell Berry, the grand-daddy of the critique of industrial agriculture. He was urging people to eat more ...more
Mar 26, 2011
Feb 15, 2011
Bibliodeath: My Archives (With Life in Footnotes)
it was amazing
I picked this one up from the ANTIBOOKCLUB booth at the Brooklyn Book Festival. The guy at the booth knew my last name. Anywhere else, that would've c ...more
Nov 2012
Oct 22, 2012
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