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did not like it
I'm sure the translation wasn't the best it could have been, but I can easily look past the clumsy sentences and imagine that the original version was ...more
Aug 05, 2012
Apr 25, 2012
liked it
Great story, interesting characters, a lot of details and insight on things, but mediocre and inconsistent writing and an ending that left too much to ...more
Nov 14, 2011
Dec 10, 2010
liked it
This book started out so yellow that it turned me off for a while.
But I think I ended up getting some of it. But I'm not sure yet.
There's something a
Jul 29, 2015
Jul 29, 2015
Sobreimpresión: De la pantalla al papel y viceversa
liked it
Demasiadas erratas para un libro que habla sobre corrección de pruebas.

Bastante básico en general y con información irrelevante que podría haber sido
Dec 21, 2013
Nov 30, 2013
How Literature Saved My Life
really liked it
Think of this book as series of long e-mails by an enthusiastic friend that doesn't know when to stop writing (which you love), because they get exite ...more
Jul 28, 2015
Jul 27, 2015
The Complete Shorter Fiction of Virginia Woolf
liked it
This collection is interesting as a study of the evolution of Virginia's writing through the ages, but not that interesting in itself. VW's shorter fi ...more
Sep 24, 2013
Jan 14, 2013
Chica de oficina
liked it
Story: basic melancholic sad boy meets manic pixie dream girl cliché.

Feeling: something in between Wong Kar-wai and JD Salinger.

Aesthetic: Wes Anderso
Aug 12, 2015
Aug 09, 2015
De Profundis
really liked it
Very interesting and easy to read. This is the Oscar Wilde I like, not the pompous one from Dorian Gray.
The only thing that got a little into my nerv
Apr 23, 2011
Apr 17, 2011
La naranja mecánica
liked it
A strange case in which the film is a masterpiece, while the book is just ok.
It was probably the ending that ruined it all for me, and I know there a
Sep 2009
Dec 10, 2010
Déjame entrar
liked it
A little gross at times but interesting nonetheless. I think I prefer the film, though (the Swedish one).
But I'm glad I read it, because it made me un
Oct 06, 2010
Dec 10, 2010
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