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Wyndano's Cloak
really liked it
I saw a t-shirt once that read "Self-Rescuing Princess," and that description came back to me as I read this book. Jen is a proper princess, she even ...more
Feb 22, 2012
Feb 20, 2012
Twin-Bred (Twin-Bred #1)
really liked it
In many ways, Twin Bred reminded me of China Mieville's Embassytown. In both, humans have reached out into space, forged a home on a planet already in ...more
Feb 26, 2012
Feb 24, 2012
Orlind (Draykon, #3)
it was amazing
This is the final book of the Draykon trilogy - if you haven't read the earlier books, start with Draykon. If you loved the first two Draykon books as ...more
Apr 28, 2012
Apr 29, 2012
The Immortality Virus
really liked it
The Immortality Virus considers the question of what might happen if everyone stopped ageing almost as soon as they reached adulthood. This has led to ...more
Jun 26, 2011
Jun 24, 2011
Socialpunk (Socialpunk, #1)
liked it
The premise of Socialpunk is intriguing: Ima lives in an artificial world, created as part of a project which is about to be closed down. Of course, s ...more
Apr 07, 2012
Apr 01, 2012
My Perfect Wedding (Helen Grey, #2)
liked it
Narrator Helen is dashing off to get married and live in Cyprus with a man she's been dating for about five minutes, which would be fine (well, they'v ...more
Aug 31, 2011
Aug 29, 2011
Haunting Refrain
liked it
I found the beginning of this novel a little abrupt (if a beginning can be abrupt!) as it starts from the very first scene with Kate's discovery of he ...more
Jul 2011
Jun 24, 2011
really liked it
When she falls asleep, Sapphire's consciousness moves to the body of swordfighting heroine Safire. Or maybe it's the other way around; both worlds are ...more
Jan 03, 2012
Dec 31, 2011
Draykon (Draykon, #1)
it was amazing
This is a sweet fantasy novel with a pleasing mix of fantasy and adventure. For the most part, the book follows two characters: a young and anxious je ...more
Dec 28, 2011
Dec 21, 2011
The Apocalypse Gene
really liked it
This is a fun, action-packed YA novel that takes a dystopian future and gives it a fantasy twist. The characters are sharp and funny, and the plot rac ...more
Jan 13, 2012
Jan 06, 2012
Plague & Poison (The Barefoot Healer #2)
it was amazing
This is the second novel in Steven Pemberton's "Barefoot Healer" series, and continues with the theme of magical mysteries. Our heroine Adramal has ba ...more
Nov 26, 2011
Nov 27, 2011
it was amazing
First, a warning: this is not a book for the faint of heart. It starts with rape that's described bluntly, though not graphically, and follows through ...more
Jun 04, 2011
Jun 03, 2011
Journey Across the Four Seas: A Chinese Woman's Search for Home
it was amazing
Flora Li was born in Hong Kong, lost her father at an early age, and fought against society and family alike for her right to a good education. Her li ...more
Feb 29, 2012
Feb 26, 2012
Fourteen Days Later (Helen Grey, #1)
really liked it
This was a super-quick, lighthearted romantic comedy. I haven't read that many books in this genre but I've seen my share of rom-coms, and this was a ...more
Aug 16, 2011
Aug 14, 2011
The Ophelia Trap
it was amazing
First, a warning: you could argue that this review contains spoilers, although they're only the same spoilers which are in the blurb. However, if you' ...more
Feb 17, 2012
Feb 14, 2012
The Guardian's Deceit
it was amazing
I've really enjoyed Patrick Reinken's previous work, so I started reading The Guardian's Deceit with high expectations, and I wasn't disappointed.

Mar 30, 2012
Mar 24, 2012
The Trojan Carousel
really liked it
I seem to be making a habit of starting and finishing a book on the same long flight - this is another of those books, which proves it's a fairly quic ...more
Jun 16, 2011
Jun 10, 2011
A Spy at Home
liked it
This is a very unusual novel. It's written in first person, from the perspective of an (almost) retired CIA agent, and while there are occasional brie ...more
Mar 05, 2012
Feb 28, 2012
Escape Velocity
really liked it
When a chunk of London disappears, Sam Grainger is intrigued (what scientist wouldn't be?) but he doesn't really think it has anything to do with him. ...more
Apr 21, 2012
Apr 16, 2012
Shaman, Healer, Heretic (Olivia Lawson, Techno-Shaman, #1)
it was amazing
This is the first in a fantastic new urban fantasy series. When shamans start dying, young techno-shaman Livvy is the only one willing to bend the rul ...more
May 19, 2012
May 16, 2012
Secrets From The Dust
really liked it
Secrets From The Dust is a sweeping and thought-provoking work of historical fiction, telling the story of the early colonization of Australia and the ...more
Apr 19, 2012
Apr 11, 2012
Be Careful What You Wish For (Amber Fox, #2)
really liked it
This is another cute, silly mystery in the Amber Fox series. If you enjoyed The Fashion Police then I suspect you'll be as happy as I was to spend a l ...more
Sep 10, 2011
Sep 09, 2011
Inadvertent Disclosure (Sasha McCandless, #2)
it was amazing
This is the second Sasha McCandless novel, and while I'd strongly recommend starting with Irreparable Harm (because it's excellent), this could equall ...more
Feb 13, 2012
Feb 09, 2012
Glass House
really liked it
With a setting split between a US courtroom battle and a South African diamond mine, as this book starts out it isn't quite clear how the disparate st ...more
Sep 08, 2011
Sep 02, 2011
Earth Bound
liked it
This is a very unusual book, which makes it rather hard to review or even to rate. It takes place entirely from the perspective of one character, Matt ...more
Aug 10, 2011
Aug 05, 2011
The Meaning of Isolated Objects
it was amazing
Do you have authors whose work you ration, forcing yourself to find breathing space in other books between times, lest you read their entire bibliogra ...more
Jul 04, 2011
Jun 10, 2011
The Absolutely Amazing Adventures of Agent Auggie Spinoza
really liked it
Auggie is a perfectly normal ten-year-old boy, who finds a hole in the curtain one day and discovers that he can crawl through time. From this, a seri ...more
Mar 15, 2012
Mar 13, 2012
Nightfall in Mogadishu
really liked it
Nightfall in Mogadishu is a political thriller set in Somalia, which provides an interesting backdrop to the story of intrigue and murder. The main ch ...more
Apr 03, 2012
Apr 01, 2012
Unleashed (Sydney Rye Book One)
really liked it
The premise of Unleashed sounds like typical cozy mystery fare: young woman with an unusual job (in this case, a dog-walker) happens upon a body and s ...more
Apr 2012
Mar 28, 2012
The Seekers of Fire (The Masters That Be, #1)
it was amazing
The Seekers of Fire is exactly my kind of novel: a tale of Science and Magic (capitalized throughout the book), religion and politics, which is nevert ...more
Oct 25, 2011
Oct 24, 2011
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