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Girl Waits with Gun (Kopp Sisters, #1)
really liked it
This book is a wild ride. It's 1914, an era where women are expected to stay home and take care of the family. Already, the Kopp sisters are an anomal ...more
Jun 20, 2015
Jun 15, 2015
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Other Stories
liked it
How am I supposed to explain all this? I swear Lewis Carroll was on drugs. If you asked me to make up something as wildly insane as this, I wouldn't e ...more
Jun 03, 2011
Mar 15, 2010
Milo: Sticky Notes and Brain Freeze
really liked it
I kind of started weeping on the train while reading this. Luckily, I live close enough to the end of the line that there weren't many people sitting ...more
Sep 16, 2010
Aug 19, 2010
Works of Jules Verne : Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea; A Journey to the Center of the Earth; From the Earth to the Moon; Round the Moon; Around the World in Eighty Days
really liked it
It definitely doesn't feel like it took me a month to get through this monstrosity. Though I did break between books with other novels, so it was much ...more
Nov 16, 2010
Mar 18, 2010
The Mercury Visions of Louis Daguerre
liked it
I was so into this book until the end. I hate when I read a great story and read a disappointing end. It was all right, but the "love" storyline super ...more
Aug 2008
Jul 29, 2008
really liked it
I've been sitting on this review for a few days, because I have no idea where to start. Because to know where to begin a review would mean you underst ...more
Jun 11, 2015
May 29, 2015
really liked it
It's the precursor to the modern dystopian novel. It inspired 1984. It was banned in the author's own country for decades. What am I supposed to say a ...more
Mar 04, 2016
Jan 09, 2015
Cloud Atlas
really liked it
Why have you given your life to books, TC? Dull, dull dull! The memoirs are bad enough, but all that ruddy fiction! Hero goes on a journey, stranger c
Jan 03, 2016
Jan 03, 2015
War and Peace
it was amazing
I've started this review three times in three different ways. A "review" is impossible. What more can I possibly say other than, "I finished it" that ...more
Feb 19, 2012
Dec 25, 2010
Steve Jobs
it was amazing
I'm generally not one to read biographies. Especially now, when everyone and his brother is writing a "memoir" and honestly, who cares? But I knew I h ...more
Jun 27, 2012
Oct 24, 2011
I Remember You
it was ok
It's no surprise that this isn't like my usual reading material. This is some serious chick-lit. But I sort of enjoyed A Hopeless Romantic, in an emba ...more
Dec 26, 2011
Jul 11, 2011
Infinite Jest
really liked it
There are reviews that I sit down to and have no idea where to begin, but then manage to plow through them. And then there are reviews where I'd rathe ...more
Nov 21, 2014
Jan 09, 2014
In One Person
liked it
I am so torn on this book. I have so many conflicting emotions on such a wide spectrum. A part of me absolutely loves it, but a part of me hates it. ( ...more
Apr 18, 2012
Apr 05, 2012
We All Looked Up
liked it
It's [almost] the end of the world. Actually, there's a 66% chance it's the end of the world, but those odds are high enough that everyone freaks out. ...more
Jan 30, 2015
Feb 02, 2015
Foxes Book of Martyrs
liked it
These are people whose faith supersedes pride, who willingly accept the literal fire in the name of God. I may never have faith like that. It's fright ...more
Jul 2009
Jul 01, 2009
The Sparrow (The Sparrow, #1)
it was amazing
Our story begins with a startling announcement: that Father Emilio Sandoz not only traveled to a foreign world, but is also the sole survivor of the e ...more
Aug 05, 2016
Jul 26, 2016
Moby Dick; or, The Whale
it was amazing
I opened this book yesterday, knowing I was going to finish it. And though I've been lugging it around for three weeks, and I desperately had to know ...more
Sep 14, 2010
Mar 19, 2010
Watership Down
really liked it
These rabbits led a simple life at the Sandleford Warren, doing their rabbit business and building a thriving little community. But one day, Fiver has ...more
Dec 06, 2012
Apr 16, 2012
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
liked it
Per the norm in Harry's life, weird things are happening. But what's weird about this year is... nothing's happening at all. Didn't Lord Voldemort ret ...more
Aug 09, 2012
Jul 31, 2012
When She Woke
it was amazing
It takes a true wordsmith to pack all that's in this book without being preachy. Oh, yes, there's preaching: Hannah Payne grew up in a strict religiou ...more
Sep 29, 2015
Dec 26, 2014
The Prince of Mist (Niebla, #1)
did not like it
I don't think I've ever felt so indifferent toward a book.

This is unfortunate, as I very much enjoyed Zafon's Shadow of the Wind. The Prince of Mist i
Feb 03, 2011
Aug 12, 2010
The Celebrated Cases of Sherlock Holmes
really liked it
The layout of the collection is a little out of order. We're first introduced to the short stories, with the novels being at the end. Which means, aft ...more
Jan 25, 2011
Mar 22, 2010
Days of Blood & Starlight (Daughter of Smoke & Bone, #2)
really liked it
I will sing praises to Daughter of Smoke and Bone. I will tell everyone to read it. So, this review might be biased. (And contain spoilers for the fir ...more
Jul 15, 2016
Dec 26, 2015
Waking Up Catholic: A Guide to Catholic Beliefs for Converts, Reverts, and Anyone Becoming Catholic
really liked it
This subtitle says to be for converts (or those returning to the Church), but I'll argue it's for everyone. It's for Catholics who don't know how to e ...more
Oct 23, 2017
Oct 17, 2017
The Twenty-Seventh City
it was ok
Sometimes I wonder if authors ever look back at their first book(s) and think, "wow, I can do so much better than that now." Think they ever regret pu ...more
Dec 02, 2010
May 10, 2010
Tropic of Cancer
liked it
The summary of this book details this book's issues with censorship rather than what it's actually about, if that tells you anything. And I knew it wo ...more
Feb 14, 2017
Jul 16, 2015
Dreams of Gods and Monsters (Daughter of Smoke and Bone, #3)
really liked it
I put off finishing this trilogy, because I wasn't ready for its conclusion. But the desire to know what happens always wins.

With some series, the fin
Jun 02, 2017
Dec 26, 2015
Press Start to Play
liked it
An anthology about gaming? Aww, you shouldn't have!

Perhaps mirroring games themselves, this anthology has some winners and some "that's not quite my t
May 04, 2017
Dec 26, 2015
it was amazing
Here's something that never happens: I'm reading a book, and realize there are only ten or so pages left. I wonder if there's any chance of unresolved ...more
May 22, 2016
May 29, 2015
A Girl Is a Half-Formed Thing
did not like it
This was the most excruciating experience in reading I have ever had. I only finished it because I can't stand to leave a book unfinished, but by page ...more
Sep 02, 2016
Aug 01, 2015
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