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Wild Animus
did not like it
Please note that before you read any more of this review that it does contain a spoiler this is done for a very good reason to save you the effort of ...more
not set
Feb 25, 2011
The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club (The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club #1)
it was amazing
Take the afternoon and read, this Southern Noir style with a twist. The members of the Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club meets in the park every afte ...more
Feb 17, 2013
Feb 28, 2013
The Flip
really liked it
On the way home from a successful flip, Julie and Brad Evens come across an old Victorian home for sale. From the moment, she saw it Julie was in love ...more
Dec 29, 2014
Mar 25, 2015
Distant Shores
really liked it
This book is about a bird who falls out of her nest because she has forgotten how to fly. Elizabeth Shore aka "Birdie" realizes one day that her life ...more
not set
Jul 29, 2011
Red Hot Property
it was amazing
What do you do when a bubble blowing, pink bunny slipper wearing, Cuban psychic reads some bird bones and tell
not set
May 15, 2011
Witches Protection Program
it was amazing
After messing up on the job and losing a prisoner, Wes was given one last chance by the chief who was also his father. He was assigned to an obscure d ...more
Oct 2015
Oct 18, 2015
Land of Falling Stars
it was amazing
The Civil war took everything from Sophie her mother, father, brother and her man. She stood alone in the world until the fateful day when a Yankee st ...more
Nov 23, 2018
Nov 23, 2018
Cold Fire
it was amazing
Holly Thorne’s life and job as a reporter was at a stalemate until she meets a mysterious Good Samaritan named Jim Ironheart. Right before her eyes, ...more
May 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012
it was amazing
All Clutch ever wanted to do was win the International poker competition to once and for all prove to his grandfather he was the best. In the final ro ...more
Sep 29, 2015
Jul 24, 2015
Deadly Recall
it was amazing
A young girl, worried about her beloved teacher, steals away to the chapel to say to say goodbye and beg her not to go. What she witnesses inside is ...more
Mar 03, 2013
Apr 19, 2013
4th of July (Women's Murder Club, #4)
really liked it
In this book we are once again transported in to the dramatic life of Lieutenant Lindsay Boxer. This time around she is faced with a battle for her r ...more
Oct 19, 2010
Oct 05, 2010
Sewing Can Be Dangerous and Other Small Threads
really liked it
This book is a collection of short stories with an underlying theme of the sewing art. That said, these stories are rich in history, thoughtfulness, ...more
Jul 17, 2014
Aug 03, 2014
Loves' Conqueror
really liked it
Miranda accepted Lord Hammil's proposal for marriage in an attempt to use him to taking her to an island where she could find her missing father. The ...more
May 2015
May 01, 2015
Spicy Green Ginger
really liked it
I can only describe this as a collection of fables about various individuals in strange and usual situations. Once again I am glad that I am a perseve ...more
Feb 15, 2014
Feb 13, 2014
Dominance: An Erotic Romance
it was amazing
Conor Fitzgerald was a broken man, a fact hidden from the casual observer. Outwardly, he was a true Dominant. After his wife died, he made it his miss ...more
Dec 15, 2015
Dec 08, 2015
Roses and Daisies and Death, Oh My!
really liked it
After their aunt died she left her entire estate to the Forest sisters. Ready for a change the renovated the upstairs into an apartment and turned th ...more
Dec 15, 2014
Feb 16, 2015
The Earthsea Trilogy
it was amazing
Book One - A Wizard of Earthsea
This is about a young man's journey from a lonely poor boy to a wizard of legend. I think This little adventure i
Jul 27, 2010
Jul 09, 2010
Elora of Stone (Legend of Rhyme, #1)
liked it
Just as the prophecy foretold a pure heart and a wizard get married and have twins a boy and a girl. The boy is taken and the family is broken, but t ...more
Jun 24, 2015
Jun 25, 2015
Roxana's Revolution
it was amazing
     In 1979, Iranian students supporting the Iranian Revolution took fifty-two Americans hostage at the American embassy in Tehran. After the US emba ...more
Sep 05, 2013
Oct 06, 2013
Family Magic (Hayle Coven #1)
it was amazing
Sydlynn just wants to be an ordinary girl, but it is kind of hard when you’re half witch and half demon. She is also the sole heir of her entire coven ...more
Jun 24, 2013
Jul 03, 2013
it was amazing
In this book Chyna is a 26-year-old graduate student still coming to terms with her abusive past. She is staying at her friend’s house for the weeken ...more
not set
Jun 21, 2012
really liked it
      Paige Alexander had it all planned out, step by step, except for one important detail: how long it would take to actually die. Now she has to fa ...more
Jan 25, 2014
Jan 28, 2014
Spartan and The Green Egg: A Trip to the Rainforest (Spartan and The Green Egg #1)
really liked it
When his friends come to the tree house, Spartan tells them about a book his father found in an old bookstore. According to the old book, with the pow ...more
not set
Dec 01, 2013
Our Little Secrets
really liked it
Charlotte got off the train in Cold Springs ready to start a new life. The first thing she does mistakenly think Michael West the owner of the General ...more
May 19, 2015
Jun 08, 2015
Diary of an Ugly Sweater
it was amazing
One little Christmas sweater decided to write a diary about her journey from the factory to her forever home. Along the way she learns a lot about fri ...more
Oct 13, 2015
Oct 16, 2015
A Dead Red Alibi (A Dead Red, #4)
really liked it
After Lalla’s fiancé Celeb is delayed on the way to their wedding Lela spooks and convinces her father to come with her to Arizona to check out a pro ...more
Dec 27, 2015
Feb 23, 2015
Starfish Prime (Blackfox Chronicles, #2)
really liked it
Captain Michael Blackfox thought he was done with the marines living the life of luxury on the lam with his father on their yacht "Good as Gold," but ...more
Apr 30, 2014
May 08, 2014
Night's Gift (Night's Vampire Trilogy #1)
it was amazing
Virginia always had a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and the night she stumbled onto Count Basarab's porch was no exception. Dr ...more
Dec 29, 2015
Feb 27, 2015
Diva Pearl Pekingese: Life After Show Biz for a Pekingese
it was amazing
This is a cute little book about a pink-loving Pekingese. Miss Pearl lives in South Carolina with her bug-eating son and adopted parents. She is a two ...more
not set
Jul 23, 2013
The Shack
it was amazing
This book is about a man finds himself through learning to let go of a great loss and he finds a way to live again. I think that this is one of the be ...more
not set
Jul 09, 2010
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