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Legend (Legend, #1)
it was ok
I'm a bit biased though because this is my second time to read this. So I already have an idea what will happen and it's easier to see the flaws of th ...more
Nov 13, 2013
not set
Dec 21, 2012
it was amazing
This is the first time that I've been so excited to read a chick lit and that is something big coming from me since I usually avoid this kind of stori ...more
Jan 21, 2015
Jan 20, 2015
Wizard's Tale
did not like it
I gave up. Chapter 14. Page 85

This kind of story really doesn't suit me. If contemporary romance irked me, this one is worst. I feel like I'm watching
Jun 16, 2014
Apr 24, 2014
An Ember in the Ashes (An Ember in the Ashes, #1)
really liked it
This would have been 5 star but I have to deduct 1 star because of this (spoiler) and I was disappointed to learn that this is yet another f
Mar 31, 2015
Nov 06, 2014
Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles, #1)
liked it
I can't believe I let this book sit on my "To Be Read" list for months! I really enjoyed reading this book that it only took me 6 hours to finish it. ...more
Oct 10, 2012
Oct 09, 2012
The Giver (The Giver, #1)
liked it
**spoiler alert** Review 2.0:
After a lot of thinking, I have understand what the book is all about. Please read my other review here.

Review 1.0:
I'm no
Oct 03, 2014
Oct 02, 2014
Messenger (The Giver, #3)
really liked it
*May contain spoiler from The Giver and Gathering Blue*

Messenger is yet another short story in The Giver Quartet. For 169 pages, the world of Jonas, K
Oct 06, 2014
Oct 06, 2014
Enchanted (King Arthur and Her Knights, #2)
it was amazing
OMG! I can't believe I'm the first to review this book here in Goodreads. What can I say? I love it more than the prequel! The story continues after B ...more
Oct 20, 2013
Oct 19, 2013
The Infinite Sea (The 5th Wave, #2)
it was amazing

I was pretty excited to read the sequel of The 5th Wave, mainly because of Evan. A lot of people are comparing Evan as Edward of Twil
Oct 30, 2014
Aug 26, 2013
Breathe (Breathe, #1)
it was amazing
UPDATE : June 2012

Another interesting book for this year. It is scheduled to be released on October 2012, I hope it's something worth waiting for.

Oct 02, 2012
not set
Jun 21, 2012
The Indigo Spell (Bloodlines, #3)
really liked it
The cool thing about Richelle Meads book are not just the awesome character and romances. What I love the most are the story, mysteries and other para ...more
Feb 14, 2013
Jun 15, 2012
The Selection (The Selection, #1)
it was ok
Originally posted at NocturnalReader

Now that all books of this series is out, I decided to give it a chance. I bought the three books from this series
May 09, 2014
May 08, 2014
Jellicoe Road
liked it
Before I start with my review, I just want to let you know that it is difficult for me to enjoy books under genre of “Realistic Fiction” or “Melodrama ...more
Jun 09, 2014
May 11, 2013
A Thousand Pieces of You (Firebird, #1)
liked it
I'm not sure where to categorize this book: Fantasy or Science Fiction. It's difficult because Quantum Physics sounds too much like fantasy than a bra ...more
Nov 06, 2014
Aug 27, 2014
The Walled City
it was ok
The moment I turned the last page, my reaction was: Finally, it's done! I have to rushed the last chapters because it annoys me more than it amuses me ...more
Dec 30, 2014
Apr 19, 2014
The Archived (The Archived, #1)
it was ok
Based on the average rating of this book on Goodreads, I expected too much from it. The blurb sounds good too: a ghost story in a different approach.

Jan 03, 2015
Mar 09, 2014
Shadow and Bone
it was amazing
What can I say about this book? It's beyond AWESOME!! I want to read it all over again, I will read it all day until I'm done, then read it again unti ...more
Apr 17, 2013
not set
Mar 31, 2013
it was ok
Usually, prior to buying a book, I always check the reviews and ratings in Goodreads. However, that was not the case when I purchased this one. I saw ...more
Mar 11, 2014
Mar 02, 2014
Wallbanger (Cocktail, #1)
it was ok
I enjoyed reading/skimming Wallbanger. I would have read it word by word but I don't really enjoy reading contemporary romance. The only reason why I ...more
Dec 17, 2013
Dec 16, 2013
Ella Enchanted
liked it
"A very enchanting retelling of Cinderella with a twist."

*Review might contain spoiler.*

When I picked up this book, I had no idea it was a retelling o
Aug 08, 2015
Aug 05, 2015
If I Stay (If I Stay, #1)
it was ok
If I Stay is pretty much what I expected it to be. It’s a powerful depiction of finding hope when all the thing you see is death. The tragic accident ...more
Jul 13, 2014
Apr 15, 2014
it was amazing
This book is a mixture of sugar, spice, and everything nice! It reminds you of your first crush, puppy love, and being irritated over someone clingy a ...more
Feb 2015
Feb 25, 2012
The Wrath & the Dawn (The Wrath and the Dawn, #1)
it was ok
The Wrath and the Dawn is a refreshing story for me. I haven't read the story of A Thousand and One Nights so it feels like a new story for me. The bo ...more
May 20, 2016
May 31, 2015
Origin (Corpus, #1)
it was amazing
I wasn't really expecting this book to be that good! It's full of action, romance, and mystery--and I couldn't stop thinking about the questions it ra ...more
Sep 05, 2014
Sep 03, 2014
Dove Arising (Dove Chronicles, #1)
liked it
I have lowered my expectations after hearing bad reviews about this book. Surprisingly, that did well to me. The story isn't that bad as the other rea ...more
Mar 26, 2015
Nov 06, 2014
Rebel Heart (Dust Lands, #2)
it was ok
The second book is like a remake of the first book. Once again, Saba is set off to save someone and this time, it's Jack she needs to save. Seriously, ...more
Jun 07, 2014
Mar 17, 2012
Finnikin of the Rock (Lumatere Chronicles, #1)
it was amazing
What do I think about this book? Let me tell you what happened when I started until I finished reading this book:

2AM - I started reading it. Premise l
May 02, 2013
Apr 18, 2013
Horde (Razorland, #3)
it was amazing
That's an amazing conclusion for the Razorland Saga! Words are not enough to convey how wonderful this story has been. The adventure, the characters, ...more
Dec 19, 2014
Dec 12, 2014
The Darkest Minds (The Darkest Minds, #1)
it was ok
You had no idea how hard I tried to finish this book. It took me four times to put it on hold and picking it up again. I don't want to DNF it because ...more
Nov 03, 2014
Feb 03, 2014
The Murder Complex (The Murder Complex, #1)
liked it
When I first heard about this book, I was thrilled and excited to read it. It's about a girl trained to be a fighter/killer in a society where murder ...more
Feb 26, 2015
Jun 11, 2014
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