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The Choosing (Seer, #1)
really liked it
If Francine Rivers wrote a novel set in a dystopian time, it might look like The Choosing. Yes, dystopian is all the rage, but I happen to enjoy it so ...more
Feb 19, 2015
Feb 14, 2015
If I Run (If I Run, #1)
really liked it
**Second Read** - still a great story! I re-read it in a couple days.

The sign of a great book for me is how long it takes me to read it. IF I RUN too
Feb 27, 2018
Jan 19, 2016
Oct 23, 2015
The Promise of Jesse Woods
it was amazing
When I read Fabry's novel "June Bug" I knew I was in the hands of a skilled wordsmith. Then "The Promise of Jesse Woods" came into my hands, and I rea ...more
Apr 23, 2016
Apr 19, 2016
really liked it
After waiting six years for another Peretti novel, my hopes were very high upon starting this novel. While it's definitely different from his other wo ...more
not set
Jan 23, 2012
Welcome to Last Chance (A Place to Call Home, #1)
really liked it
As I read this novel, I kept thinking, "This would make an ideal Hallmark Channel movie". It seems to have all the right elements: girl with a past co ...more
not set
Jul 22, 2013
7 Myths about Singleness
it was amazing
Wow. That's the first word I can think of when reviewing this book. I am a happily single Christian, but there are still so many questions I have abou ...more
May 21, 2019
May 01, 2019
The Waves Break Gray (Raleigh Harmon Mysteries, #6)
it was amazing
I'm so disappointed this book is over! I looked forward to every moment I had reading it. For fans of this series, this one is a solid installment. Th ...more
Sep 20, 2016
Sep 01, 2016
Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life
really liked it
I didn't think I needed this book. Boundaries? Sounded like a bad word to me. Boy, was I wrong. I've read this book twice now, and each time I got som ...more
Oct 15, 2017
not set
Oct 23, 2017
When Night Comes (Jack Turner Suspense, #1)
really liked it
3.5 stars. Dan Walsh's first straight suspense novel (after several hugely successful contemporary romances) has a unique premise, and a terrific cove ...more
not set
Jan 14, 2015
Eldest (The Inheritance Cycle, #2)
really liked it
Paolini's world-building and vocabulary continue to amaze me. I'm glad I read Book 2. The best part of the whole series so far is Saphira, the dragon. ...more
Jan 03, 2018
Dec 02, 2017
The Stars Shine Bright (Raleigh Harmon Mysteries, #5)
it was amazing
Sibella is one of my all time favorite authors, and she proves why again in this novel. I love her attention to detail, character development, and sus ...more
not set
Mar 24, 2012
The Stones Cry Out (Raleigh Harmon Mysteries, #1)
really liked it
I've read this novel three times now (both the print version and the expanded Kindle version), and I loved it all three times. Do pick up the Kindle v ...more
not set
Oct 21, 2010
Relentless (Dominion, #1)
really liked it
Robin Parrish has been compared to Ted Dekker, and I can see the similarities. They both know how to create vivid and imaginative plots. Both can hook ...more
Jan 2006
Feb 09, 2015
Eragon (The Inheritance Cycle, #1)
really liked it
3.5 stars. I'm really glad I finally read this book! It's amazing how Paolini created such a vivid world at such a young age (I believe he was a teen ...more
Jun 20, 2017
Jan 19, 2017
Redeeming Love
liked it
I have read several Francine Rivers novels. She is an excellent wordsmith and storyteller. This is the novel that started it all, and I was glad for t ...more
not set
Mar 31, 2011
Looking Into You
really liked it
3.5 stars. Chris Fabry is always good for a solid read. The concept of this one grabbed me, and I dove in. I hadn't read the book to which this is a s ...more
Jan 15, 2017
Jan 02, 2017
Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration
really liked it
I wasn't sure what this book was about when I first picked it up, and it turns out it's many things. On one hand it's a manual for creative types on h ...more
Apr 14, 2018
Feb 12, 2018
If I'm Found (If I Run #2)
really liked it
Oh, man, Terri Blackstock's characters must hate her. She puts them through so much! LOL. But that's the sign of a good suspense writer. Casey's story ...more
Mar 06, 2018
Jun 24, 2016
How to Write a Sizzling Synopsis: A Step-by-Step System for Enticing New Readers, Selling More Fiction, and Making Your Books Sound Good
really liked it
Who would think a subject that's seemingly short could fill an entire book with little wasted words? Cohen did a great job tackling this oftentimes st ...more
Nov 28, 2016
Jul 25, 2016
Strikers (Strikers #1)
really liked it
An unexpected good read! I enjoyed the time I got to spend with Christy's characters. She has a nice handle on the dystopian genre and has created a c ...more
Mar 19, 2015
Mar 16, 2015
Driftwood Tides
really liked it
4 1/2 stars. I am such a sucker for stories about people who discover they have unknown relatives (or think they do). Driftwood Tides pulls you right ...more
not set
May 23, 2014
Bridge to Haven
liked it
3.5 stars. A cross between Redeeming Love and Her Mother's Hope, Rivers' latest is going to become a fan favorite. So much of what readers love about ...more
Jan 26, 2014
Dec 18, 2013
Waterfall (River of Time, #1)
really liked it
A pleasant surprise of a book. Bergren's characters were thoughtful and three-dimensional. Love the idea of time travel, and the romance wasn't hokey ...more
Mar 24, 2018
Mar 28, 2013
Mar 24, 2013
A Star Curiously Singing
really liked it
I should've read this book a long time ago! Great science fiction story with strong Christian themes. Stick with it if you're confused in the first fe ...more
Jul 28, 2015
Jul 21, 2015
Piercing the Darkness (Darkness, #2)
it was amazing
This book is the one that first made me want to be a writer. One of my all time faves. I have read it multiple times, and that says something for me. ...more
Jan 1995
Jan 27, 2015
Presumed Guilty
it was amazing
Imagine you're the wife of a pastor, an 8,000-member-congregation-best-selling-author kind of pastor. You're happy. Fulfilled. Making a difference at ...more
Jan 2006
Feb 07, 2015
Present Over Perfect: Leaving Behind Frantic for a Simpler, More Soulful Way of Living
it was amazing
I keep surprising myself with what I'm getting out of these nonfiction books I'm reading. I used to be a die-hard, fiction-only reader. But life has a ...more
Sep 09, 2018
Aug 27, 2018
The Crescent Stone
really liked it
The Crescent Stone has one of the prettiest covers I've seen in a long time, and it's even better in the physical book (versus the ebook.) Cover aside ...more
Jul 11, 2018
Jun 16, 2018
Writing for the Soul: Instruction and Advice from an Extraordinary Writing Life
really liked it
Pop quiz. How many books did Jerry Jenkins write before penning the smash hit Left Behind? 0, 4, 17, 58, or 124? Believe it or not, the correct answer ...more
Jan 2006
Feb 10, 2015
really liked it
When an author calls a book "the novel I have always wanted to write" I sit up and take notice. And when the author is Jerry B. Jenkins, and the novel ...more
Jan 2008
Feb 14, 2015
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