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The Silent Companions
really liked it
I started reading The Silent Companions and fell headfirst into it. This is the kind of book you make time to read, the kind you tuck yourself away wi ...more
Sep 07, 2017
Mar 15, 2017
The Hunger
liked it
In The Hunger, Alma Katsu takes a real historical event – the dreadful fate of the Donner Party – and reimagines it as a horror story. (Of course, you ...more
Jan 30, 2018
Jan 18, 2018
The Pleasures of Men
really liked it
In 19th-century London, Catherine Sorgeiul is living an isolated life in Spitalfields, where she is confined to her uncle's home. An insular and sligh ...more
Apr 06, 2012
Feb 09, 2012
The House of Impossible Beauties
really liked it
With The House of Impossible Beauties, debut author Joseph Cassara has created a fictionalised account of the House of Xtravaganza, immortalised in th ...more
Jan 03, 2018
Sep 15, 2017
really liked it
I had high expectations of this: firstly, the one other book I've read by the author - The Little Stranger - is one of my absolute favourites, and sec ...more
Mar 18, 2011
Mar 16, 2011
The Asylum
really liked it
Goodreads tells me I have had this, John Harwood's third novel, on my wishlist since October last year. So obviously, when I received an ARC of The As ...more
Apr 14, 2013
Oct 08, 2012
The Remains of the Day
it was amazing
This is a beautifully written and quietly heart-rending story. Set in post-war England and written from the point of view of Stevens, an ageing, old-f ...more
Feb 26, 2011
Feb 23, 2011
The Somnambulist
liked it
As a fan of Victorian gothic, I knew I'd want to read The Somnambulist the moment I heard about it. Aside from the great title and gorgeous cover, the ...more
Jan 14, 2012
Jan 09, 2012
The Uninvited Guests
liked it
Despite the fact that the author's previous novels haven't appealed to me, The Uninvited Guests struck me as a must-read as soon as I heard about it, ...more
Apr 03, 2012
Feb 09, 2012
Rules of Civility
really liked it
As cool, sophisticated and elegant as its characters, Rules of Civility is an ice-cold gin & tonic of a novel. The protagonist is twenty-something ...more
Jun 03, 2013
Jul 01, 2012
We Eat Our Own
really liked it
So I completely misunderstood what this book was: I'd seen it labelled as horror and just dived straight in assuming it was going to be horror. It is, ...more
Sep 20, 2016
Mar 04, 2016
The Prisoner of Heaven (The Cemetery of Forgotten Books, #3)
liked it
The Prisoner of Heaven is the third book in Carlos Ruiz Zafón's Barcelona quartet, which began with The Shadow of the Wind and continued with its preq ...more
Jun 24, 2012
Nov 19, 2011
The Coffin Path: A Ghost Story
really liked it
Set in a 17th-century sheep-farming community against the harsh backdrop of the Yorkshire moors, The Coffin Path felt like a book I could sink into an ...more
Nov 24, 2017
Jul 27, 2017
The Savage Garden
liked it
A quick, easy and absorbing read with a mildly compelling plot and an interesting cast of characters. I wasn't too impressed with the quality of the w ...more
Dec 2008
Dec 03, 2008
The Secret by the Lake
really liked it
Just as I'd hoped, a mostly feelgood read (the conspiracy revealed during the denouement is rather grim) with mystery, romance and, as an added bonus, ...more
Nov 21, 2015
Feb 04, 2015
Elijah's Mermaid
really liked it
Why did I decide to read Essie Fox's second novel when I found her first, The Somnambulist, distinctly average? I'm not sure, but I'm very glad I did, ...more
Dec 26, 2012
Oct 11, 2012
Mistress of Rome (The Empress of Rome, #1)
really liked it
While I liked this book a lot, I'm surprised so many reviewers have described it as literary... For me, it was a trashy potboiler, a definite guilty p ...more
Jun 2010
Jun 22, 2010
really liked it
I read Beasts in about two hours on a hot day and felt like it could have been a dream, or a hallucination. A short, hazy, spellbinding story, it quit ...more
Jul 13, 2013
Jul 05, 2013
The Reflection
really liked it
Review originally published at Learn This Phrase.

A terrific book - as readable and entertaining as it is intelligent, so basically exactly what I want
Dec 09, 2015
Dec 05, 2015
The Vanishing Witch
really liked it
After the lacklustre The Falcons of Fire and Ice, Maitland is back on great form with The Vanishing Witch. If you've read anything by the author befor ...more
Aug 2014
Jan 30, 2014
The Glass of Time
it was amazing
Gripping from the first page, this is a note-perfect pastiche of Victorian gothic fiction, remaining fantastically atmospheric throughout. With the na ...more
Aug 2009
Aug 02, 2009
The Little Stranger
it was amazing
I don't know why I didn't write a review of this when I read it, presumably because I didn't have time - I'll have to rectify this at some point, but ...more
Jan 2010
Jan 14, 2010
really liked it
First published in the early 1970s, Reunion has recently been reissued and promoted as the next great undiscovered classic after Stoner, although it d ...more
May 08, 2017
Nov 26, 2016
Madness is Better than Defeat
really liked it
I have no idea how to review this. I think it might actually be impossible to describe. The blurb sums up the plot well enough: in the late 1930s, two ...more
Aug 20, 2017
Jan 06, 2017
Three-Martini Lunch
really liked it
As the end of the year approaches, I'm going through a weird period of reading malaise: it's not that I don't have any enthusiasm for reading – in fac ...more
Nov 29, 2016
Dec 24, 2015
The Prince of Mist (Mist, #1)
it was ok
The latest of Carlos Ruiz Zafón's works to be translated into English is also the first book the author had published. It was originally intended for ...more
Apr 27, 2011
May 03, 2011
The Book Collector
liked it
Review originally published at Nudge.

From the moment nineteen-year-old orphan Violet meets the urbane Lord Archie Murray outside a London café, she is
Feb 10, 2016
Dec 12, 2015
Expo 58
liked it
It's 1958 and Thomas Foley, a civil servant who writes copy for government pamphlets, is unexpectedly given a new role: he is to travel to Brussels fo ...more
Sep 29, 2013
Apr 02, 2013
The Countenance Divine
really liked it
A genre-defying novel with multiple timelines - from the 17th century to the 20th - that converge in a fantastical alternate-history climax. Real hist ...more
May 05, 2016
Apr 09, 2016
We Have Always Lived in the Castle
really liked it
Seeing everything through the eyes of Mary Katherine Blackwood (aka Merricat), we first learn that she, her older sister Constance and their elderly, ...more
Feb 22, 2011
Feb 14, 2011