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Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment and How It Can Help You Find—and Keep—Love
it was amazing
In a culture that scorns dependence and exalts self-reliance, Levine and Heller make the argument for the Dependency Paradox—that the more effectively ...more
not set
Mar 20, 2016
Brief Interviews with Hideous Men
really liked it
This is a book for the socially anxious, and for the human.

The central point is that people like people who like them and everyone is constantly think
Sep 09, 2016
Sep 09, 2016
Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth
really liked it
Central thesis:

In love and in war, to my daughter I will say, 'when the men come, set yourself on fire'.
Apr 28, 2016
Apr 25, 2016
All the Light We Cannot See
it was amazing
Anthony Doerr’s 2015 Pulitzer Prize winner All the Light We Cannot See tells the story of war destroying humanity for the attackers and for the defend ...more
not set
Feb 07, 2016
Modern Romance
liked it
Super quick read - enjoyed it more than I thought I would. While laugh out loud funny in parts, it's also nothing revolutionary.

A couple points reson
Aug 03, 2015
Jul 18, 2015
This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate
it was amazing
We are in climate change Decade Zero and history is knocking on our door—will we answer? Such is the thesis of Naomi Klein’s persuasive call to action ...more
Dec 28, 2014
Nov 06, 2014
The Art of Thinking Clearly
really liked it
There is a lot of science in The Art of Thinking Clearly and I loved it. Dobelli highlights a total of 99 thinking fallacies that we fall into on a da ...more
Feb 24, 2014
Feb 21, 2014
Design Is a Job
liked it
Good quick read. Like good design, everything Monteiro says is technically obvious but somehow enlightening in the way he says it. I love his stand fo ...more
Feb 03, 2015
Jan 09, 2015
Call Me by Your Name
it was amazing
A guidebook to desire for anyone who’s ever felt 16.
Apr 06, 2018
not set
Apr 01, 2018
Extreme You: Step Up. Stand Out. Kick Ass. Repeat.
it was amazing
O’Hagan’s recipe for career success manages to be arrestingly original in the overcrowded space of career self-help.

The recipe: learn where you shine
May 18, 2017
May 14, 2017
Thanks, Obama: My Hopey, Changey White House Years
it was amazing
The White House is a place where risks and rewards are “perilously” skewed, says Litt. Then he treats us to a story where sentence structure gone wron ...more
Oct 09, 2017
Oct 01, 2017
Happiness Dissected: A breakthrough dissection of the emotions based on each emotion's unique biological purpose.
really liked it
A few weeks ago I was at the Canadian authors book fair at Harbourfront Centre and came across Mark Devon’s booth. He handed me his book Happiness Dis ...more
Oct 13, 2015
Sep 27, 2015
Dating Vandalized
it was amazing
More about a feeling in time than an event. The feeling: intersection of melancholy and anticipation. This book is also an ode to Toronto—too few book ...more
May 31, 2017
May 31, 2017
liked it
The narrator is a complete lunatic, so the story inside his brain is a disgusting, disturbing and fun read. Imprinted in my mind the whole time was Be ...more
Oct 31, 2016
Jan 06, 2014
I Will Teach You to Be Rich
liked it
In cramming three personal finance books into my brain one after the other, I have learned that the secret to wealth is to consistently spend less tha ...more
not set
Jun 13, 2016
Enemies: A Love Story
really liked it
The first half is far superior to the second—that is to say the payoff doesn’t quite vindicate the setup—but this is still the kind of book I will one ...more
Feb 19, 2019
Nov 10, 2018
it was amazing
I just sleepwalked through a week of my life—body on Earth, brain on Jonathan Franzen’s planet. Reading Freedom was an addiction literally disruptive ...more
Aug 21, 2015
Jun 09, 2015
The Unbearable Lightness of Being
it was amazing
In a novel so heavy with metaphor, how important the translator’s role must have been.

Kundera packed a full curriculum on truth into 314 pages. More t
May 23, 2015
Mar 04, 2014
Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind
it was amazing
“Is there anything more dangerous than dissatisfied and irresponsible gods who don’t know what they want?”

This last line in Harari’s Sapiens pretty mu
Nov 17, 2018
Nov 13, 2015
Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She's "Learned"
did not like it
Finally broke and read it. Took me about a day to finish it, which tells you this book is both easy to read and that there isn't much depth to spend t ...more
Jan 04, 2015
Mar 23, 2014
The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results
really liked it
Life is a question and how we live it is the answer.

The One Thing is Keller’s prescriptive recipe for success based on the idea that we are more defin
Oct 09, 2015
Jun 20, 2015
liked it
“It wasn’t easy to become a person who’s OK being alone on a Saturday night, but I did the work, I got there, and now some part of me is wishing I had ...more
Sep 30, 2015
Aug 19, 2015
Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future
it was amazing
Reading Zero to One feels like being let in on the world's greatest secrets. Thiel, like fellow PayPal mafia alum Elon Musk, is a true polymath. His d ...more
Jun 25, 2015
May 19, 2015
The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon
really liked it
Talk a lot of shit and don’t answer any questions—my loose interpretation of the Jeff Bezos go-to market strategy that won Amazon so much market share ...more
Aug 16, 2015
Jan 17, 2015
Buddhism Plain and Simple
really liked it
As the admittedly guiltiest of reacting to the world based on vast assumption and sweeping generalization, man do I have a long journey to enlightenme ...more
Sep 06, 2015
Aug 29, 2015
Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products
liked it
This book has been much-summarized and over-quoted. Many nuggets that inspire thought. Even more buzz words. Basically: the best way to build an addic ...more
Dec 22, 2016
May 14, 2016
Revolutionary Road
really liked it
Yates manages to write mundane daily life in a way that is both a little too true and impossible to put down.
Nov 08, 2014
Nov 02, 2014
How Will You Measure Your Life?
it was amazing
In this book, Christensen applies his business theories to personal life. I probably loved it because I agreed with it.

Christensen on theory

Main idea:
not set
May 21, 2017
Walk Through Walls: A Memoir
it was amazing
Probably the best memoir I've read in recent years.

When I picked up Walk through Walls on a random recommendation at The Met Breuer's gift shop, I kn
not set
Sep 05, 2017
Mating in Captivity: Reconciling the Erotic and the Domestic
it was amazing
Read it.
Feb 26, 2018
Feb 26, 2018
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