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Gamers (Gamers, #1)
it was ok
Gamers is one of two self-pubs I have on my list to read for Dystopian February. Though I'm generally skeptical of self-published books, Thomas K. Car ...more
Feb 12, 2013
Sep 12, 2012
ReVamped (Angel Creek, #1)
it was ok
When Ada requested some R&R (read and review) of her first novel, I did a little research before immediately going 'yay! books!,' because I am a g ...more
Mar 04, 2012
Mar 02, 2012
Eden's Root (Eden's Root Trilogy, #1)
liked it
Originally reviewed on A Reader of Fictions.

Eden's Root is unique amongst my Dystopian August reviews, in that it is the only indie title included in
Aug 19, 2012
Apr 08, 2012
The Sword Dancer (Lovers and Rebels, #1; Tang Dynasty, #4)
liked it
It's no secret that I'm a wee bit obsessed with Asian culture. If a book is set in Asia, whether modern or historical, I'm probably going to be intrig ...more
May 16, 2013
Apr 17, 2013
The Bookie's Son
really liked it
Originally posted on A Reader of Fictions.

Oddly enough, I received this book for review because I commented on Unabridged Chick's review of it, saying
Oct 20, 2012
Oct 09, 2012
The Dig (Zoe and Zeus Trilogy, #1)
it was ok
My reactions to this book were really mixed. I loved the concept quite a bit and the writing wasn't too bad. The sense of humor that shows through at ...more
Nov 27, 2011
Nov 17, 2011
Girl vs Ghost (Misdirected Magic Trilogy, #1)
it was ok
Isabel has no interest in magic, just like she hasn't been too interested in her best friend Tripp's past obsessions. Like in the past, though, Isabel ...more
Jun 17, 2011
Jun 12, 2011
A Temptation of Angels
liked it
Obviously, this is an instance of review copy failure. To be fair, I did receive this ARC after publication, but I still meant to have the review done ...more
Nov 17, 2012
May 10, 2012
By Referral Only (Whitman University, #2)
liked it
When I was in middle school and high school, I was all about romance novels and chick lit. I couldn't get enough of largely idealized love stories. As ...more
Jun 24, 2013
Jun 04, 2013
Austensibly Ordinary
really liked it
Yet again the universe rewards more for not writing an author off after one uninspiring experience. In preparation for reading this, I read Goodnight' ...more
Dec 06, 2012
Oct 22, 2012
Broken at Love (Whitman University, #1)
liked it
3.5 Stars

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. I did read a so-called "New Adult" novel, and not even one that's trying to actually make NA a real age
Mar 16, 2013
Mar 10, 2013