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Born Digital: Understanding the First Generation of Digital Natives
it was ok
I didn't get through this. I found it to be very dry, which was strange considering how much interest this topic holds for me. I think my issue lays i ...more
Jan 09, 2009
Aug 28, 2008
The Receptionist: An Education at The New Yorker
I got partway into this and finally decide to put it aside as it really wasn't what I'd hoped. It's a memoir about working as a receptionist at the Ne ...more
May 09, 2012
Apr 25, 2012
Eat Move Sleep: How Small Choices Lead to Big Changes
it was ok
This was not really a book for me. Rath covers the three main things that he considers to be the most important for your health - eating right, being ...more
Jun 18, 2013
Jun 17, 2013
The Handmaid's Tale
it was amazing
Read again in 2017 for book club. Still chilling, it for addoitional reasons.


I'm not sure when I originally read this - probably late in high schoo
Jun 21, 2017
Aug 05, 2007
The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook
really liked it
What a lovely cookbook, full of delicious recipes that for the most part, aren't too daunting. There are headnotes and color photos for every recipe, ...more
Nov 12, 2012
Nov 03, 2012
The Night Circus
really liked it
I really enjoyed this, and I think if you like magical realism, you will like it as well. This is the story of a circus that is only open at night, an ...more
Mar 12, 2012
Jan 08, 2012
Exit West
it was amazing
This was wonderful - the story of two young people who decide to flee the war in their country, and take off into the unknown together. The book is ve ...more
May 07, 2017
May 03, 2017
Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch
really liked it
Still just as enjoyable as the first time around!

First read 4/29 - 5/6 2012
This was great - it's a very darkly funny take on the apocalypse in which t
May 2016
Apr 30, 2012
The Art of Fielding
really liked it
This was fun - the characters were great and I enjoyed how the plot progressed.
May 28, 2017
May 24, 2017
The Graveyard Book
it was amazing
I received this as part of a book swap I participated in over Christmas, and what a great book to send someone! I really enjoyed this - a very engagin ...more
Jan 03, 2016
Jan 02, 2016
The Glimmer Palace
really liked it
I really enjoyed listening to this. As was the case when I listened to Ines of my Heart last year, I found it much easier to get into the story by lis ...more
Feb 15, 2009
Dec 05, 2008
Ms. Marvel, Vol. 1: No Normal
it was amazing
Apparently I never reviewed this, despite it hanging out in front of my face in Goodreads waiting to be reviewed. Anyway. I read this twice - once bef ...more
Apr 04, 2015
Feb 07, 2015
The Perfect Scoop: Ice Creams, Sorbets, Granitas, and Sweet Accompaniments
really liked it
This book has a ton of delicious & unusual ice cream recipes (as well as granitas, sorbets and sherbets). They are, almost exclusively, French/cus ...more
Aug 2007
Aug 05, 2007
The Dog Stars
it was amazing
This is post-apocalyptic fiction, wherein the world (or at least the US) has fallen apart due to a one-two punch of a flu epidemic followed by a "bloo ...more
Jan 23, 2017
Feb 19, 2016
Red Rising (Red Rising, #1)
liked it
I'm left with mixed feelings about this novel, the first in a series. It took me a while to get into the world, but once I did the story was very engr ...more
Nov 17, 2014
Sep 12, 2013
Marie Antoinette: The Journey
liked it
I enjoyed this quite a bit. I haven't read anything else about Marie Antoinette, but I felt that Fraser did a good job of telling "Marie Antoinette's ...more
Dec 26, 2008
Oct 15, 2008
Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Promote Peace ... One School at a Time
liked it
Mortenson is a former mountain climber who wound up using his knowledge of Pakistani culture to start building schools in rural areas (and by rural, I ...more
Mar 04, 2009
Mar 01, 2009
Expensive People (Wonderland Quartet, #2)
it was ok
I think this was the first Oates novel that I've read and haven't liked all that much -- mainly because of the narrator. I'm not a huge fan of things ...more
May 25, 2008
May 22, 2008
Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking
it was amazing
Cain looks at how introverts and extroverts differ, ranging from cultural analysis to psychological testing and back again. I really identified with a ...more
Jan 27, 2013
Nov 22, 2011
Ready Player One
really liked it
We listened to the audiobook of this (read by Wil Wheaton, who did a great job) in the car driving to and from Massachusetts, and it was a fun story. ...more
Dec 27, 2016
Dec 26, 2016
The Silkworm (Cormoran Strike, #2)
really liked it
I enjoyed this. While the crime at the center of the novel was pretty gory, the convoluted plot line was enjoyable. Cormoran Strike is sort of like a ...more
Nov 19, 2015
Nov 14, 2015
Where'd You Go, Bernadette
really liked it
An absurd and engaging story, told using alternating narrative perspectives as well as emails, faxes, letters, and other documentation. Essentially, B ...more
Oct 14, 2015
Dec 02, 2013
Eleanor & Park
really liked it
This was a fun read. It's the story of two teenagers who fall in love, told in alternating perspectives. I though Rowell did a great job of capturing ...more
Dec 13, 2015
Dec 09, 2015
Zone One
really liked it
This was a really great post-apocalyptic zombie novel, focused around a man who is part of a sweeper team that's checking Manhattan for any zombies th ...more
Mar 13, 2016
Feb 29, 2016
Your Money or Your Life
liked it
This was interesting, if a little new-agey at times. (It originally came out in the '70s, I believe, and was updated in the mid-90s.) Basically it's a ...more
Feb 24, 2008
Jan 15, 2008
The Cuckoo's Calling (Cormoran Strike, #1)
it was amazing
This is a fast-paced and very engrossing mystery novel - the classic private detective story, updated and modernized. Cormoran Strike is our-down-on-h ...more
Dec 11, 2013
Dec 05, 2013
A Wrinkle in Time (Time Quintet, #1)
really liked it
This was charming. I never read it as a kid and I enjoyed it now, though there are some elements that date it, most notably Meg's love interest and so ...more
Dec 05, 2016
Dec 07, 2016
The Secret Between Us
did not like it
This wasn't bad per se, but I didn't particularly like it. The story was decent, but some of it was a bit too Lifetime-movie-esque for me. Does the pr ...more
Jun 22, 2008
May 05, 2008
Library 2.0: A Guide to Participatory Library Service
it was amazing
I thought this book did a great job of explaining the philosophy behind the Library 2.0 movement, and I felt that it did so in a level-headed way. I t ...more
Oct 2007
Sep 16, 2007
The Paying Guests
it was amazing
For long stretches of this novel, I didn't want to know what was coming next, but I couldn't stop reading. This is a compelling story, told well, and ...more
Nov 25, 2016
Nov 13, 2016
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