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Insidious Intent (Tony Hill & Carol Jordan, #10)
it was ok
I'll write a proper review at some point, but man, I'm baffled by the 5* reviews this book is getting. It rolls along well for the most part - a regul ...more
Aug 31, 2017
Aug 27, 2017
Shopaholic to the Stars (Shopaholic, #7)
did not like it
Oh boy. I read the majority of previous Shopaholic installments a few years back, over the span of a couple of months, and got to be really quite fond ...more
Sep 30, 2014
Sep 27, 2014
The October List
liked it
As far as I'm concerned, Jeffery Deaver is the master of plot twists. His short story collections Twisted and More Twisted are packed with brilliantly ...more
Sep 30, 2013
Sep 30, 2013
The Bad Beginning (A Series of Unfortunate Events, #1)
really liked it
What I learned from this book? Oh, only the most important of all life lessons. Home-made grappling hooks rarely succeed, forced marriages can be aver ...more
Jun 08, 2012
Jul 31, 2009
Cross and Burn (Tony Hill & Carol Jordan, #8)
really liked it
[Disclaimer: I received a review copy via Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.]

Cross and Burn is the eighth installment in Val McDermid's Tony
Oct 04, 2013
Oct 05, 2013
Habit Stacking: 127 Small Actions That Take Five Minutes or Less
it was ok
This is a hard book to review, mainly because some tips were very useful, and others… seemed geared towards robots trying to assimilate on Earth.

Jul 21, 2017
Jul 20, 2017
Trick of the Dark
liked it
Trick of the Dark reminded me more of McDermid's early Lindsay Gordan series than her recent, gritty standalones. Although a crime novel, the spine of ...more
Oct 06, 2011
Oct 05, 2011
The Retribution (Tony Hill & Carol Jordan, #7)
liked it
(view spoiler) ...more
Dec 02, 2011
Dec 02, 2011
Unheard: The Story of Anna Winslow
liked it
This short audio production was free from Audible, and quite frankly scared the shit out of me. It's formatted like a series of podcasts, as a student ...more
Oct 14, 2017
Oct 14, 2017
The Shining
did not like it
I hated this book. And I'm saying this as a person who has spent most of this year reading, listening to, and watching adaptations of Stephen King's w ...more
May 14, 2011
May 06, 2011
The Walking Dead, Vol. 11: Fear the Hunters
liked it
Fear the Hunters wasn't my favourite volume of The Walking Dead, but the fact I knew about the major moments beforehand really served to lessen their ...more
Feb 19, 2012
Feb 19, 2012
All Fall Down
it was ok
All Fall Down didn't work for me for a number of reasons. I started listening to it after a bad week at work, wanting to escape into something easy on ...more
Feb 22, 2017
Feb 12, 2017
The Walking Dead, Vol. 5: The Best Defense
liked it
I was so unprepared for this emotionally. While the previous volumes were full of angst to the highest degree, I feel... distraught. Nauseous. A littl ...more
Feb 18, 2012
Feb 18, 2012
Shouldn't You Be in School?
really liked it
A Series of Unfortunate Events has pride of place on my shelves. I loved that series more than anything except Harry Potter in my teens, and even then ...more
Oct 03, 2014
Oct 02, 2014
How it Works: The Cat (Ladybirds for Grown-Ups)
it was amazing
I've been noticing these Ladybirds for Grown-Ups books all over the place lately, and was secretly hoping I'd receive one (or a Five on Brexit Island! ...more
Dec 25, 2016
Dec 27, 2016
Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography (A Series of Unfortunate Events)
it was amazing
I love this book. As a fan of ASOUE for over ten years now, it was a pleasure to revisit The Unauthorised Autobiography and find it just as maddeningl ...more
Jun 02, 2011
not set
not set
May 28, 2011
liked it
I love Stephen King. At this point, I'll automatically buy any new book he releases without even reading a synopsis. I actually did read the blurb for ...more
Jan 23, 2015
Jan 19, 2015
Homecoming (The 100, #3)
it was ok
Homecoming is a bit of a mess. I enjoyed the first two installments in the 100 series more than I expected to, at a time when I was struggling through ...more
Feb 27, 2015
Feb 24, 2015
did not like it
Oh boy. I really thought I was going to love this book, but it just didn't work for me at all. Being a total Stephen King addict, I've had cause over ...more
Feb 09, 2016
Jan 25, 2016
Second Life
it was ok
I loved SJ Watson's debut novel, Before I Go to Sleep. It kept me up until the early hours of the morning, like a truly good thriller should, and so I ...more
Jan 27, 2015
Jan 24, 2015
Roald Dahl's Book of Ghost Stories
liked it
This was an interesting little collection, given to me by my grandad. I have some fond, vivid memories of visiting my grandparents as a kid, and sneak ...more
Mar 14, 2011
Feb 11, 2011
The Stand
it was amazing
This book. Wow.

Ostensibly, I've read it over the last twelve days. Finishing it took over my life just a little, and I don't know how many nights I p
not set
Jul 31, 2009
The Hound of the Baskervilles (Sherlock Holmes, #5)
it was ok
This was my least favourite Sherlock Holmes read to date. It was the first of the novels that I've read, having stuck to the short story collections b ...more
Jan 08, 2012
Jan 07, 2012
The Aquariums of Pyongyang
liked it
The Aquariums of Pyongyang is an autobiographical account of a decade spent in a North Korean concentration camp by author Kang Chol-hwan, who was imp ...more
Jan 18, 2015
Jan 09, 2015
After the Crash
it was ok
Unusually for me, I really can't remember where I first came across this book. It's easy to see why I was drawn to download it though, with the premis ...more
Jun 27, 2016
Jun 26, 2016
The Word Is Murder
really liked it
Gosh this book is strange. I’m still not sure whether it’s good-strange or bad-strange, but I managed to enjoy it an awful lot despite its inherent we ...more
Jul 25, 2017
Jul 24, 2017
The Girls
really liked it
The Girls was absolutely fantastic. I’ve heard a lot of hype about it over the last few months, but given my lack of knowledge on the Manson Family it ...more
Feb 15, 2017
Feb 12, 2017
'Salem's Lot
liked it
I enjoyed this much more than I expected to. Vampires aren't really my thing - I'm definitely more of a zombie girl - but I really liked the cascading ...more
May 04, 2011
May 01, 2011
The Rosie Effect (Don Tillman, #2)
it was ok
The Rosie Effect is a sequel that didn't need to be written. I very much enjoyed its predecessor, The Rosie Project, when I sped through it in 2014. I ...more
Aug 13, 2016
Aug 10, 2016
The Breathing Method
it was ok
Unfortunately, my enjoyment of this novella was marred by the fact my audio copy was a dud. It skipped near-constantly, which meant that I had to keep ...more
Apr 18, 2011
Apr 17, 2011
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