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The Gates of Rome (Emperor, #1)
it was ok
**spoiler alert** First off, there was nothing wrong with the writing, or the pacing or action. It was all fine. But because this is historical fictio ...more
May 24, 2008
Oct 13, 2007
The Priest of Blood (The Vampyricon #1)
it was ok
blah blah blah vampires blah blah blah eroticism blah blah blah etc.

This was not what I was expecting for something held up by a reviewer as giving "t
Apr 14, 2008
Apr 06, 2008
The Road
liked it
Post-Apocalyptic survival, realistically portrayed with a good dynamic between the father and the son. Several scenes were striking and you can feel t ...more
Jul 20, 2008
Jul 14, 2008
Drink: A Cultural History of Alcohol
really liked it
As I was reading this book, I kept developing a prodigious thirst for both the text and the subject matter. Ah, alcohol! I cannot even try to read abo ...more
Mar 24, 2009
Mar 04, 2009
The Killing Ground (Sean Dillion, #14)
liked it
I'd really give this 2 1/2 stars, but that isn't an option on this site, I guess. It is another entertaining Higgins' tale, but like most of his newer ...more
Dec 23, 2008
Dec 14, 2008
American Hardcore: A Tribal History
it was amazing
Essential reading for any fan of hardcore punk or for anyone who remembers that early 80s era and wondered what the hell was going on. The author was ...more
Apr 16, 2010
Apr 04, 2010
American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America
really liked it
This, without a doubt, is the most frightening, sickening, and depressing book I have ever read. It is a trumpeting wake-up call to everyone in this c ...more
May 08, 2008
May 05, 2008
The Conqueror Worms
it was amazing
This book was so much fun to read. Monster worms, Lovecraftian horror and the Apocalypse all at once, told by a dying old man. Superb.
Feb 2007
Aug 20, 2007
National Wrestling Alliance: The Untold Story of the Monopoly That Strangled Pro Wrestling
liked it
A good overview of the history of the NWA, the alliance of wrestling promotions that basically paved the way for a national wrestling promotion. Heavy ...more
Nov 2007
Oct 29, 2007
it was amazing
This was the best novel I have ever read about skinheads, period. Sure, some others were very good, but this is the first and only to really treat the ...more
May 30, 2009
Jul 01, 2008
Shadow Kingdoms (The Weird Works Of Robert E. Howard, #1)
really liked it
Howard is the master of the pulp tale. This volume had a few stories I have not read before, including the great Skull-Face. Also has a few good Kull ...more
Jul 25, 2008
Jun 25, 2008
really liked it
This was such a fun book. Nicholls takes the fantasy kicking boy villian, the orc, and tells a tale from his viewpoint. The heroes are the orcs of the ...more
Mar 03, 2009
Feb 16, 2009
The Elfish Gene: Dungeons, Dragons And Growing Up Strange
really liked it
This was an engaging, fun read -- often humorous and sometimes cringe-worthy -- about the author's childhood obsession with Dungeons & Dragons. It ...more
Jan 13, 2009
Jan 10, 2009
Hallows Eve
really liked it
This was a really fun book that bordered more on dark fantasy than true
horror. There were plenty of scenes that made you afraid for the characters, bu
Dec 03, 2009
Nov 30, 2009
History is Dead
really liked it
An excellent collection of short stories about zombies, set at different periods in history. Some are funny, some disturbing and some just plain fun. ...more
Jan 28, 2009
Jan 21, 2009
Everyday Drinking: The Distilled Kingsley Amis
it was ok
Kingsley Amis' "Everyday Drinking" is a collection of three volumes the
late novelist wrote on the subject of booze. One of those volumes is,
itself, a
Nov 24, 2009
Nov 20, 2009
Hitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling
really liked it
An excellent autobiography and one of the longest wrestling-related ones I ever read. I found it to be not only a fascinating read, but also something ...more
Feb 16, 2009
Feb 04, 2009
Zombie CSU
really liked it
If you are a fan of zombies, this book is for you. The author goes into great detail about how the authorities would respond to a zombie outbreak, if ...more
Dec 13, 2008
Nov 20, 2008
The Return of the King (The Lord of the Rings, #3)
liked it
You know, it is mixed bag for this book. On one hand, the way it is written and somewhat simplistic, black-and-white worldview tend to drag it down fo ...more
Apr 09, 2009
Mar 25, 2009
Iced on Aran
liked it
The fourth and final book in Lumley's Dream series (based on H.P. Lovecraft's dream stories) concludes with a rambling adventure that slowly develops. ...more
Oct 22, 2009
Oct 14, 2009
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, #1)
liked it
As a gimmick, this works once. If they tried to do it again, it would not. The basic Austen story and text is still intact, with zombie themes, action ...more
Jul 08, 2009
Jun 16, 2009
The Undead: Zombie Anthology
it was amazing
Overall, this is a fantastic anthology of short zombie stories. As a fan of the undead, this was right up my alley. Sure, there were a few stinkers, b ...more
Nov 03, 2009
Oct 22, 2009
13 Bullets (Laura Caxton, #1)
really liked it
An extremely fun vampire book that gets vampire back to their horror basics as monsters and not goth sex symbols. The interaction between the characte ...more
Jul 20, 2009
Jul 09, 2009
Quest for Lost Heroes (The Drenai Saga, #4)
really liked it
Gemmell adds another layer to his Drenai saga with this excellent book. One of the best modern fantasy authors and it is a great shame he has passed. ...more
Dec 23, 2009
Dec 20, 2009
Necroscope: The Touch (Necroscope, #14)
it was ok
I loved the first two Necroscope series... and the third series was a big sign of fatigue on Lumley's part... not bad, but nothing special like the fi ...more
Jan 2008
Oct 13, 2007
really liked it
Foley is a good writer. Pretty amazing considering the number of chair shots he has taken to the head over the years. Plus that 20-foot drop from the ...more
Apr 16, 2008
Apr 14, 2008
Zombies: A Field Guide to the Walking Dead
it was ok
Bob Curran gives you a crash-course in mythology related to the dead returning from the grave, either as the undead or back to life -- including a cer ...more
Oct 14, 2008
Oct 05, 2008
The Search for Joseph Tully
it was amazing
A supernatural mystery and a genealogical mystery highlight this great book. One man is plagued with unusual nightmares and sounds... his only help co ...more
Dec 19, 2009
Dec 12, 2009
Brilliance of the Moon (Tales of the Otori, #3)
it was amazing
The Otori trilogy ends with this book, which was nearly as good as the first and a major step-up from the "bridge" feel of the second. The only negati ...more
Feb 03, 2009
Jan 29, 2009
In at the Death (Settling Accounts, #4)
it was amazing
The master of alternative history wraps up his masterpiece. This was a long series -- one ripe for more books, though I fear what could come next -- b ...more
Sep 25, 2009
Sep 17, 2009
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