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Heart of a Shepherd
it was amazing
With his father shipped off to Iraq and his older brothers away, 11-year-old Ignatius "Brother" Alderman works with his grandparents to keep their Ore ...more
Feb 08, 2009
Feb 24, 2009
The Hired Girl
it was amazing
In 1911, determined to make a better life, 14-year-old Joan Skraggs leaves her father's farm and goes to Baltimore to become a hired girl in a wealthy ...more
Jun 30, 2015
Jul 01, 2015
Splendors and Glooms
it was amazing
When Clara Wintermute invites puppeteer children Lizzie Rose and Parsefall to perform at her 12th birthday, their master, Grisini, kidnaps her, turnin ...more
Apr 20, 2012
Apr 20, 2012
The Lions of Little Rock
it was amazing
In 1958, 12-year-old Marlee's forbidden friend helps her find her own voice in concert with the adults around her who have been quietly acquiescent to ...more
Mar 15, 2012
Mar 16, 2012
The Dreamer
it was amazing
A dreamy child of a hard man, Neftali grew up skinny and stuttering in a house of mysteries and fears, loved by a sympathetic stepmother, supported by ...more
May 19, 2010
May 20, 2010
Nuts to You
really liked it
The gray squirrel Jed tells of a harrowing time in his youth when he was captured by a hawk, escaped, and discovered that humans were clearing the are ...more
Jul 12, 2014
Jul 13, 2014
Goodbye Stranger
it was amazing
Three interlocking stories follow Bridge Barsamian and her best friends Em and Tabitha as they navigate the changes seventh grade brings to friends wh ...more
Jul 08, 2015
Jul 09, 2015
The Night Fairy
it was amazing
I'm not sure what I expected but nothing quite this enchanting. It has the appeal of The Borrowers and other stories of miniature people. Schlitz's ca ...more
Jan 2010
Jan 02, 2010
The Nest
really liked it
After his damaged baby brother is born, Steve, who has OCD and is allergic to wasp stings, begins to dream about wasps making a perfect replacement ba ...more
Jul 12, 2015
Jul 14, 2015
Salt to the Sea
it was amazing
A collection of refugees including a Prussian art forger, a Lithuanian nurse, and a pregnant Polish teenager journey across northern Prussia and Germa ...more
Mar 13, 2016
Mar 14, 2016
Dash (Dogs of World War II)
really liked it
Everything changed for fifth-grader Mitsi Kashino in 1942 when her best friends turned away from her, her family was sent to a Japanese internment cam ...more
Oct 08, 2014
Oct 12, 2014
really liked it
In a Dickensian fantasy in which Dickens plays a part, a particularly adept and clever London sewer scrounger accidentally saves the life of a young n ...more
Jul 10, 2012
Jul 11, 2012
The Roar (The Roar, #1)
did not like it
No matter how good a book is, it has to wrap up believably at the end. Sequels are wonderful, for readers who like the book and its world, but they sh ...more
Aug 18, 2009
Aug 21, 2009
it was amazing
Previously home-schooled because of his facial abnormalities and earlier health issues, Augie's short narratives describe the year he entered fifth gr ...more
Apr 03, 2012
Apr 06, 2012
Roller Girl
really liked it
Introduced to roller derby in fifth grade, Astrid works hard that summer and into her sixth grade year, determined to succeed at this fast-paced sport ...more
Apr 26, 2015
Apr 29, 2015
September 17
really liked it
With Germany threatening England from just across the channel, as part of a massive plan to evacuate British children, 90 youngsters set off for Canad ...more
Oct 22, 2014
Oct 26, 2014
The War that Saved My Life (The War That Saved My Life #1)
really liked it
The evacuation of an abused and crippled child to the Kent countryside during the Battle of Britain provides her with mobility (crutches and a pony sh ...more
Mar 28, 2015
Mar 29, 2015
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Parts One and Two (Harry Potter, #8)
liked it
**spoiler alert** Now a grown man working at the Ministry of Magic, Harry Potter struggles to be the right father for his not-so-magical middle child, ...more
Aug 03, 2016
Aug 06, 2016
The Story of Owen: Dragon Slayer of Trondheim (The Story of Owen, #1)
really liked it
When Owen Thorskard and his famous dragon-slaying family move to their small Ontario town, musician Siobhan McQuaid becomes both his algebra tutor and ...more
Dec 04, 2014
Dec 05, 2014
Orbiting Jupiter
it was amazing
Over a long, cold winter in Maine, Jack Hurd comes to know and care for his new foster brother, previously incarcerated eighth grader Joseph Brook, wh ...more
Jul 09, 2015
Jul 11, 2015
What Came from the Stars
really liked it
An epic Civil War on a distant planet, pitting the forces of art against the forces of power, plays out in Plymouth, MA where sixth-grader Tommy Peppe ...more
Aug 20, 2012
Aug 21, 2012
Seraphina (Seraphina, #1)
it was amazing
In her new position assisting the music master at the Goredd court, Seraphina finds that she might be able to bridge the gulf between humans and drago ...more
Sep 23, 2012
Sep 24, 2012
Marcelo in the Real World
it was amazing
With a summer job in his father's law firm, seventeen-year-old Marcelo Sandoval, a boy with Asperger's Syndrome, takes his first steps away from the e ...more
Apr 16, 2009
May 05, 2009
One Crazy Summer (Gaither Sisters, #1)
it was amazing
Eleven-year-old Delphine describes the summer she and her two younger sisters spent with the mother who had abandoned them 7 years earlier, and with t ...more
Mar 27, 2010
Mar 28, 2010
The Storm in the Barn
it was amazing
In the dust bowl of the 1930s, 12-year-old Jack feels useless at home and against the town bullies, but a storekeeper's Jack tales spur him to take on ...more
Aug 22, 2009
Aug 23, 2009
Same Sun Here
really liked it
An unlikely combination of subjects - coal mining through mountaintop removal and living illegally in a rent-controlled apartment - are joined in this ...more
Feb 04, 2012
Feb 12, 2012
The Day of the Pelican
it was amazing
Determined to stick together when war came to Kosovo in 1998, 11-year-old Meli Lleshi's family left their apartment over the store first to camp in th ...more
Aug 22, 2009
Aug 23, 2009
A Nest for Celeste: A Story About Art, Inspiration, and the Meaning of Home
it was amazing
An industrious mouse finds a friend when she is discovered by Joseph, John James Audubon's assistant, visiting the Louisiana plantation where she live ...more
Mar 23, 2010
Mar 23, 2010
My Family for the War
really liked it
Because of her Jewish ancestry, 10-year old Franziska Mangold was sent on the Kindertransport from Nazi Germany to England where the Protestant child ...more
Feb 18, 2013
Feb 19, 2013
Wild Things
it was amazing
In her first-ever stable home, 11-year-old Zoe gradually learns to trust her sculptor uncle Henry, works to tame a feral cat, and discovers relatives ...more
Dec 21, 2009
Dec 22, 2009
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