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The Gods Of Atlantis (Jack Howard, #6)
did not like it
I've given this author a chance to improve, as I really love archeological mysteries and have enjoyed a couple of his previous works BUT now I've DNF' ...more
Sep 10, 2012
Sep 09, 2012
Love Unscripted (Love, #1)
liked it
Finally finished Love, Unscripted, and I'm not sure what to rate it. 3 stars is 'I liked it' (which I did) & 4 stars is 'Really liked it' (which m ...more
Jul 22, 2015
Jun 21, 2012
Dark Blood (Dark, #26)
did not like it
I'm done. No more Feehan; well, I may try one more of her Sea Haven novels MAYBE. They all sound the same anymore and her writing IMHO has deteriorate ...more
Feb 23, 2015
Feb 06, 2015
Double Dare
it was ok
I had heard so many good things about this book that I was doubly disappointed with its lack of creativity in all categories but proofreading. It was ...more
May 14, 2016
Dec 20, 2014
Where I Need to Be (B&S, #1)
it was ok
A little story to go with the sex...and amateurishLove you! written to boot. Sorry but it sounded like something I wrote myself.
not set
Jul 01, 2015
Dancing (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #21.5)
really liked it
I enjoyed this quickie between angsty Anita and ... Oops, I almost listed two of her men (Nathaniel and Micah) but of course, these books are never ab ...more
Nov 15, 2014
Nov 15, 2014
After the Storm (KGI, #8)
did not like it
TSTL = too stupid to live, right? Well, this installment in what used to be a good series introduced me to: TSTQ. I was ALMOST to stupid to quit. I ma ...more
Feb 14, 2014
Feb 08, 2014
Highlander's Kiss (Clan Matheson, #1)
did not like it
OMG I just can't try to read this anymore!!! I love time-travel books and highlanders so thought this freebie by a "NY Times author" (I now realize it ...more
May 19, 2016
May 14, 2016
A Wicked Snow
liked it
I really don't know how to rate this book because, while I liked it, I did not enjoy it. It was just written in a somewhat simplistic style that I unf ...more
May 16, 2015
May 11, 2015
High Country Rebel (Jackson Hole #8)
did not like it
This was my 2nd DNF by this author; I still have one more of hers on my kindle so now to decide whether or not to even try it...I actually got about 2 ...more
not set
Sep 09, 2014
Ghost Seer (Ghost Seer, #1)
liked it
I am just sick that I didn't like this book! The plot was good, the premise not overdone, but I never jives with the characters. The things I thought ...more
Mar 26, 2016
Mar 21, 2016
The King's Justice: Two Novellas
liked it
The writing style was one I didn't care for however the quality of the writing was very good. I read the 1st novella, The King's Justice, even though ...more
not set
Nov 05, 2015
What Now?
liked it
I just hate reading books like this one. Not because the story is bad, but because it is good. However...the writing is slightly amateurish and could ...more
Jan 04, 2016
Oct 02, 2015
Where I Need to Be (B&S, #1; Club 24, #1)
it was ok
Well, the cover was very nice.

There was a story but no plot. There were characters but no character development. There were words but no flow. There w
Feb 22, 2016
Feb 21, 2016
First Sight
did not like it
I remember now why I stopped reading this author: because life is too short. Her writing is verbose and boring. Her characters have no character- well ...more
Jun 28, 2014
Jun 10, 2014
Me, Myself and Why? (Cadence Jones, #1)
did not like it
A total waste of paper. Concept so unusual (a multiple-personality FBI agent)combined with aggravating writing style just reinforced my decision to dr ...more
Apr 02, 2011
Apr 06, 2011
Breaking Point (Shadow Warriors, #5)
liked it
4 stars for the plot but 2stars for the writing and editing, because each awkward sentence, each repetitive line, each factoid she had insert, threw m ...more
Aug 11, 2014
Aug 09, 2014
Giving Chase (Chase Brothers, #1)
it was ok
I guess I thought I liked Lauren Dane's work more than I actually do. This story did have great characters (including 4 sexy Chase men) but to me the ...more
Jul 25, 2011
Jul 23, 2011
In the Air Tonight (Shadow Force, #3)
liked it
This was a VERY weird book for me; I started it last summer (I know!) but just couldn't get through it. I kept it in my nightstand even though I plann ...more
May 26, 2013
Nov 10, 2011
Dead Ever After (Sookie Stackhouse, #13)
liked it
I'm giving this 3 stars just for old-times' sake. Done and done. Quite the letdown. And Sookie's HEA was who I thought, but was made boring by this fi ...more
not set
Aug 30, 2013
Wicked Beat (Sinners on Tour, #4)
did not like it
I am absolutely broken-hearted to find that one of my fav authors of one of my fav series has dropped all pretense of writing STORIES and simply writt ...more
not set
Aug 11, 2013
Promise Me Love
liked it
Good enough storyline but poor execution. This author could really benefit from a good, professional editor & proofreader.
Jun 09, 2017
Jun 05, 2017
Falling Down (Rockstar, #1)
it was ok
Horrible writing, bad editing and repetitive phrases had me finally quitting at 71%. Should have been a knockout rocker story so I'm really pissed tha ...more
Apr 04, 2015
Mar 23, 2015
Avenging Angel (The Fallen, #4)
did not like it
Don't skip this one on my account; I just haven't been able to finish this type of novel this year. Ms. Eden is a good writer of this formula.
Dec 16, 2013
Dec 09, 2013
Where the Red Fern Grows
it was ok
I kept reading, thinking that it would finally get onto the highway but alas, this proved to be a Hugo - of which there are NONE on any street anymore ...more
May 13, 2013
Apr 19, 2013
Sleepy Hollow: Children of the Revolution
liked it
Slow going in the beginning but when it finally got up some hills, the fast ride down was worth it!
Jan 07, 2015
Jan 05, 2015
Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades, #1)
liked it
Unfortunately I had to return this one to the library before I finished ... Which tells those of you who know me that I was reading this one too sloww ...more
Apr 05, 2013
Dec 22, 2011
A Dark Guardian (The Shields, #1)
did not like it
One of the worst books I've ever read. I very sorry, but it's doubly bad when the story had so much potential.

This is obviously self-published, and t
May 19, 2014
Mar 24, 2014
Touch of Seduction (Primal Instinct, #4)
did not like it
My last try for Rhyannon Byrd.
Sep 12, 2010
Aug 29, 2010
Heartsong Cottage (Eternity Springs, #10)
did not like it
I just couldn't get into this story, and not because it wasn't 1st in a series.
Jan 27, 2016
Jan 08, 2016
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