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Bury Me Deep
really liked it
"Bury Me Deep" is a highly infectious noirish romp based on a true life double murder which took place in 1931. Abbott gets right into the psyche of h ...more
Apr 23, 2015
Apr 02, 2015
Paris Peasant
it was ok
The back of this novel has Aragon stating: "I was seeking...a new kind of novel that would break all the traditional rules governing the writing of fi ...more
Mar 05, 2014
Feb 03, 2014
Death at Intervals
did not like it
The best thing about this novel is the blurb on the back cover, which made it sound an interesting, thought provoking, quirky, possibly existential re ...more
May 09, 2013
Apr 10, 2013
Skein and Bone
liked it
This is a collection of 14 short stories of traditional quiet horror, several of which I previously read in Black Static magazine. V.H.Leslie can craf ...more
Feb 20, 2016
Feb 13, 2016
really liked it
This is a great apocalyptic novel with an attention to detail and power which doesn't abate from the brilliant opening chapters right through to the l ...more
Feb 19, 2010
Jan 20, 2010
The Dead Women of Juárez
liked it
This is a solid modern crime novel. Gritty, with believeable characters (if somewhat stereotypical at times), very involving and well told. The issue ...more
Jun 26, 2013
Jun 13, 2013
Love Songs for the Shy and Cynical
liked it
I wanted to like this book a bit more than I did. Some of the stories here are very inventive, some are very funny, some - ultimately - are very sad, ...more
Nov 2011
Oct 17, 2011
Philosopher Or Dog?
liked it
This is a peculiar book. The title is very misleading. Without any spoilers I can confidently state the answer to the question is "dog". There is neve ...more
Feb 12, 2015
Feb 02, 2015
The Periodic Table
really liked it
I've had this book on my shelves for over twenty years but something has always put me off reading it. Perhaps it was the formality of the title, or t ...more
Nov 12, 2013
Oct 28, 2013
A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man
it was ok
This is the first Joyce I've read, and considering reviews of his other books it's probably the easiest. I ran through the first 100 pages - school re ...more
Sep 12, 2017
Aug 10, 2017
The New York Trilogy
it was amazing
My first introduction to Paul Auster was "Oracle Night" by a friend who had flung the book across the room in exasperated anger after reading the fina ...more
May 08, 2012
Apr 26, 2012
The Push Man and Other Stories
liked it
These short stories are quite similar in nature. The main protagonist - exclusively male - is disatisfied in life and is either beholden financially t ...more
Jan 12, 2015
Jan 06, 2015
The Great Gatsby
really liked it
I came to this book with the expectation that I might not like it. I've a vague memory of a movie adaptation from quite some time ago that I saw a bri ...more
Mar 12, 2014
Mar 05, 2014
Nineteen Seventy Four
really liked it
This is a visceral book. It's also a cracking read. I'm falling short of five stars because the large cast of characters makes the denouement rush qui ...more
Apr 08, 2014
Mar 28, 2014
Mr Hire's Engagement
liked it
This short novel is an entertaining if slight read, where the eponymous Mr Hire becomes the suspect in a murder case purely because he is in love with ...more
Jan 05, 2015
Dec 29, 2014
The Magic Toyshop (Virago Modern Classics)
it was ok
I must admit this was a difficult read. It was a very uninvolving book with characters that I found hard to feel any emotion for. The first fifty page ...more
Jul 04, 2012
Jun 07, 2012
Rustblind and Silverbright - A Slipstream Anthology of Railway Stories
really liked it
"Rustblind and Silverbright" is a slipstream anthology of railway stories. As with most anthologies the appreciation of the contents depends on person ...more
Aug 08, 2013
Jul 05, 2013
liked it
"1978" is a punk novel. And as they say about the sixties, I think you really had to have been there to experience it. I was 11 in 1978 and I was also ...more
Sep 29, 2011
Sep 19, 2011
The Brahan Seer: The Story of Scotland's Nostradamus
really liked it
Really enjoyed this fictionalised documentation of the Brahan Seer (Scotland's Nostradamus), who I hadn't heard of prior to reading this novel. Thomps ...more
Jan 11, 2018
Jan 03, 2018
Sherlock Holmes: The Breath of God (Sherlock Holmes)
liked it
Sometimes you just need to read a book for fun and this is a fun book. I'm not overly keen on using another author's characters as a springboard for n ...more
May 06, 2014
Apr 30, 2014
liked it
This is the first Bukowski I've read and I've heard that's it not necessarily the best place to start nor is it representative of a lot of his work. H ...more
Jan 20, 2010
Jan 11, 2010
The Pugilist at Rest: and other stories
really liked it
This collection of stories reads like the grandson of Raymond Carver. Gritty, realistic, shot through with humanity and observation. Many of them feat ...more
Apr 12, 2012
Apr 05, 2012
The Facts of Life
really liked it
I really enjoyed this book. NB: there are some spoilers in this review. It's a bit of a strange beast in some respects. Joyce handles a multitude of f ...more
Jul 26, 2012
Jun 25, 2012
Different Skins
really liked it
"Different Skins" is a collection of two novellas: "Even The Dead Die" and "In The Skin". Both of these horror stories are very dark, with imagery whi ...more
Dec 09, 2009
Nov 30, 2009
War All the Time
really liked it
I find it annoying you can't do half stars on Goodreads, because I'd put this as 4.5 rather than 4 if I could. This is the first time I've read Bukows ...more
Apr 19, 2010
Apr 17, 2010
Sleep Has His House
it was amazing
I've read a few books by Anna Kavan but this is my favourite. Brief autobiographical statements are then augmented by dreamlike, surrealistic - and of ...more
Jan 03, 2017
Dec 16, 2016
liked it
Frank and Joannie are looking to move out of the city and into an idyllic suburban situation where they can consider having children in a crime-free f ...more
Oct 19, 2011
Oct 04, 2011
The genocides.
liked it
There are many good ideas in "The Genocides", particularly the believeable and methodical way virulent plant life could ravage our planet, however the ...more
Apr 30, 2014
Apr 22, 2014
Who Are You?
liked it
"Who are you?" refers to the call of a bird in the tropical clime where this book is set in the tumultuous weeks leading to the start of the monsoon s ...more
Jan 06, 2015
Dec 29, 2014
Sherlock Holmes: The Baker Street Case Files
liked it
It's been a long while since I read any Conan Doyle stories and only once before have I read something written within the canon, so I don't have much ...more
Jan 03, 2018
Dec 28, 2017
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