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A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire, #4)
it was amazing
I was fully prepared to be disappointed by this book, for several reasons. First of all, the last book, A Storm Of Swords, ended with a very large cli ...more
Oct 26, 2006
Mar 31, 2008
Pandora's Star
really liked it
I have very mixed feelings about this book, and of the experience of having read it. As a result, I'm not sure I can say that I truly 'enjoyed' it; it ...more
Sep 07, 2008
Apr 01, 2008
Hard Contact (Star Wars: Republic Commando, #1)
really liked it
When is a Star Wars novel not a Star Wars novel?

That seems to be one of the questions raised by Republic Commando: Hard Contact. On the surface, it v
Jun 30, 2006
Mar 31, 2008
Lost at Sea
it was amazing
**spoiler alert** I'll admit that I only bought this because of Scott Pilgrim - I was at a talk that O'Malley gave, and didn't have any of my SP books ...more
Jun 14, 2008
Jun 25, 2008
Goldfinger (James Bond, #7)
liked it
Despite having seen many of the films, this was my first exposure to one of Ian Fleming's Bond novels. The plot, basically, involves Bond having to st ...more
Jul 15, 2007
Mar 31, 2008
Cooking for Geeks: Real Science, Great Hacks, and Good Food
it was amazing
I've read a fair number of books, websites, and magazines about cooking over the years. Prior to this book, though, NONE of them discussed using 3D pr ...more
Mar 2011
Mar 23, 2011
Blood & Iron (American Empire, #1)
liked it
I realized only in the middle of this that, while it's part 1 of a trilogy, it's also really book 7 of a 9 book set. So I was a little lost for a bit, ...more
Jul 06, 2009
Jul 05, 2009
Kobayashi Maru (Star Trek: Enterprise #12)
did not like it
The Kobayashi Maru scenario has been a part of Star Trek lore since the release of The Wrath of Khan in 1982. In the film, it's a test of character th ...more
May 20, 2009
May 13, 2009
liked it
I'm actually fairly unsure about what I thought of this book. There was a lot I liked about it; I loved the way that Kosinski talks about music throug ...more
Jun 2009
May 09, 2009
Death Troopers (Star Wars)
it was ok
The thing this book most reminded me of was Snakes on a Plane. When I first heard about both SoaP and Death Troopers, my first reaction was "That's an ...more
Dec 05, 2009
Oct 14, 2009
The Collapsium (The Queendom of Sol #1)
it was amazing
A lot of science fiction literature takes a somewhat negative view of scientific progress, 'cautionary tales' that point out the problems with scienti ...more
Dec 15, 2009
Dec 09, 2009
Quarter Share (Golden Age of the Solar Clipper, #1)
it was amazing
This podcast-only novel was something of a space opera, but not quite. It has a lot of space opera-like qualities - there's a lot of intergalactic tra ...more
Dec 24, 2009
Dec 05, 2009
Beautiful Losers
it was amazing
**spoiler alert** I was once told that "art is the point where order meets chaos", and that definition is one that kept coming back to me while readin ...more
May 06, 2008
Mar 31, 2008
Software (Ware, #1)
really liked it
I came to cyberpunk from an interesting vector: I discovered it through Marvel's 2099 comic series, of all places, and then watched the Matrix, and on ...more
Feb 07, 2011
Mar 04, 2011
Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution
really liked it
This was a really interesting look at the history of computers as a DIY technology, stretching from the 1950s to the 1980s, when the first edition of ...more
May 17, 2010
May 20, 2010
it was amazing
Aliens in science fiction are a tricky business; they're often little more than metaphors for specific aspects of human society, like the Klingons in ...more
Feb 24, 2013
Oct 18, 2011
From Eve to Dawn: Origins
really liked it
This book, a cross-cultural look at the place of women in societies from the Neolithic period to the end of the first millennium AD, was quite possibl ...more
Nov 08, 2010
May 09, 2009
Half Share (Golden Age of the Solar Clipper, #2)
really liked it
Volume 2 of the story of Ishmael Wang features him getting a promotion, transferring to a new department, and becoming a bit of a mentor to one of his ...more
Jan 2010
Dec 30, 2009
Astro City, Vol. 8: Shining Stars
really liked it
When I think back to the "grim and gritty" comics of my youth, I can't help but think that Astro City is what they grew up to become. There is a certa ...more
Jun 19, 2012
Jun 19, 2012
Swamp Thing, Vol. 2: Love and Death
it was amazing
My reading through Alan Moore's oeuvre comes, ironically enough, with one of his earliest North American works, and one of the ones he's best known fo ...more
Jan 27, 2011
Jan 28, 2011
Blackout (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
it was amazing
This was something a little off the beaten path for a Buffy novel, as Buffy and most of the rest of the cast from the show doesn't really appear in th ...more
Apr 22, 2007
Mar 31, 2008
The Better Part of Valor (Confederation #2)
it was amazing
Everything I said about the first book, in terms of quality, still applies here. It's very similar to the first book; enough so that I'm really not su ...more
Jun 27, 2013
Jun 28, 2013
The Best of the Spirit
really liked it
I had read a story or two of the Spirit when I was younger, and I remember being underwhelmed by it at the time. After reading Eisner's Contract With ...more
Apr 23, 2009
Apr 23, 2009
Strangers in Paradise, Pocket Book 1
it was amazing
I'm a big fan of poutine. For those of you who are not Canadian, nor have Canadians in your life, poutine is a Quebecois dish based on french fries, w ...more
Jun 24, 2010
Jun 25, 2010
Jedi Twilight (Star Wars: Coruscant Nights, #1)
really liked it
One of the things that I've always loved about science fiction as a genre is how adaptable it is - lots of people have had a lot of success meshing sc ...more
Dec 11, 2008
Dec 07, 2008
Valiant Masters: Rai, Volume 1: From Honor to Strength
liked it
This was an incredibly frustrating book to read. On one hand, there's a lot of great stuff here - the setting is fascinating, as is the idea of Rai, w ...more
Sep 26, 2014
Sep 27, 2014
Superman: Action Comics, Volume 3: At the End of Days
liked it
I find Morrison's superhero stuff is always kind of an odd duck - he gets tonnes of credit for how "crazy" and "original" his ideas are, but what he r ...more
Apr 07, 2014
Apr 07, 2014
Star Wars: Empire, Volume 1: Betrayal
it was ok
Expanded universe material can be tricky sometimes. It's one thing when it's stuff that extends a story, like Dark Horse's Buffy comics or the New Jed ...more
May 10, 2009
May 11, 2009
Witch Way to the Mall
really liked it
During the summer I was heading downtown one afternoon, and I started thinking about how popular urban fantasy has been over the past several decades, ...more
Sep 15, 2010
Aug 02, 2010
Neon Genesis Evangelion, Vol. 5
it was amazing
So, I've been reading the Evangelion series on and off for awhile now, really unsure of the whole thing. I had heard from several people I know that t ...more
Jan 02, 2009
Jan 02, 2009
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