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message 1: by Scott (new)

Scott Fitton Audrey you are so wrong it hurts

message 2: by Gavin (new)

Gavin Naismith Just started this book after the ratings; went to goodreads because I became suspicious after "Bruce" and Texas". Many thanks for staying the course so I didn't have to x.

message 3: by Scott (new)

Scott Fitton Gavin I have absolutely no idea what you are on about

message 4: by Dana (new)

Dana Audrey, your review is spot on. This book was so badly written and ridiculous I couldn't make it past 200 pages.

message 5: by Audrey (new)

Audrey @Scott, what am I wrong about exactly? Please enlighten. Also, if you enjoyed the book, then you enjoyed it. I can not influence your taste, merely warn friends of mine that have similar taste.

message 6: by Ryan (new)

Ryan @Audrey Woaaaah I think you need a holiday. I'm tired from just reading your hate filled rant, God knows how you must feel after slaving away to write that.

message 7: by Audrey (new)

Audrey Haha. I felt obligated to help other readers. Racism for entertainment makes me angry. It may have tainted my review a wee bit.

message 8: by Sue (new)

Sue Schultz Loved your review. AND that you too have thrown a book at a wall.

message 9: by Doris (new)

Doris Jean Thanks, Audrey, for your honesty. Good review. I may decide to try the book and make my own opinion, and I have feeling I'm going to agree with you. All the stars here are one or five, so ???

message 10: by Alene 2nd (new)

Alene 2nd This book should have been at least 3 books. Overly long by 300 pages.

message 11: by Barry (new)

Barry let me just say that is an epic review of a truly awful book. I gave up on the thinly veiled racism and tangential rantings at page 230; I'm impressed you finished it.

My favourite quote went something like 'I'm not a boastful person...' ... Really chap? I'm sure I've just read 230 pages of you telling us how ninja you are while acting like a Seth Rogan parody of Jason Bourne.

message 12: by Alene 2nd (new)

Alene 2nd Not awful but not good. Where was the "racism"?

message 13: by Miemie (new)

Miemie I liked the review. It saved me money. This book is the same price as Ian Mcewan 's latest book. I'd rather buy Mcewan.

message 14: by Chaya (new)

Chaya Nebel I couldn't make it through 1/3 of it. Couldn't get past the boring backstory.

message 15: by Laura (new)

Laura Seaman I thought your review was spot on. I usually enjoy the 'action/thriller' genre; but as you identified this was neither. I thought it was to broken up, with too many inconsequential characters and too much waffle. The book could have easily been half the number of pages. I only gave it one star and that was being generous.

message 16: by Robyn (new)

Robyn While I liked the book, you do make some excellent points. (And your review was very entertaining). It definitely rambled and made use of shallow stereotypes, but by the end I had Forgotten much of it. Guess i shouldn't read 3 or 4 books at the same time.

message 17: by Anita (new)

Anita Audrey- you say you've read better. I liked your review and agreed with it. You say there are great thrillers out there-can you recommend some? This was supposed to be my first foray into the genre and it was less than great.

message 18: by Audrey (new)

Audrey Anita-- some of my favorites are Da Vinci Code by Brown (although his later books are pretty awful), and the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series. Some older Tom Clancy is pretty good. John le Carre is fantastic--some of the best I've read (Tinker, Tailer, Soldier, Spy.) I also love old-school writers like John Buchan (writing about his WWI experiences.) If you don't mind the slightly macabre, and like the "Tattoo" series, I've found that Scandinavian authors have a particular knack for dark thrillers. Try Henning Mankell or Jussi Adler-Olsen.

If you want domestic authors, Patterson and Grisham aren't really my taste, but they are known for their edge-of-your seat writing, so maybe check them out.

It's not necessarily a thriller, but The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith (actually JK Rowling) was a great recent mystery.

I would also recommend avoiding Robert Ludlum. He is as bad as Terry Hayes, if not worse, in my opinion.

My Name is Red is also a great read--really complex and profound, but a good foreign thriller.


message 19: by Ang (new)

Ang I love your review! I've only just started the book - book club reading - and think it's awful!

message 20: by Anita (new)

Anita Thank you for the recommendations!!! Just finished the dragon tattoo series- I read them all in one week- wow!!! I'm getting into your next ones. Thank you soooo much!!

message 21: by Susie (new)

Susie Actually, I thought this book had very few sexist descriptions compared to other books.

message 22: by Stace (new)

Stace Campbell I am only on page 77. But was so irritated by the dump of backstory, and the awful POV assumptions - a whole chapter relayed and the main character wasn't even there, I mean seriously. Awful. It doesn't sound like it gets any better. I'm shocked at how many 5 stars this book got.

message 23: by Nikita (new)

Nikita This review made me laugh out loud... and apparently avoid wasting my time and money on a poorly-written book.

message 24: by Kent (last edited Mar 21, 2015 01:52AM) (new)

Kent Audrey, I enjoyed reading your review .. However I really enjoyed the book.

message 25: by Jeni (new)

Jeni Agreed!

message 26: by Tero (new)

Tero Pajunen Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For a moment I thought it was just me.

message 27: by Nita (new)

Nita This book made me tired. Thank you for making me feel vindicated in disliking a pointless marathon.

message 28: by Sharon (new)

Sharon I'm reading this for book club and I want to cry with rage at all the hype. is there something wrong with me? I just read a chapter about a man being beheaded. blindfolded. the eyes just flickered when the head rolled away, so maybe it was a blindfold made of gauze? I hate this book.

message 29: by Tami (new)

Tami I quite enjoyed this book, but, Audrey, I do have to express that there is a slight irony to your review (much of which I understand and appreciate) when you follow it up by recommending The Da Vinci Code, which I, and many others I have spoken to, believe was truly one of the worst written thrillers we had ever come across!
I agree with your recommendation of the Millennium Trilogy (- excellent books, all 3 of them!) but I think that if the basis of your dismissal of I Am Pilgrim is that it was poorly written, Dan Brown is a terrible comeback.

message 30: by Audrey (new)

Audrey I hear you. I thought it at least moved like the plot of a thriller should.

message 31: by Trygve (new)

Trygve Kalland I'm halfway through this book and so far this review is a much better read. Thanks Audrey.

message 32: by Dick (new)

Dick Carroll I must be a low brow, I enjoyed this books obvious faults and all. I guess you can go through life and criticize everything that doesn't meet your standars or just go with the flow and enjoy life--a good read with flaws.

message 33: by Deborah (new)

Deborah I agree with the part about his character build up. Too much regression to his and everyone's early life, I longed for the story to start. But I must say you have great writing skills yourself, I see talent in your pen, as does my husband and now at 65 he is churning out his first book. Never say never.

message 34: by Audrey (new)

Audrey Thank you, deborah!

message 35: by Janna (new)

Janna Stam Audrey, I tried to follow your advice and I waited two months to post a review, but unfortunately time didn't mellow my aversion to that book. It's just. SO. bad.

message 36: by Alex (new)

Alex Denney If it had been a physical book I too wOld have thrown it at a wall or chucked it in the road but didn't want to damage the kindle. Truly terrible book, but somehow I finished it.....

message 37: by Calaversus (new)

Calaversus What a brilliant review. I've only just started Part Two and it's poorly written, clichéd tripe.

message 38: by Elliot (new)

Elliot I don't have the words to describe how bad I thought this book was. Thankfully Audrey does.

message 39: by Chris (new)

Chris Henk I enjoyed it. I see some of your point with the build up but I also see you loved the girl with the Dragon tattoo. in my opinion the first 100 pages of that book may as well have been five hundred and Mikael is way more boring than the pilgrim character.

message 40: by Macka (new)

Macka Wholeheartedly agree.. Terrible book on so many levels.. Almost impossible to believe some people can give it 5 stars.. What planet are they on?

message 41: by Ali (new)

Ali Ok, thanks to your review, I'm done! Sounds like this poorly written book isn't going to get any better. I am rarely one to give up on a book after investing this much time (I'm at the 50% mark on my Kindle--I'm a masochist!), because I want to see how it ends. But you have voiced all the same points and concerns I had and came out with a 1-star review--thanks for saving me from myself. Going to pick up something worth reading now...

message 42: by Marvin (new)

Marvin Dionisio I totally agree with your review. Plus I would like to add that this book tries to generate suspense by using too much narrative foreshadowing. The author oftentimes ends a chapter with something like ‘We should have known better’, or ‘I would regret that mistake’ to create tension. He uses it too much that it becomes boring. I usually finish a book in just a week or two but it took me almost a month to finish I Am Pilgrim. Not because it was too long but because I had lost interest a few times.

message 43: by RAKIYOSHI (new)

RAKIYOSHI I chose to ignore the failings of this book and garnered much enjoyment from it. That being said, love your review. "No more @&2$4& cheekbones!" haha. BTW, my favorite line in the book, "it was a more beautiful room than the salon--it was smaller and that made the proportions better".

message 44: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Oh dear. I feel a bit dirty now. Your review is so accurate but I loved this book! I've just started following your reviews and see we share a love of Austen. Does that go any way to redeeming me?

message 45: by Arnoud (new)

Arnoud Spot on. I deleted the book after 150 pages. Already it was very obvious then this is a writer that needs a lot of words to say precious little.

message 46: by Philip (new)

Philip Ashcroft Great review put in words some of what I was feeling about the book.

message 47: by CAC (new)

CAC I liked the book but liked Audrey's review more.

message 48: by Liz (new)

Liz Smith Exactly how I feel about this book - still have 100 pages to go and it's a strange book to sum up!

message 49: by Bradly (new)

Bradly The protagonist is the best though. Didn't you get that? How could you miss it? Everybody from his enemies to his friends to the President remind the reader constantly while in awe! "He's the best!"

Great review.

message 50: by Calaversus (new)

Calaversus Great review. I totally agree with every single point you made. And I'm glad that it's not just me who got infuriated by the ever changing narrative voice!

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