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message 1: by Manny (new)

Manny I think you have to have been exposed to the Just William books as a kid...

message 2: by Jordan (last edited Apr 03, 2010 04:57PM) (new)

Jordan Sam loves those books! I have yet to read any I know this one was one of his favorites. Did you know Terry Prachett is the most shoplifted Author in England? I think that's so fun!! : )

message 3: by Manny (new)

Manny It really is a fun book - I read it in a day and a half. But as I said, it's not a bad idea to check out one of the Just William series first, if you haven't ever read one. I don't think they're well known in the US...

message 4: by David (new)

David Katzman i thought Candide was funny, too!

message 5: by Katelin (last edited May 01, 2010 01:22AM) (new)

Katelin This review is almost as good as the book!

message 6: by Manny (new)

Manny Thank you Katelin! I had fun writing it, as I'm sure you can see...

message 7: by Jürgen A. (new)

Jürgen A. Erhard Great review, spot on use of Adam :D

message 8: by Manny (new)

Manny Thank you Jürgen! Have you read any of the Just William books? I read them as a kid and Adam's language is very familiar to me...

message 9: by Manny (new)

Manny I only just realized it was a proto-Deathmatch review. You know what it's like when you start researching the roots of a genre...

message 10: by Batata (new)

Batata Great review, I had as much fun reading this as I did reading the book (which I loved) !

message 11: by Traveller (new)

Traveller A lot of Manny's reviews read like stories, and some are more fun to read than the books they review. :)

message 12: by Manny (new)

Manny Thank you Batata and Traveller!

message 13: by Janet (new)

Janet Depiazzi I think I enjoyed this as much as the book :) Just discovered this great website - love your work!

message 14: by Manny (new)

Manny Thank you Janet!

message 15: by Yukikawa (new)

Yukikawa OMG, I love your writing!!! In case you publish a book, please tell me. ^^

message 16: by Manny (new)

Manny Thank you Sparkling! I did in fact publish a collection of my favorite reviews last year, but I'm afraid nothing more substantial as yet...

message 17: by Giota (new)

Giota I loved Good Omens!! I thought it was funny but meaningful. I also enjoyed your review. I don't know about Madame Bovary, since I haven't read it yet, but the characters from Good Omens are spot on, especially Aziraphale and Crowley, who also happen to be my favorite!! Thank you for such refreshing reviews.

message 18: by Manny (last edited Dec 17, 2014 05:00AM) (new)

Manny Thank you Giota!

Aziraphale and Crowley were my favorites too, their conversations are so funny...

message 19: by Olga (new)

Olga Wow - love the review!

message 20: by Manny (new)

Manny That's very nice of you, Olga!

message 21: by Olga (new)

Olga I am only on chapter 1, but enjoying it a lot. I am a fan of Gaiman and Pratchett. The Omen reminds me more of Christopher Moors (Stupidest Angel; Lamb). Love the dark-ish humor and anti-religious satire.

message 22: by TP (new)

TP One of the best comments I've read so far. Can't wait to read more of these

message 23: by Manny (new)

Manny Thank you, Titus!

message 24: by Monica (new)

Monica Great review! Madame Bovver-Boy…

message 25: by Cecily (new)

Cecily It's a while since I read one of your mashup reviews, but this did not disappoint.

Manny wrote: "Thank you Jürgen! Have you read any of the Just William books? I read them as a kid and Adam's language is very familiar to me..."

"According to Gaiman, he originally began the book as a parody of Richmal Crompton's William books, named William the Antichrist, but it gradually outgrew the original idea."

message 26: by Tere (new)

Tere This is literally the best review I have read on Goodreads. Five Star review of this review.

message 27: by Sofia (new)

Sofia [Remembers MB was hella depressing]

message 28: by Manny (new)

Manny Oh, it's just what usually happens to people who are trapped in a lifeless marriage and start playing around. Though apparently it caused a great deal of excitement when Flaubert pointed this out.

message 29: by Honey (new)

Honey Wow. I normally don’t comment on reviews, but I must say this review is so cool!

message 30: by Manny (new)

Manny Thank you Honey, I really had fun writing it :)

message 31: by Kaya (new)

Kaya Kobold I should visit Madame Bovary and re read good omens with her. Maybe she can make a cameo in the film?

message 32: by Manny (new)

Manny Kaya wrote: "I should visit Madame Bovary and re read good omens with her. Maybe she can make a cameo in the film?"

Thank you Kaya, I hadn't noticed that it's soon going to appear as a movie!

Neil Gaiman, are you listening? Can you make this happen?

message 33: by Tracy (new)

Tracy Hilarious review.

message 34: by Manny (new)

Manny Thank you Tracy!

message 35: by Sue (new)

Sue Bursztynski Hi Manny! I believe that the whole thing started with an idea by Neil Gaiman. His original title was “William the Antichrist.”
And they are currently filming a 6 part TV series with David Tennant as Crowley. Miranda Richardson is Madame Tracy! We have to wait till next year, though.

message 36: by Manny (new)

Manny I am kind of looking forward to seeing this. From the advance pictures, I think David Tennant is enjoying the role...

message 37: by Sue (new)

Sue Bursztynski He is perfect for the role!

message 38: by Manny (new)

Manny I agree, excellent casting decision!

message 39: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Pak This book is very interesting and has a very dramatic plot. That is why, in my opinion, this book is great for people into supernatural powers and comedy. However, some things I disliked was the first part of the book because the author introduced too many characters at once. Additionally, these characters were not really relevant towards the book and only offered brief anecdotes. Besides this, I really liked how the author made the plot very dramatic and interesting but also funny. Additionally, the book is decently easy to read for the majority of the pages, however some other pages are hard to understand and process. In general, this book was a great choice and I would continue to read more books from Neil Gaimen and Terry Pratchet.

message 40: by Manny (new)

Manny I quite agree, several characters were only marginally relevant, and the plot is in general quite illogical. In particular, I do not think one can reasonably say that the Just William books prefigure the coming of the Antichrist.

message 41: by Cecily (new)

Cecily Manny wrote: "I do not think one can reasonably say that the Just William books prefigure the coming of the Antichrist."

I always thought Violet Elizabeth was one of Satan's acolytes - the female and demonic equivalent of a cherub.

message 42: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra Must confess I haven't read yet the Good Omens, but your review is hilarious, and brilliant!

message 43: by Manny (new)

Manny Thank you Alexandra! I love both these books in different ways :)

message 44: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Bravo, sir, bravo!

message 45: by Manny (last edited Nov 29, 2018 09:01AM) (new)

Manny What can you not achieve when you've managed to sign up Gustave Flaubert, Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman as assistants? I can tell you it took some organisation. Gustave and Terry in particular really didn't agree on certain key issues.

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