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message 1: by Richard (new)

Richard I concur. I've really struggled with Doctorow's books. Far, far too much proselytising and (whisper) writing that just isn't good enough.

Sailormouth Stay My thoughts exactly.

message 3: by Travis (new)

Travis I had a different reaction. I really liked it. Authors write themselves into stories to imagine themselves as more important than they are. That's not unique to Doctorow. There were parts of the plot that seemed implausible to me, but I liked the characters pretty well. Even the evil journalist wasn't completely evil, in my reading. He cared about the workers and hated Disney. I don't think it's unrealistic that bloggers will be more important than news agency journalists either. This isn't my favorite novel, but I got more redeeming qualities out of it than not. I read it as one way the world could end up.

message 4: by Bill (new)

Bill Nicole, I think I lean a little more towards Travis's take than yours, though you're certainly entitled to your opinion. I don't know if you're an author yourself, and I certainly am not, but in my opinion it takes a lot of work and time to write a book, and at over 500 pages, this one is certainly a long one. This is the third of Cory's books that I've read. At a price of $0.00, it is certainly a bargain, but it's worth more than that, a lot more in my opinion. Of the three that I've read, this one is to me the best statement of Cory's "world view", if you will. Perhaps I'm just an infant here with Cory's world view, and eventually will "mature" with regard to my interest in his world view; I just can't say. But now that I've recently finished reading "Makers", I'll probably be writing a fairly favorable review of it.

message 5: by Ada (new)

Ada Macey Nicole, that was fairly much exactly my experience with the book. It languishes on my unfinished shelf for reasons the exact reasons you outline.

message 6: by Colin (new)

Colin Deisenroth I agree, I only made it about 10% in but I had to stop. Too many issues that frustrated me.

I finally had to stop with the tickle me Elmo's driving the car. It was just so absurd and such far fetched fantasy to anyone that actually understands what kind of technology this would require. Maybe this book is meant for people that aren't as knowledgable about the actual capabilities of these size computers and can just believe and say "wow that's amazing!"

message 7: by Raucous (new)

Raucous Agreed. I bought this book when it first came out and started it several times over the next 5 years. I finally picked it up again a couple of months ago thinking, based on the description, that it's a book that I really *should* like. After those two months I'm still not through it. It annoys me every time I pick it up, for all of the reasons that you've described. It's time for me to move on as well.

message 8: by Begem0t (new)

Begem0t Not the best Doctorow, but all I can tell people, who've read only the first part - It's not what you think.

message 9: by Jacob (new)

Jacob Hinkle I agree with you 100%, but you left out one of the worst parts to me which was the whole Fatkins arc. The disgust and contempt that Susan showed towards Lester when he was fat, really bothered me. I struggled through this whole book and ended up getting nothing out of it. Little Brother was good because it took real world tech and showed how it could be used, this as you said was all just fantasy and Lester and Perry were wizards who could turn any hunk of metal into a work of mechanical genius.

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