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RachelW (BamaGal) Wow, I just saw this after all this time. I was talking with some Friends about the declining quality of Rowland's work, and I remembered that you had clued me in to Rowland's Twitter rant about my review.

Little did she know that it was the first of many bad reviews for this book...

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Ecobb I’m reading bad reviews so that I don’t waste time on the book. I found the series late, obviously. Kara always annoyed me a bit with her immaturity, and use of language. Her love life always read more teenager than late twenties. I continued to read in hopes she would grow. The Rhyzkahl betrayal With no additional answers never read quite right to me. Why write about his struggle with the decision and the whole scene about her dropping to her knees earlier with him being so shaken telling her she would never kneel. I appreciated her work at recovery. There are some decent elements in the books, but abusing your heroine throughout the series and writing unnecessary character attributes and sciences, WTF. Thanks for giving me the basics. I’ll go read reviews for the next 2 books. And I’m looking for Rachel’s review. Authors really write Twitter rants about reviews? This I have to investigate

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