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message 1: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth I never comment on anyone's reviews, but you've said everything I was thinking. What a disappointing book!

message 2: by Baine (new)

Baine so its not dystopic? oh wow. man
and what???
dear GOD that is gunna drive me crazy.
so basically, do you think i should read it?
i mean im gunna anyway ( lol) i just wanna know if you think i should or not

message 3: by Shigaya (new)

Shigaya agree with the dialogue thing, but about the fightings... well, we 'see' them through Lyn's eyes, and she has this selective mind that notices things sequenced... so maybe the fight's could be longer than it was told?

Leaving the style and the times aside...

I liked the book because of the characters... you don't know mothers like that? I do. Maybe is this latin kind of mother... but I felt I know real people who might be those characters in real live...

The best thing, the manic-depressive mother and the violent embironment... that was... well... just real...

Just wanted to offer an other view of this to you, not understimating your opinion...


message 4: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Thank you it's like you understood exactly what i was thinking! I struggled finishing this book, there was almost no action at all and I kept thinking the whole time about different ways the author could have made the plot more exciting instead of having the characters moping around and being chased by papparazzi for 3/4 of the book.

April*procrastinator and proud* haha you should read The Hunger Games
, this book was like a cheap rip off of it.

message 6: by Kristen (new)

Kristen I feel exactly the same way about the book as you do. Good concept, poor execution.

message 7: by Krishna (new)

Krishna wasn't the best...the dashes were horrible I couldn't find this book clicking...u know?!

message 8: by Alanna (last edited Dec 04, 2014 08:56PM) (new)

Alanna Lee I agree, I mean yes, I did hate it, but I also did squeal at their first date because I thought it was cute. I see your point because if this took place years and years later, it probably would've been tolerable, but instead it was like imaginging it in today's world. Weird right? Imagine your neighbor is a gladiator. Yeah no, not working for me. And it mentioned some pop culture of our world and time for example on page 95 it jkept referencing V for Vendetta and Natalie Portman. Would there really be all of our pop culture in an alternate univrse? It just made it harder to picturethe milieu of this book. Imaging gladiators being more popular than actors and actresses like Natalie Portman! Yeah I wasn't feeling it.
The cover, oh my god! I picked it up and my thoughts were "Okay so her dad will die around the first few chapters, she meets the gladiator that killed him shortly after, she goes to the arena halfway througth the book, maybe they end up liking each other or maybe not." Wow, I was totally wrong. She didn't even until past three fourths of the book and yeah! Her fight was like 15 pages until the end! What?! All I know is that this book has really good advertisers cause I this cover was totally wrong. No "suspense" or "violent energy" for me. More like boredom from all the stupid romance.
Why would someone decide to write a book using dashes to indicate dialogue? Stupid idea! Like okay wow now I don't know whose talking. And when I first started reading it, it was really confusing to follow. And yes i know there are like 300 pages, but honestly, you don't get used to it. All it did was give me a headache! It was still just as confusing as it was to begin with. I wish I could just edit everything! I hated this book so much! Don't waste your time or money on this. It will just make you want to throught the book against a wall.

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