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message 1: by Tiff (new)

Tiff at Mostly YA Lit I can't with this. I need it now. NOW.

message 2: by Cleo (new)

Cleo I didn't know you watched LBD! :) Are you watching Emma Approved too? What do you think of it?
I'm really excited for the book, but I can't help wondering what the writing/format will be like.

message 3: by Tiff (new)

Tiff at Mostly YA Lit I have an ARC now - I'll let you know? I'm not in love with EA, to be honest...I like it okay, but it's missing a lot of the humour and real-life connection of LBD...sigh.

message 4: by Cleo (new)

Cleo That's too bad...I definitely agree that Emma Approved isn't as good or as funny, but I'm still enjoying it (and am glad it's almost June).

message 5: by Tiff (new)

Tiff at Mostly YA Lit Me too! I still like it...I just feel like it needs to get moving a bit with the plot...

message 6: by Annie (new)

Annie Page so when is your review comming

message 7: by Tiff (new)

Tiff at Mostly YA Lit It's up! Enjoy!

message 8: by Cleo (new)

Cleo Is the audiobook read by Ashley Clements?

message 9: by Tiff (new)

message 10: by Cleo (new)

Cleo That's really cool! :)

message 11: by Cali (new)

Cali Love Pride and Prejudice. <3

message 12: by Rachel (new)

Rachel  (APCB Reviews) I'm so glad you enjoyed this!! I really want to watch the web series. That's a good way to put it. The book is an adaptation of the adaptation :) I'm glad it was written just as Lizzie would write it. That seems to lend a more realistic nature to the writing. Wow it sounds like it was really on point with P&P. Lovely review!!

message 13: by bluerose (new)

bluerose I enjoyed this as well, but I have to disagree that it stands on its own. The reason to read this is as a tie-in to the web series, which is why it actually tells you where to watch each video, at least in the copy I have. That being said, I agree that it matches their tone perfectly and the audiobook is a treat.

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