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message 1: by Peg (new)

Peg I couldn't agree more with your assessment. And I wonder, should I be posting this?! For all to see and read?

message 2: by Nancy (new)

Nancy Right Benjamin. I agree.

message 3: by Duncan (new)

Duncan Harris I'm a third of the way through the book at the moment and your analysis seems pretty spot on from what I've read so far, lots of ideas and characters who are essentially cyphers, a fairly straightforward narrative style that keeps the pages turning...

message 4: by Christine (new)

Christine I'm late to reading this book, but yours is the review I agree with the most.

The book is entertaining and thought-provoking. It'll stick with me for awhile even though the writing itself is shallow. It helps that I agree with Ty/Kalden.

message 5: by Shaelene (new)

Shaelene I agree with your post 100%, probably deserved four stars but I enjoyed the story so much I gave it five. Not too far off from the future and although predictable I still feel thrown off by the ending.

message 6: by Mary (new)

Mary Your review is spot on with how I feel about the book. It provided for me some of the most anxiety-inducing moments in literature I’ve ever experienced (though admittedly I don’t really read dystopian anything ever) and kept me turning the pages well into the wee hours of the morning.

message 7: by Yoni (new)

Yoni Schottenstein I pretty much agree with what you said but couldn’t possibly give him 5 stars based on that assessment. I guess we all look for different things in books, for me characters are just too important to ignore when they are portrayed as flat and shallow. Same goes for writing style. I also came away with lots of thoughts but would give him 3 stars at most.

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