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message 1: by a (new)

a stephanie "This book makes an Ayn Rand novel seem subtle and thoughtful. "

Yeoooowch. I know literary insults and that one HURTS.

message 2: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Now I almost have to read it, just out of curiosity...

message 3: by Rose Symotiuk (new)

Rose Symotiuk Its super easy to read, at least. I read it in 2 days.

message 4: by Sharon (new)

Sharon I also was very relieved it was a library book, as I would have also cried if I had purchased it. It is now two days over due, and I am not happy to have to pay the 20 cents late fee:(

message 5: by Maya (new)

Maya He may be an "easy" writer, but in a rather wooden style. Everyone except Mercer, who suddenly gets very articulate, speak in the same flat style and tone.

message 6: by Mark (new)

Mark I'm not sure how you discerned from this novel that he is an "extremely skilled writer," but you are right. I suggest you read virtually anything else he has written to verify. I especially recommend "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" and "What Is The What," but really, anything he has written is better than this. I'm not quite sure how he managed to produce something so below his skill set, but I guess we all do at some point. A frown for this underdeveloped treatise, but you will have to give him smiles for the body of his work.

message 7: by Kay (new)

Kay *smile* Your review was spot on.

message 8: by Julie (new)

Julie Here is the conversation I imagine Eggers had with his publishers when he still had about 200 more pages to write:
Publisher: “Hey Dave, we need you to wrap this up so we can get it out in time for the holiday rush. Could you close out the story in less than 10 pages?”

Eggers: “Well, I don’t know. I just hit a rather important part in the plot and I have more than another 150 pages to write before getting to any sort of acceptable resolution.”

Publisher: “Doesn’t matter. End it.”

Eggers: “It’s going to be a really terrible ending. There are so many loose ends that won’t be….”

Publisher: “Finish it.”

(the rest of my review is here if you're interested:

message 9: by Virgil (new)

Virgil I definitely felt the same way. The left-turn ending just came out of nowhere. It only pleased me because it meant I was done reading this pile.

message 10: by Dee (new)

Dee You hit the nail on the head Rose (excuse the cliche). Why do so many male authors write about women like this? Like they don't know any real women? Its downright strange.

message 11: by Emily (new)

Emily Hathaway It's honestly a struggle to even get through the first 200 pages

message 12: by Meika (new)

Meika Bella Swan, exactly. Her naivety and lack of critical thinking abilities are glorified and the whole story ends up being a backdrop for some sexist, soft-core porn.

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