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message 1: by Egan (new)

Egan Allen I agree completely. I think some of the bad reviews here reveal the fact that the reviewers just don't get it; further proving your point of our ever present danger -- they already think the way Mae does, and therefore don't feel the tension and terror you and I might feel with every privacy-sacrificing comment or action made by one of the characters in the book. Terrifying. Be sure to like, tweet, dig, flag, re-blog, re-tweet, zing, re-zing this comment.

message 2: by John (new)

John Jeez, didn't you find it kind of tedious after awhile, all those scenes of meetings, etc. The book would have been better if Eggers had done some judicious editing and cut the thing in half. I think I "got" it, I just don't feel a raging paranoia about the way control of the internet in going, at least as far as private companies are concerned. Now, the NSA, that is another matter!

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